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TNREGINET EC: Obtain a printout of your Tamil Nadu Encumbrance Certificate (EC) or view it online through the TNREGINET EC Online portal the Tamil Nadu government provides. Check your property details using the new process.

TNREGINET is an online registration portal established by the Tamil Nadu government to simplify the process of registering births, marriages, chit funds, and deaths, as well as to provide online access to all related government records.

With this platform, citizens can now access these records without visiting the sub-registrar.

In addition, the registration of land records will now involve a pre-mutation scrutiny process, which must be completed before registering landed properties that do not have online pattas.

What is TNREGINET Encumbrance Certificate (EC)

The Encumbrance Certificate is a crucial document that provides detailed information on a property’s history and current status.

The government’s sub-register office provides this certificate. In the past, citizens had to physically visit the sub-register office and request a printed EC, which could take days.

However, the online TN Encumbrance Certificate option offered by the Tamil Nadu government now enables citizens to obtain it quickly.

This option also allows citizens to verify whether a property is free from legal or monetary liability, which is essential when considering purchasing property in the state.

To obtain your Encumbrance Certificate online through the official TNREGINET portal of the Tamil Nadu government, make sure to have your property details ready and follow the process outlined below.

TNREGINET EC Registration Steps:

  • Visit the Tamil Nadu Registration Department website at to open the TN home page.
  • If necessary, select the English Language at the top-right.
  • Hover over E-Services in the top menu and select Encumbrance Certificate, then click on View EC.
  • Choose your Encumbrance Certificate and select your Zone, District, and Sub Registrar Office.
  • Enter the EC Start and EC End Date, select the Village (Area), and enter the Survey and Subdivision numbers.
  • Click Add and type the display security code shown.
  • Click on the Search button and wait for the results to display.
  • Your Encumbrance Certificate for your property details will be displayed on the screen.
  • Select the option to download TN EC for your future reference.

StepsTo Search For (EC View) Encumbrance Certificate

To obtain your Encumbrance Certificate through the TN Registration Department portal,, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the search button under the Encumbrance Certificate tab.
  2. Enter the following details:
  • Click EC/Document wise.
  • Select a Zone.
  • Click on the District.
  • Choose the Registrar’s Office.
  • Select the EC Date and set the EC End Date.
  • Enter the survey details.
  • Select the Village.
  • Enter the Survey Number.
  • Select the Subdivision Number.
  • Type the code shown.
  • Click on the search button.


Pattas are documents that contain information about land ownership, area, location, and survey details. Before purchasing a property from the owner, it is critical to verify the Patta documentation.

To get a clear title to the property, the seller must have a legal Patta. To obtain a clear title, the buyer must transfer the Patta to their name at the Taluka office after purchasing the land.


Chitta provides information on land ownership, size, and area. An immovable property tax document is issued by the relevant Village Administration Officer (VAO) and Taluka office.

The land is classified into two types – Nanjai (wetland) and Punjai (dry land). Nanjai refers to land or regions with water bodies such as canals, rivers, ponds, etc., while “Punjai” describes the relationship between smaller water bodies and the land.

TN State Property EC in Online

TNREGINET is an online portal designed to simplify real estate services in Tamil Nadu. The platform offers various services that make buying or selling property in Tamil Nadu easier for anyone looking to buy or sell.

Note that while TN EC online view is available from 01.01.1975 in many areas, in some areas, it is only available for the period from 1983 to 2007.

If you encounter an error when downloading an EC, check the date of EC availability for your area.

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