Top 10 Best Passive Income Ideas in India in 2022

You must have dreamt or thought of ways to earn extra money while doing your regular job or any other thing, haven’t you?

Passive income is a way of constantly earning without being practically involved. This requires investment, less effort, and less time.

Having a passive income source is a great way to become financially stable and have social security.

Passive income permits you to spend a little bit extra money on yourself, and loved ones help you in emergencies and have many other benefits.

This article will discuss the Top 10 Best Ways To Earn Passive Income while doing your regular job.

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Top 10 Best Passive Income Ideas to Earn Extra Income

1. Sell Stock Photos

Sell Stock Photos

We see plenty of different photos on blogs, websites, and magazines.

Have you ever wondered where these platforms get those photos?

Internet? Well, it is an answer, but there are other ways too.

One of the ways is from a stock photo seller.

Stock photo sellers sell their photos through stock photo websites.

These photos are electronic pictures used for marketing and advertising, personal-public reasons, commercial-non profit projects, and websites or blogs.

If you are a passionate photographer or graphic designer or just someone who clicks photos, you can upload your photos on a stock photo website.

Money will get debited in your bank account whenever someone uses your photos.

You can check and unsplash websites to get an idea about stock photo sellers.

2. Open High Yield Saving Account and Money Market Funds

High Yield Saving Account

We often get busy in our daily life. It is not possible to be attentive about how passive income progresses, how much it is making, what modification we need to make etc.

In this scenario, having a yield saving account or investing in money market funds proves to be the best way to earn passive income.

The high yield saving accounts are located at banks and are FDIC insured.

While you can find money market funds at banks and investment companies, these are FDIC insured only a few times.

You do not have to think too much about your money. You can simply put your money in the savings accounts and earn interest on it.

In India, various banks offer facilities to open higher-yield savings accounts. Some of these bank accounts are; State Bank of India (SBI), Axis Bank, CitiBank, etc.

The longer you keep money in the account without withdrawing it, the more interest will be applied, earning more passive income.

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3. Invest in Stocks or Cryptocurrency


Stocks, Cryptocurrency, and Mutual funds are the easiest ways to earn passive income with less time and minimal physical effort.

To invest in these things, you need to find good stocks, observe their history, brokerage amount, receivable amount, etc. In short, you have to do research before investing.

You will have more passive income in the Stock market if you owe more shares. The company pays you through regular dividends.

These ways are highly volatile; thereby, you should consider risks before investing in them.

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4. Rent Your Property

Rent your Property

Traditionally, renting property has been a widely used and easy way to earn passive income.

I know this option will sound a little overwhelming, as it requires investment first.

Buying a house or a place costs a lot initially, but you will surely earn a constant monthly income in the following years.

You can buy and rent many options such as vehicles, cafes, land, bungalows, flats, etc.

However, the internet has made the rental process much more manageable.

Owners and tenants can contact directly through,, and discuss available facilities, rules, and payment.

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5. Be an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketer

Do you know there are 12 million to 24 million e-Commerce sites available, and more are being created each day?

E-commerce has become a key part of the global framework. Thus, e-commerce companies need affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to prompt certain brand products to the audience. You can choose your niche to do the same.

It would be best to have strong followers on your social media accounts, blog, or website.

Platforms like Amazon Flipkart offer affiliate programs often; you can enroll yourself in them.

Being an affiliate marketer, you will get paid if a customer purchases something through your referral code.

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6. Write and Sell an eBook Online

Write and Sell an eBook Online

If you have enough knowledge or are an expert in a certain subject, then why not write a book and earn money through it?

As you must have seen, self-publishing authors are booming in India. Publishing an eBook is cheap, free, and accessible.

All you need to write an eBook is knowledge of the subject you choose. You can short stories, novels, poems, cooking recipes, innovative business ideas, fitness, and numerous topics.

Platforms like Amazon, Waterstones, and international sites like Barnes and Noble are a great way to start earning passive income by publishing eBooks.

Whenever a person purchases your eBook through these platforms, you get a percentage of the amount. 

7. Build an Online Course

Build an Online Course

If you don’t like to write a book but still want to earn passive income by spreading your knowledge?

Well, we have another option for you.

You can curate an online course and sell it.

It is similar to becoming a tutor, but the difference is you do not have to be present to teach from the start to the new students.

To create a course, you need to choose a subject and curate the syllabus to be covered in the course.

You need creativity, strategy, and understanding of a student’s perspective while creating the course. 

If your course is engaging and easy to understand, then there are high chances that students will purchase it, and you will benefit.

Udemy, Coursera are great platforms to opt for this option and start your passive income journey.

8. Network Marketing

Network Marketing

As everyone says, business is built by people, i.e., networks.

Network marketing is multi-level marketing.

In network marketing, you have to build a team involving more people.

Further, in this people chain, you have to sell the products of a particular brand, make them understand the benefits of it, and guide them to the best suitable products as per their requirements.

You will be rewarded with gifts or receive cash on each product you sell.

Oriflame, Herbalife, DXN India are some of the best companies that pay you a good amount of money if you build a network for them.

Network marketing is the best way to earn passive income if you have excellent communication skills and would love to socialize.

9. Become a POSP Insurance Agent


Being a Point of Sales Person is a guaranteed way to earn passive income.

A Point of Sales Person (POSP) is known as an insurance agent.

Any individual above 18 years of age can apply for the role of POSP agent. An individual will be given training and pass the examination to become a Point of Sale Person.

As a Point of Sales Person, you need to guide customers to the best suitable insurance policy according to their requirements and sell those. You can choose the digital and hybrid (digital +hybrid) ways to sell policies.

The more policies you sell, you will get commission on it.

10. Licensing Music

Licensing Music

Music has always been the best way to soothe your mood or fix it.

Good music can build or ruin the entire setup. Hus, music, and musicians are always in high demand.

If you are a good singer, you can create your music and licence it.

When someone uses your music in YouTube videos and podcasts or other places, you can earn by licensing it. That means you can get paid when someone uses your music.

Following are some of the site switches that offer library space for your music.

  • Soundstripe.
  • Epidemic Sound.
  • Artlist.
  • Musicbed.
  • Premiumbeat.
  • Marmoset.
  • Pond5.

Click on the link given below to check how to license your music

Advantages of Earning Passive Income

  • Independent of paychecks
  • Provides more financial stability and freedom
  • Meet your financial goals quickly
  • Time flexibility
  • You can retire early and pursue your passion.


Having a passive income source is essential in the 21 st century. It provides you with financial stability and security.

It is much easier to earn passive income if you are willing to do a little hassle and have skills and time.

This article has discussed the Top 10 Ways to Earn Passive Income. If you want to earn extra money, read and select the best ways mentioned in the article.


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