How to Create UPI ID? Everything You Need to Know

How to Create UPI ID: The National Payments Coordinating Initiative (NPCI) is an organisation that operates all digital payments.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the unified Payments Interface (UPI) system, a quick real-time payment system that allows for inter-bank person-to-person and person-to-merchant transactions.

What is UPI ID?

Unified payment Interference (UPI) ID is a virtual payment address for online transactions/money transfers for every user.  It is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Apps like BHIM, Paytm, Google Pay and Amazon Pay, etc. use this platform to perform cashless as well as card-less bank-to-bank money transfers.In order to make payments through UPI, you must create a VPA, popularly known as UPI ID. 

Every bank has its own particular format for creating a UPI ID for its user. When a user creates a profile on a mobile payments app that supports UPI service, an ID will automatically be generated in the format of their bank account.Through this UPI ID banks can track the user’s account.

 A UPI ID is written in the following format –

abcd@bank (where, ‘abcd’ can either be your first name, a part of your email address, or your mobile phone number, and ‘bank’ is the name/initials of your bank).

 A UPI is completely independent of your bank account number or any other personal detail.

 Regularly paying through UPI also helps you earn discount vouchers, cash back, and other rewards. It can link with multiple bank accounts in a single mobile application

UPI registration can be done using any UPI-enabled bank mobile application or any third-party application. After registration, one can start using UPI to send and receive payments.

How to Create UPI ID?

Step 1: Install either the UPI-BHIM app or your bank’s enabled UPI app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store

Step 2: Select your preferred language. Verify your mobile number. Select your bank account and account

Step 3: Create your profile by entering basic details like your name, virtual ID and password. The virtual ID you create will be your payment address

Step 4: Go to Add/Link/Manage Bank Account option on the app and link your bank and account number with the previously created virtual ID

Step 5: Create your MPIN. This will be your password required to proceed with the transaction

Step 6: You are successfully registered.

Once registered, you need to generate your mPIN (Mobile Personal Identification Number). You will need to enter this mPIN every time you need to make a transaction.

Watch this video to create your UPI ID

 How to Send Money via UPI

Step 1: Log in to your bank’s UPI-enabled mobile application

Step 2: Go to the UPI section (E.g. UPI Money Transfers, Send Money, etc.)

Step 3: Click on Make Payment/Send/Pay

Step 4: Enter the payee’s Virtual Payment Address (VPA) or scan the UPI QR code

Step 5: Enter the amount to be transferred

Step 6: Enter your mPIN to authenticate your payment

Step 7: Click on the send button, the money will be sent.

How to Receive Money via UPI

Step 1: Login to your UPI-enabled mobile app

Step 2: Select the option- Collect/Request Money (in Paytm, it is Money Transfer “To Self-Account”)

Step 3: Enter the payer/sender’s VPA and the amount to be credited

Step 4: Submit the request, a notification will be sent to the sender

Step 5: They will enter his mPIN to valid the transaction if they accept the request

Step 6: After a successful transaction, both the payer and receiver will get a notification of debit and credit.

Apps that offer UPI service:

  • BHIM
  • Google Pay ( Google Tez)
  • PhonePe
  • Truecaller
  • Hike
  • WhatsApp
  • Paytm

 Banks that support UPI service:

UPI of particular banks are available through their respective apps. These apps could be a bank’s dedicated bank or a separate list.

List of banks that support UPI payments are as follows:

  • State Bank of India ( SBI Pay)
  • ICIC Bank ( iMobile)
  • HDFC (HDFC Bank MobileBanking)
  • Axis Bank ( Axis Pay)
  • Bank of Maharashtra ( MahaUPI)
  • Federal Bank (Lotza)
  • Karnataka Bank ( KBL Smartz)
  • Punjab National Bank ( PNB UPI)
  • South Indian Bank ( SIB M- Pay)
  • United Bank of India ( United UPI)
  • UCo Bank ( UCO-UPI)
  • Union Bank of India ( Union Bank UPI)
  • Vijay Bank( Vijay UPI app)
  • Yes Bank ( Yes Pay Wallet)
  • Bank of Baroda ( Baroda MPay)

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Apps for UPI registration:

 Following apps are payment apps that let users make simple, easy and quick transactions using UPI. Through these apps you can change or set your UPI PIN, check your account balance and see your UPI transaction history irrespective of which app was used.

Anyone with a bank account, linked mobile number with a respective bank account and debit card is eligible to use these apps.These apps work 24/7.

 UPI apps to send or receive money digitally are:

 BHIM App:

Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM) app is developed by NPCI itself and operated by the government. It is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

 How to create a new UPI ID on BHIM?

Step 1: Download the BHIM APP from the Play Store

Step 2: After installation click on the next button and allow access.

Step 3: Click next, to verify/registered mobile number with UPI

Step 4: Create the Passcode. (This Code is required to open the BHIM App)

Step 5. Select your Bank, and click next to select your account.

Step 6: You are all set. New UPI users will get the option to create UPI Password by clicking on Bank Account

Step 7: Click on the profile section to get your UPI ID

 Google Pay Tez

Google Tez is a UPI-enable mobile payments service provided by Google Inc. and is built by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India). Google Pay has collaborated with various banks thus any user can access it easily. It is available to be used on Android devices and iPhones/iPads.

