TNEB online application for Free Power Connection Scheme for Farmers | PDF, Eligibility

TNEB online application: Farmers in the state can now apply for power connections under the Tamil Nadu Tatkal Scheme. The programme intends to give farmers free electricity for agricultural uses.

The application form for the scheme is available on for farmers who are eligible. On the website, you can find all the detailed information on the registration fees and the complete application process.

Farmers must, however, abide by a set of rules and regulations in order to take advantage of the programme. To receive the program’s benefits, they must pay a certain charge.

The Tamil Nadu state government (TNEB) started this programme to help the farmers in the region by giving them free power.

For additional information on the application procedure and the registration costs, visit if you are a farmer in Tamil Nadu and want to apply for the Tamil Nadu Tatkal Scheme.

Use this programme to your advantage to receive a free electricity connection for your agricultural needs.

Launch of One Lakh Free Power Connection Scheme

The state government of Tamil Nadu announced the Tatkal scheme in the middle of 2017. The scheme was officially launched by the state authority in the last week of November 2017.

This one-lakh farm connection scheme aims to provide free power connections to farmers for generations to come. By benefiting farmers, the scheme will increase food production not only for themselves but also for the people of the entire state.

Recently, the State Assembly announced the One Lakh Free Power Connection Scheme during the demand for grants (2021-22) for the Energy Department.

This initiative is expected to further support and empower farmers in Tamil Nadu by providing them with free power connections.

What is TNEB online application Tatkal Scheme:

The Tatkal Scheme is for the Agricultural Service Connection, which intends to connect the agricultural sector to power for the benefit of Tamil Nadu’s farmers. The programme guarantees that farmers will have electricity available to them from 2017.

Under the TNEB Online, the farmer of the state will have to pay an amount as follows:-

  • Rs. 2.5 lahks for a 7.5 HP motor
  • Rs. 3 lakhs for a 10 HP motor
  • Rs. 4 lahks for 15 HP motor.

Beneficiaries of this programme must pay one of three types of fees in to get a free connection. To be eligible for the free connection, the farmer must buy one of three types of motors that are offered by the Tamil Nadu Tatkal Scheme. These motors come in 7.5 HP, 10 HP, and 15 HP power ranges. The costs are 2.5 lac for 7.5 HP, 3 lac for 10 HP, and 4 lac for 15 HP for each type of motor.

TNEB online application

Eligibility for TNEB Online the Scheme:

  • The Tatkal system will only be applied in rural and agricultural areas, and it is only for the farmers of Tamil Nadu. Unfortunately, not all farmers eligible for the programme because only those who are ready to purchase motors or pay the necessary fees will be approved.
  • Farmers must be Tamil Nadu residents to be eligible for the scheme. They must present identification as proof of their nationality and address, such as a ration card, Aadhar card, or voter ID card. This ensures that only eligible farmers use the programme and receive no-cost electricity connections for their agricultural requirements.

TN Tatkal Application Form PDF to Download:

First, Farmers should fill out an application form available on the official website at to apply for a free power connection under the Tatkal Scheme. The application form is also available for download at

There is a registration fee of Rs. 50/- for submitting the application, which must be paid at the time of submission to the relevant jurisdiction’s executive engineer/operation and maintenance office.

Farmers can learn more about the Tatkal Scheme by visiting the official website at

MK Stalin Govt Working on Power Generation / Maintenance Projects

The CM of Tamil Nadu, MK Stalin, has announced initiatives to improve state-run electricity entities. This includes the setup of new power generation projects as well as the expedited maintenance of existing ones. The state has also begun project work to generate 17,980 MW of electricity over the next ten years, and for the first time, a Solar Power Park will be created in Tiruvarur.

TANGEDCO recently signed an agreement with the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency to develop renewable energy projects and raise Rs. 1,32,500 crore in funding. The Tatkal Scheme’s one-lakh power connection scheme for farmers aims to increase farm production and serves as the foundation for Tamil Nadu’s agricultural revolution. The Chief Minister urged beneficiaries to use electricity only when absolutely necessary, citing the high cost of electricity generation.

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