10+ Incredible Pop Design For Roof With Modern Pocket-Friendly Look

Pop Design: Are you planning to redecorate your living space and give it a fresh look? Why not consider starting with the ceiling? Interior roof designs can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic look of a place, and also a pop design for the roof is a great option to explore.

Pop is the abbreviated form of plaster of Paris, which is commonly used to create false ceilings in homes and other spaces such as hotels, stores, and auditoriums. They are ideal for concealing centralized ACs or plain, simple ceilings and are known to be an affordable option.

Installing a pop design for the roof is a straightforward process. Firstly, a metal mesh is attached to the ceiling and walls, followed by the application of pop. You can choose from a lots of variety of designs and materials and mix and match them to create a design that complements the rest of your home.

What Is a POP Ceiling?

POP, which stands for plaster of Paris, is a fast-drying white powder made from partially dehydrated gypsum that hardens when mixed with water and allowed to dry.

This makes it an excellent material for creating false ceilings, decorative trims, and accent decor for your home interiors.

Custom wall and ceiling designs can make an immediate impression and become statement pieces in your stunning and creative home decor. Among all the materials used to create these eye-catching showstoppers, a POP ceiling design is certainly the most popular choice.

Pop Design with its Benefits

If you’re considering options for your bedroom ceiling and cornices, pop might be the best choice. It’s made from gypsum that hardens when mixed with water and can be shaped into various forms.

  1. Easy installation due to its lightweight nature.
  2. POP can be easily shaped to create artistic or unique structures.
  3. The smooth finish of POP makes it perfect for painting.
  4. It offers auditory protection and helps save energy.
  5. POP increases the aesthetics of the room and adds value to the property.

Moreover, POP is a dry form of gypsum that hardens when mixed with water. It can last for years without getting destroyed, which makes POP an excellent investment for your home.

 Trending Pop Design of 2023

1. POP Design for Roof in Double Layers 

POP Design for Roof in Double Layers

If you have a large room, the double-layer pop design for the roof can enhance the interior of your space. With two layers, you have enough space to experiment with patterns, materials, and colours.

The bedroom’s pop design in the image above showcases copper-toned metallic detailing that fits well with the room’s beige and brown interiors.

The shiny copper works well on the ceiling and contrasts the muted or dark shades of beige and cream, creating an aesthetic look that is sure to receive many compliments.

2. Coffered pop false ceiling design for room

Coffered pop false ceiling design for room

Why limit waffles to just desserts? Bring them to your room’s ceiling design as well.

This ceiling style goes by various names, such as coffered, caisson, and cross-beamed, and it can be shaped into different geometrical forms, such as rectangular, hexagonal, and more.

This design is for you if you want to add a nice touch of elegance to your room. You can even install lights over the ceiling pattern to illuminate the entire.

3. Stained Glass Latest POP Roof Design

Stained Glass Latest POP Roof Design

Upgrade your interior roof design with creative elements like stained glass. Stained glass is a trending material for pop designs, as it can be customized with different designs, enhances the play of light, and looks absolutely stunning.

The image above showcases a luxurious bathroom with a pop design for roof made of stained glass. You can choose a floral or abstract design with bright colors to add a pleasing touch to the ceiling. This design is sure to grab attention and add an elegant touch to your bathroom or powder room

4. Wall to Ceiling/Extended POP Design

 Wall to Ceiling/Extended POP Design

Extended POP design can get everyone’s attention from the wall to the ceiling. An innovative way to make your ceiling stand out is by using an extended POP design that draws attention from the wall to the ceiling.

This design, which covers both the wall and the ceiling, is a creative and unique approach that is often overlooked. It works particularly well in POP panel designs for bedheads and media consoles, catching the interest of visitors and breaking away from traditional ceiling-only POP designs.

For best results, make sure the aesthetics of the wall and ceiling panels match to effectively communicate your home POP design.

5. Interior Roof Design with Wood

Interior Roof Design with Wood

Want to have a touch of elegance in your dining room? Consider investing in a pop design for your roof that incorporates both plaster of Paris and solid wood detailing. This unique combination of textures and colours can work wonders for your space.

Incorporating fine-grained wood with dark rings, as shown in the image above, can add a touch of contrast to the otherwise plain pop design. Complement the design with simple lighting and a modern chandelier to create a simple yet stunning look that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

6. 3D POP Ceiling Design

3D POP Ceiling Design

Using POP designs for ceilings in a 3D style can enhance the perception of height in a room. The different levels and spatial definitions created by design can give the impression that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. This makes 3D POP designs an attractive alternative to plain and flat ceilings, adding visual interest and style to a room.

7. LED Light, the Latest POP Design for Roof 

LED Light, the Latest POP Design for Roof

A well-designed living room with a pop ceiling and LED lights can enhance the ambience of the space. The lighting in a room can significantly impact the overall mood and look of the interiors. Proper lighting can make a room look brighter and more spacious, while soft lighting can create a cosy and romantic feel.

To achieve an exceptional pop ceiling design, consider choosing a unique and attractive pattern, as shown in the image above. Avoid using the typical rectangular pop design and instead opt for abstract or curved patterns. Using bright LED lights can further enhance the design of the ceiling and provide ample illumination to the room.

8. PVC Ceiling Design

PVC Ceiling Design

PVC is an affordable material but may not look as luxurious as POP. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a durable and also lightweight material that can be utilized to construct a false ceiling. It is available in various colours of our choice, designs, and sizes and gives a very smooth finish.

PVC is one of the most economical and best materials for creating false ceilings. Additionally, it is waterproof and termite-resistant, preventing fungal growth.

However, it may not have the same luxurious appearance as a POP design for ceilings since the joints between PVC panels are usually visible. If you are still considering your options, read on to learn about the low maintenance of a POP ceiling and why it is a great choice.

9. Skylight POP Design for Roof in Bathroom

Skylight POP Design for Roof in Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom is designed for the elite and features a skylight pop design for the roof.

The skylight design is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens in colder climates as it allows natural light to enter the space while giving a luxurious feel.

The design showcased in the image above is a great inspiration for a bathroom with a skylight pop design. The main frame of the room is made of pop with a hollow center where glass is fixed to provide a view of the outside world while you relax in the tub.

10. Pooja Room POP Ceiling

Pooja Room POP Ceiling

Cast a soft, ambient light in your pooja room with a POP design for ceilings. The pooja room in your home is a sacred and tranquil place where you can connect with the divine.

Adding a simple POP design to the pooja room can enhance its spiritual aura. For instance, you can opt for a circular POP ceiling design with strip lighting that casts a gentle glow in the pooja room.

Additionally, incorporating a backlit panel engraved with religious inscriptions can further elevate the ambience of the space.

Vastu Tips for Interior Roof Design

  • According to Vastu, a flat pop design for roofs is better than uneven designs.
  • If you want a skylight window in your interior roof design, place it on the north or east side.
  • Any chips or cracks in your pop design for the roof should be fixed right away, as broken things are considered inauspicious.
  • For kitchen interior roof design, make space for the chimney in the south or west part, and avoid placing it in the east direction.
  • Avoid using dark colours in your pop design for the roof. Instead, choose white or off-white hues.

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