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BBMP Property Tax: In a meeting held on March 28th, 2023, the Mangaluru City Corporation decided to review the recent hike in property tax.

The opposition Congress strongly disagreed with the decision. Under the new changes, property tax will be calculated based on the assessed value of the property, resulting in an increase of up to 70% for properties located in select areas.

The government also plans to revise the guidance value of certain properties. Officials have prepared a report on guideline values, which has been submitted to the Deputy Commissioner for review. Once reviewed, these reports will be forwarded to the Central Valuation Committee for approval.

The due date for BBMP property tax payments for 2022-23 is March 31st, 2023. According to the BBMP administration, revised property tax returns for 2022-23 can be filed until this date.

The agency has stated that downward revisions of property taxes are not allowed. Any differential amounts can be paid online or through designated bank branches using challans. It is mandatory to declare advertisement hoardings and telecommunication towers if any. Citizens in need of assistance should contact the nearest BBMP office.

What Exactly Is The BBMP Property Tax?

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) imposes a property tax on property owners in Bangalore to generate revenue for improving infrastructure and living standards for the city’s residents.

Property tax is a mandatory tax levied by all states on physical assets, including residential, commercial, and rented properties.

Property owners are required to pay their share of BBMP property tax each year before the due date. If you fail to pay the tax, it’ll result in penalties and, in severe cases, even imprisonment. 

BBMP Property Tax Calculation Formula

Here are the key points about calculating property tax in Bangalore. You can use the Tax Calculator on the BBMP website to easily calculate your property tax.

The formula for the tax calculation is: Property Tax (T) = (G-I) * 20% + Cess (24% of property tax)

  • G is Gross Unit Value, which you get by adding up X, Y, and Z.
  • X represents the tenanted area of the property, multiplied by 10 months and per sq ft rate.
  • Y represents the self-occupied area of the property, multiplied by 10 months and per sq ft rate.
  • Z represents the vehicle parking area, multiplied by 10 months and per sq ft rate.
  • I is the depreciation amount, calculated using the formula: I=(G*H)/100.
  • H is the percentage of the depreciation rate, calculated based on the age of the building.

Before Calculating BBMP Property Tax

If you are a first-time taxpayer for BBMP property tax in Bangalore, make sure to gather the following information for accurate calculations.

  • Annual value of the property
  • Type of property – residential, industrial, or commercial
  • Property dimension
  • Built-up area of the property
  • Number of floors in the property, including the basement
  • Built-up area of each floor individually
bbmp Property tax

How to Pay BBMP online Tax Payment

Here are the steps to pay BBMP Property Tax Online:

Step 1: Go to the BBMP property tax portal at

Step 2: Enter your Application Number, PID Number, or Renewal Application Number.

Step 3: Click on ‘Retrieve’. The owner’s details will appear on the next page.

Step 4: If the details displayed on the screen are correct and require no changes, click on ‘Proceed’. This will redirect you to fill Form IV.

Step 5: If any changes need to be made to the property, such as property usage, occupancy, or built-up area, click on the box on the screen and hit ‘Proceed’. This will take you to fill Form 5.

Step 6: Verify that the pre-filled information is accurate, and then proceed to make the tax payment. You can pay either in installments or in full, either through a challan or online.

Step 7: If you select the online payment option, you will be redirected to the payment page, where you will have to select the mode of payment, such as debit card/credit card or net banking.

Step 8: After you have successfully made the payment, the system will generate a receipt number. You can view, print or download it after 24 hours.

How to Obtain the BBMP PID Number?

Here are the rewritten and proofread steps for obtaining a new BBMP Property Identification Identifier (PID Number):

  1. Visit BBMP’s official website at
  2. Click on GEPTIS, located at the right bottom of the page, or go to directly.
  3. Log in using your credentials. If you’re a new user, register using your phone number. After registration, the property you mark will appear on Google Maps.
  4. Hover over the property on the map, and the property information and updated PID number will be displayed.
  5. Use the obtained PID number to search for the property data.

BBMP Property Tax 2023 Rates

The BBMP divides Bangalore into six zones for the calculation and collection of property tax. The tax rates differ for tenanted and self-occupied properties and vary across the six zones. Here are the BBMP Bangalore property tax rates:

BBMP Property Tax Rates of 2022-23 (Zone-wise)

Zones (BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs /- sq ft)Tenanted (Rs /- sq ft)
Zone ARs 2.80/-Rs 5/-
Zone BRs 2/-Rs 4/-
Zone CRs 1.80/-Rs 3.60/-
Zone DRs 1.60/-Rs 3.20/-
Zone ERs 1.20/-Rs 2.40/-
Zone FRs 1/-Rs 2/-

BBMP Commercial Property Tax Rates of 2022-23  

Zones ( BBMP)Self-Occupied Property (Rs /- sq ft)Tenanted (Rs /- sq ft)
Zone ARs 10/-Rs 20/-
Zone BRs 7/-Rs 14/-
Zone CRs 5/-Rs 10/-
Zone DRs 4/-Rs 8/-
Zone ERs 3/-Rs 6/-
Zone FRs 1.50/-Rs 3/-

BBMP Property Tax Rates on Vacant Land 2022-23 (Zone-wise)

Zones (BBMP)BBMP Property Tax on Vacant Land  (Rs /- sq ft)
Zone ARs .50/-
Zone BRs .40/-
Zone CRs .30/-
Zone DRs .25/-
Zone ERs .20/-
Zone FRs .12/-

Also Read:

How is property tax calculated in Bangalore?

BBMP property tax can be calculated by multiplying the per sq. foot tax rate per month (Unit) with the current property rate (Value), which is fixed based on the location and street of the property (Area). The UAV is determined by the property’s usage, location, and expected return. The BBMP has divided its jurisdiction into 6 zones based on the guidance value determined by the Department of Stamps and Registration, Karnataka.

BBMP property tax is calculated in 3 ways, depending on the state’s municipal body:

  1. Annual Rental Value (ARV) System – The tax is based on the gross annual rent of the property, which is estimated based on the amenities, size, and location of the property. Chennai follows this system.
  2. Capital Value System (CVS) – The tax is based on the market value of the area of the property, which is fixed by the area’s stamp duty department. Mumbai follows this system.
  3. Unit Area Value (UAV) – The tax is calculated based on the per square foot tax rate per month (Unit), which is fixed based on the location and street of the property (Area), and multiplied by the current property rate (Value). Bangalore follows this system.

How to get BBMP Tax Receipt?

Here are the rewritten and proofread steps in simple language:

  • Step 1: Go to website.
  • Step 2: Click on ‘Downloads’ and choose ‘Receipt Printout’.
  • Step 3: Select the assessment year and enter the application number.
  • Step 4: Click on ‘Submit’

After completing the above steps, the property tax receipt will be downloaded in PDF format.

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