Samagra ID: Apply Online, Download, Portal E-KYC, SSSM ID 2023

Samagra ID is a unique identification number issued by the Madhya Pradesh State Government to its residents. This Composite ID is a combination of different identification numbers, like a voter ID, an Aadhaar number, and a ration card number.

The aim of this ID is to provide a unified identification number for citizens, which can be used for various government services and schemes.

If you are a resident of MP, the state government has developed an entire portal to provide you with online facilities.

Through the Social Security Program of Samagra Portal , the state government works to deliver its various schemes and services to citizens via a single window. On the Portal, citizens can easily avail themselves of the services of various departments of the state, without having to visit any government offices or bribe any government official.

Samagra ID Details

Portal NameSamagra
DepartmentSocial Welfare Dept
Beneficiarycitizens of Madhya Pradesh
StateMadhya Pradesh
Card TypeFamily and Personal Card
Categorygovernment Yojana
BenefitAll services related to Samagra ID for citizens of
MP in Samagra Portal

Types of ID Cards

  1. Samagra ID Cards for Families – The first type of ID Card is the Family Samagra ID, which is an 8-digit number given to the entire family.
  2. Samagra ID Cards for Individuals – The second type of ID Card is the Member Samagra ID, which is a 9-digit number given only to registered family members.

Documents Required for Samagra ID

To obtain this ID card and benefit from the Samagra Yojana scheme, you must possess one of the following documents:

  • 10th Class Mark Sheet
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Voter ID Card
  • Ration Card
  • PAN Card
  • Driving License
  • Government Identity Card
  • Identity Card Issued By The Public Sector Unit
  •  By The Medical Board a Certificate Of Disability Issued 

These documents serve as proof of your identity and are necessary to create a unique ID number for you. Once you have this ID, you can access various government services and schemes through the Samagra portal without visiting government offices or dealing with officials.

Samagra ID

Benefits of Samagra ID Card

ID Card is a useful tool with many applications in Madhya Pradesh. Here are some examples:

  • To apply for a BPL Ration Card, it is mandatory to have a Family Samagra ID Card number. Without it, the family will not be able to apply for the card.
  • When applying for admission to a school in Madhya Pradesh, students may be asked to provide their ID Card.
  • Citizens of Madhya Pradesh must have a ID Card because it is necessary for various government services, including applying for a government job.

Apply for Samagra ID Card Online

Here are the steps to fill the application form for ID Card

  • Firstly, visit the official website of Samagra Portal by clicking on the link Samagra.Gov.In.
  • On the Samagra Portal homepage, click on the “Overall Civil Service” option.
  • Under “Samagra Nagrik Seva,” you will see the links for “Register Family” and “Register Member” at the second and third positions, respectively.
  • If you want to add a new member to an existing family ID card, click on the “Register Member” link.
  • If you are applying for a new Samagra ID card, click on the link that says “Register Family” and proceed.
  • Once you click on “Register Family,” the ID card registration form for the family will appear.
  • You can verify whether your family members are registered under ID or not by clicking on the “Request OTP to verify registration of new family member” option.
  • After verifying your family, you will need to provide address-related information and details of the family head.
  • In the “Details of Family Head” section, enter the first name (in English) and last name (in English), followed by the first name (in Hindi) and last name (in Hindi).
  • Enter the date of birth, gender, your marital status, mobile no, email ID, and also other details of the head of the family.

How to Find Your Samagra ID

Here are the options you have for finding your ID:

  1. Food Security Act: If you are a non-income tax-paying SC/ST family residing in the state and receive food items through the Public Distribution System (PDS), you should have been given an E-Ration Card or Eligibility Slip by the Food Department through the local body. The overall ID of all family members is printed or marked on this card. You can view the eligibility slip format to find your ID.
  2. Check your old ration card: If you have an old ration card, the E-Ration Card or Eligibility Slip may have been pasted on it. You can find your overall ID by looking at this card.
  3. Check the information online: If you don’t have an eligibility slip or an old ration card, you can find the information of all families under your ration shop by clicking here. This will help you locate your overall ID.
  4. Samagra Shiksha Portal: Last year, all school students from classes 1-12 were mapped with Samagra ID, their school and also class in the Samagra Shiksha Portal. You can find your Samagra ID through this portal if you are a student. Additionally, based on this mapping, the benefits of 30 scholarship schemes of 9 departments were sanctioned to eligible children through the portal.

E KYC – How to Link an Aadhaar Card to Samagra ID?

The Samagra Portal of the Government of Madhya Pradesh is an online platform that serves as a link between citizens and government services. It provides access to various services such as pension, scholarship, health, and ward and colony information.

The portal aims to simplify the process of accessing government services and ensure uninterrupted access to them, as well as the benefits of government schemes in the state. To identify families and their members, each family is given a unique family ID, and each member is given a unique Composite ID.

To avail of government schemes, it is necessary to have an E-kyc of the overall ID, which is linked to Aadhaar. This article explains how to perform E-kyc on the Samagra Portal from the comfort of your home.

Steps to do the E-KYC

  1. First, go to the official website of the Samagra Portal.
  2. Once you open the Samagra Portal, you will see a message with an option to click on the E-KYC. Click on this option.
  3. After clicking on the E-KYC option, you have to enter your overall ID and captcha. Click on the search button.
  4. A new page will appear where you will see an option to enter your new mobile number. Enter your mobile number and click on “Send OTP“.
  5. Once you click on “Send OTP”, a message will appear saying that OTP has been sent to the mobile number you entered. If you close this message, an option to enter the OTP received on your mobile will appear. Enter the OTP and click on the save button.
  6. Now information related to your Samagra ID will appear. If you have land in Madhya Pradesh, click on “yes“. If you don’t have land, click on “no“. Then click on the “proceed” button.
  7. On the new page, now enter your Aadhaar no. or Virtual ID in the option of “Enter Aadhaar Number“.
  8. If you want to do KYC through OTP, click on OTP option. If you want to do it through biometrics, click on the biometric option.
  9. If you choose the OTP option, click on the checkbox to give your consent. Then click on the “Request OTP from Aadhaar” button.
  10. A message will appear saying that OTP has been sent to your mobile number. Close this message and enter the OTP in the “Mobile no. OTP Received” option. Click on the “Accept” button.
  11. Once you click “Accept”, your entire ID and Aadhaar-related information will appear on the screen. If you agree to the conditions, click on the checkboxes to indicate your agreement.
  12. If you want to change your name written in Hindi, click on the second checkbox. Then enter your name in the “Name of the Applicant” option. Click on the “Request Sent” button to the local body.
  13. Congratulations, your KYC has been successfully entered. Your information will be updated within 24 hours.
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