 How to create a new UPI ID on Google Pay:

Step 1: Open Google Pay

Step 2: In the top right, click on your photo.

Step 3: Next, click on Payment methods

Step 4:  Select the bank account for whom you want to create a new UPI ID

Step 5: Select “Manage UPI IDs”

Step 6: Click on the ‘+’ next to the UPI ID you want to create

Step 7: When making a payment, you can select the UPI ID you want under “Choose account to pay with”

 SBI Pay

State Bank of India has also launched its SBI UPI app named ‘BHIM SBI Pay’. This app can be used by non-SBI account holders as well. BHIM SBI Pay’ is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

 How to create a new UPI ID on SBI Pay? 

Follow the steps mentioned below to create UPI ID on SBI Pay:

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store or App Store and download SBI Pay App

Step 2: After installation, enter the registered mobile number.

Step 3: After receiving the SMS app will automatically verify your mobile number

Step 4: Enter a preferred VPA, name and email ID

Step 5: Further, answer the security questions

Step6: Confirm details and click on the next button. The details will be submitted to the UPI engine for registration

Step 7: Select the bank account and click on the register button

Step 8: Choose a 6-digit password.

Step 9: Set up an m-PIN by submitting a debit card details key in OPT to confirm m-PIN.

Step 10: A registration confirmation message will be sent to the registered mobile number

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 Amazon Pay

Along with virtual supermarket experience , Amazon India has also enabled BHIM UPI payment through Amazon Pay . Registered users of Amazon can set up Amazon Pay directly on the Amazon mobile app and also earn rewards up to Rs. 350.

How to create a new UPI ID on Amazon Pay?

Step 1: From your app, go to the Amazon Pay dashboard and tap Amazon Pay UPI.

Step 2: Click on payment options on the manage payment options page, tap on manage bank account and proceed to add a new bank account.

Step 3: Then tap on add bank account linked to UPI.

Step 4: Choose your bank from the list.

Step 5: After entering your mobile number, click on verify your mobile number. Allow Amazon to send an SMS and read it to verify your mobile number.

Step 6: After verification of mobile number, your bank account details will be securely taken from the bank with the mobile number and the bank name you provided.

Step 7: Further, tap on the link bank account to link it.

Step 8: Enter and verify debit card details

Step 9: Tap on Set your UPI PIN and follow the instructions to set your secure UPI PIN.


PhonePe is an Indian digital payments and financial services company. Along with that it is a BHIM UPI enabled mobile app which is used for cashless/card-less transactions.

 How to create new UPI ID on PhonePe?

Step1: Download the PhonePe app.

Step 2: After installation of the app go to my money page.

Step 3: Under pa payment methods, select bank accounts for which you want to set a UPI Pin.

Step4: Enter Debit/ATM card details

Step 5: OTP sent out to registered number

Step 6: On the next page enter the OTP and the new UPI Pin and click on submit button


Paytm is an Indian multinational technology company that specialises in digital payment system, e-commerce and financial services.

 How to create a new UPI ID on Paytm?

Step 1: Go to google store and download the Paytm app

Step 2: Enter your mobile number.

Step 3: You will receive an SMS on your registered mobile number for verification.

Step 4: After verification, select the bank name from the list. Your bank account details will now be fetched from the bank using your mobile number

Step 5: Enter UPI PIN. You will need your debit card details for setting this up.

Step 6: UPI Pin will be generated

Note: UPI PIN will remain the same for your bank account on all payment apps. So, if you already have UPI Pin then payment apps will not ask you the details of debit /ATM cards.

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Unified Payment Interface or UPI is a simplified, hassle-free online payment medium. It is a safe and secure mode of money transfer, and allows you to make payments towards your bills, shop on e-commerce websites, etc.

You can make payments by scanning QR codes from anywhere and anytime using GogglePay,BHIM ,PhonePe,Paytm, Amazon Pay apps.

Q. What is VPA?

Answer: VPA stands for Virtual Payment Address. Your VPA is the same as your UPI ID.

Q. What is the maximum amount I can transfer on Google Pay?

Answer:In India, you can transfer Rs. 1 lakh in one day or can do 10 transactions on Google Pay.  Also, a transaction less than Rs.1 will not be processed.

Q. Is there a BHIM iOS App that I can download?

Answer: NPCI, the organisation that created the BHIM app, is yet to launch the BHIM iOS App, but when available, it can be downloaded for free from the Apple iTunes store.

Q. Are there any transaction limits for using the BHIM app for Digital Payments?

Answer: Yes. NPCI has declared at the time of launch that you can do a single transfer of Rs.10,000 in a day through the BHIM app. However, the cap on the total amount that can be transacted by a single user in a 24-hour period is Rs. 20,000.

Q. How to change UPI ID?

Answer:Open UPI enabled application. Tab on to your profile and select the bank account you want to edit. Look for more changes option and select on UPI PIN. Once you find it create a new UPI PIN and entre the same UPI Pin again.

Q. What is the limit of UPI transfer in a day in general?

Answer:You can transfer 1 lakh in a single UPI transaction according to The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) transaction limits.

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