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The Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) offers a 20 percent reservation for all vacancies for persons that’ve completed their studies in Tamil medium only.

However, to benefit from this reservation, job applicants have to submit the Person Studied in Tamil Medium PSTM certificate to the TNPSC and the government agency where they wish to work at the time of application.

Therefore, in this article, I will discuss ways and means to get a PSTM certificate and how to download it from the TNPSC website.

Let’s start by understanding what exactly a PSTM certificate is.

What is PSTM Certificate?

PSTM means Person Studied in Tamil Medium. As the term signifies, it means that you should have completed your Secondary School Certificate (SSC) or its equivalent, Higher Secondary School (HSC) or its equivalent or any degree or post-graduate course in Tamil medium only.

This means that all the subjects that you studied for the qualifying exam have to be in Tamil only, with the only exceptions being English, Hindi or any other language. It signifies that you have studied from Standard-1 to Standard-10 and onwards in Tamil language only.

pstm certificate tamil nadu
PSTM Certificate Sample

Who Issues PSTM Certificate?

If you’ve studied in Tamil medium only, you can apply for the PSTM certificate. The PSTM certificate can be issued by the following authorities.
Headmaster of the School
Principals of Private Schools
College Principals
Registrars of Universities
Registrars of Colleges
Deans of Universities

In some instances, District Collector or senior official from the Department of Education can also issue the PSTM certificate, provided the school or college doesn’t have a principal or any other senior official at the time of application.

Documents Required to Apply for PSTM Certificate

If you wish to apply for a PSTM certificate in Tamil Nadu, here’s the list of documents that you will require. These documents have to be furnished to any of the PSTM issuing authorities that I mention above.

  • School/ College Leaving Certificate
  • Final Mark Sheet of Qualifying Exam
  • Application for PSTM in Tamil Language
  • Certificate of Good Character
  • No Objection Certificate from Head of Department

Once you have these documents in place, you can apply for the PSTM certificate from the authorities above.

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PSTM Certificate Download

The PSTM certificate should be in Tamil language only. Furthermore, it has to be in the right format prescribed by the Tamil Nadu government. You can download the proper format of the PSTM certificate here.

Additionally, you can also get a copy of the blank PSTM certificate downloaded from any Common Services Centre (CSC) in Tamil Nadu.

The downloaded copy is important because it has to be printed. All characters on the printed copy should be very clear. Furthermore, students or job applicants are not supposed to write anything on the printed copy.

Compulsory Details on PSTM Certificate
All details about the student or job applicant should be typed only on the PSTM certificate. The TN government doesn’t accept handwritten PSTM certificates.

The compulsory details that should appear on a PSTM certificate are as follows.

  • Name of the student
  • Start and end years of studies at the educational institution
  • Name of the educational institution and location
  • Qualifying exams of the student such as SSC, HSC, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, and technical education degrees.
  • Name of the issuing official
  • Designation of the issuing official
  • Official stamp of the educational institution
  • Date of issue of the PSTM certificate

You can make copies of the PSTM certificate and get them attested by any Gazetted Officer or District Magistrate to provide to employers and to maintain as your record.

PSTM Certificate Overview

Yojana Name PSTM
Download Format of the PSTM certificate hereClick Here
BeneficiariesPersons that’ve completed their studies in Tamil medium only.
Page Category Certificate
MTCBUS HomepageClick Here

In Conclusion

Getting a PSTM certificate is fairly easy, if you have completed all studies in Tamil medium only. Follow the above steps to obtain a PSTM certificate from the educational institute where you studied.

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