India Launches 10 AI Labs in Kerala Colleges

In an exciting development for the field of technology and education in Thiruvananthapuram, Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar, representing the BJP-led NDA, made a significant announcement.

Ten Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labs will be established in ten different colleges across the constituency. This initiative is a part of the broader India AI Mission aimed at fostering an AI ecosystem across the country.

The decision to set up these labs comes with support from a renowned global AI company, although the company’s name is yet to be disclosed. Out of 17 colleges that showed interest, 10 have been chosen for the initial phase. The selected colleges are eagerly awaiting the final announcement of their participation.

This move is not just about enhancing the educational infrastructure; it’s a step towards realizing a comprehensive AI ecosystem in India, envisioned to be supported by a budget of Rs 10,361 crore. Among this, Rs 2,000 crore is specifically earmarked to encourage startups venturing into AI, aiming to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship among India’s youth.

Addressing why Thiruvananthapuram was chosen for this initiative, Chandrasekhar shared his personal commitment to the city, stating his role and presence in the area as a driving factor. His approach is straightforward and transparent, focusing on bringing developmental projects to the constituency he represents.

The plan extends beyond the current ten labs, with a vision to support any college interested in hosting an AI lab over the next five years. The initiative is seen as a starting point for spreading AI literacy and infrastructure across Kerala and the entire country.

After emphasizing the future of AI in India, Chandrasekhar discussed the IndiaAI mission’s role in developing homegrown AI models. This ambitious project aims to build foundational AI models based on Indian languages and datasets, offering a unique contribution to the global AI landscape.

Approximately Rs 2,000 crore from the IndiaAI initiative will be invested in startups, marking a significant step towards creating a robust AI ecosystem.

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This initiative not only marks a significant investment in the technological future of India but also highlights the importance of local talent development and the global positioning of Indian AI capabilities.

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