How to Change Bank Account in EPFO – Step-by-step Guide

Update/Change Bank Account in EPFO: EPFO or Employee Provident Fund Organization was an initiative started by the Indian government to help the employees of India create a post-retirement fund while they are still working.

This initiative was taken in the year and the EPFO website was launched a few years later. All the members of the EPFO are entitled to use all the provisions and services the website provides.

One such provision is the availability to change your details like mobile number, account number, etc. Updating these details makes it easier for the member employee to be able to change their phone number on the website when it gets lost or just for a whim. 

Being able to change the account number in the EPFO makes it easier for the employee to open a new separate account for PF or even transfer these funds to a family member’s account. So how do you change the account number in EPFO?

It can only be done with the help of the EPFO website. Just follow through with the steps given below to change your account number on the EPFO website.

How to Change Bank Account in EPFO Portal

  1. Visit the EPFO Member Portal
  2. Login to your account with your UAN and password
  3. Click on the “Manage” tab
  4. Click on “KYC” from the drop-down menu
  5. Click on the check box next to “Bank” to select it
  6. Fill in your “Document Number” or Bank Account Number, “Name as per Document” as in your Name of the Account Holder as given on your passbook or cheque and the IFSC code
  7. Click on “Save” given at the bottom of the page

How to get the KYC approved

After completing the above steps the page will show “KYC Pending for Approval” when this message is being reflected on your screen, you need to submit the physical proofs of all your bank details to your employer for him to approve your KYC.

When your employer has verified the updated details, the website will change from “KYC Pending for Approval” to “Digitally Approved KYC”.

Once you see the message “Digitally Approved KYC”, it means that your bank details have been approved and all the services are now linked to your new /updated bank account.

FAQs Related to changing bank account in EPFO

Can I update my Bank Number online?

Yes. The bank details are to be updated inline through the EPFO Member Portal.

Can I update my Bank Number through my phone?

Yes. If you open the website on your phone, you can update it from your phone.

 Will I receive a notification after saving my bank details?

Yes. Once you have updated your bank details, you will receive a notification about the same on your registered mobile number.

How long does it take for the KYC to be approved?

It depends on the employer. The faster the employer approves your details the faster your KYC gets approved.

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