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One of the most important documents that we need nowadays is the Cowin vaccination certificate. A certificate that says you’re fully vaccinated is accepted by many states if you’re traveling by air, road or rail. And it can exempt you from undergoing the Real Time- Polymeric Chain Reaction (RT-PCR) test.

If you’re wondering how to download the vaccination certificate using your mobile number, continue reading. Because in this article, I will be giving all details on how to download your vaccination certificate using your mobile number.

Cowin Certificate Download by Mobile Number

I will explain all the steps that you’ll have to follow to download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate using your mobile number. Follow these steps carefully so that you have the certificate in your hands immediately.

Step-1: Access the Cowin Portal

The first step is to access the portal, You can do this on a computer or your mobile phone browser. The portal is the official website of the Indian government and the certificate that you will get from it is valid across India as well as some other countries, if you’re traveling.

Step-2: Login to the Cowin Portal

This is where your mobile number comes in. You have to login to the portal using your mobile phone number. Remember, this has to be the same number from which you registered for the Covid-19 vaccine or which you gave at the walk-in vaccination center.

Once you key in the number, request for the One Time Password. You will receive the OTP on your SMS. This has to be keyed in for login to the portal.

Step-3: Check Your Vaccination Status

Once you login to the, it will indicate your vaccination status. The date on which you took the first and the second vaccine, your unique identification number for the vaccine (Beneficiary Reference ID) and other details such as the location or the vaccine center will appear.

These will be shown in green letters. Unless both these are shown in green, you cannot download the certificate for the final vaccination.

Step-4: Download the Covid Vaccine Certificate

And finally, download the fully vaccinated certificate from the link that appears on this page. The vaccination certificate is official since it comes from the portal.

It will indicate your full name, Aadhar card number or the number of any other photo ID proof that you used for getting the vaccine. Your unique vaccination number, a QR code and some government ad will also appear on the certificate.

The final vaccination certificate is in the PDF format. So, you will need a PDF reader to open the document.

Raising an Issue

Now, here’s something important that you should know about. There could be errors on your final vaccination certificate because you keyed in the wrong photo ID or your name was wrongly spelt. If that’s the case, then there’s nothing to worry.

All that you need to do is go to the ‘Raise an Issue’ link on the portal and request the necessary corrections. For this, you might have to upload documents in case of name correction or photo ID proof correction, depending on the case.

If that happens, it’s best that you should first request for the changes to be made before downloading the final Covid-19 vaccination certificate.

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Registration from Two Different Mobile Numbers

Thousands of people have either wrongly or deliberately registered for their Covid-19 vaccination using two different mobile numbers and two different photo ID proofs. If you’re one among them, again there’s nothing to worry.

In such cases, you will get two different certificates showing that you’ve taken the only the first dose of the vaccine, though you may be fully vaccinated.

The portal, gives you the option of merging your two certificates and getting the final vaccination certificate.

You can easily merge certificates by using the ‘Raise an Issue’ link and giving the Beneficiary Reference ID of any of the two certificates. That way, the two certificates will be merged under a single mobile phone number.

If this happens, you will have to wait for nearly a month for the authorities to manually verify that you’ve taken both the doses of the Covid-19 vaccine and issue the final certificate, which can be downloaded using the processes that I’ve described in steps.

Including Passport Details on Your Certificate

Non-Resident Indians and others who wish to get the final vaccination certificate because they would be traveling soon, can get their passport number included too. The process is very simple. All you need to do is go to the ‘Raise an Issue’ link on and key in your exact passport number. 

Here, it’s worth remembering that you cannot change your passport number that you submit. This means, your fully vaccinated Covid-19 certificate can become invalid for international travel.

However, if you’re requesting that your passport number be included on your final vaccination certificate, you’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks. That’s because it takes time for the amendment from other photo ID proofs to passport to be made manually.

Remember, there’s no way that officials that will amend your final certificate with passport number can actually verify that the passport belongs to you. Therefore, be very careful to provide the correct passport number only.

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Laminating Your Covid Vaccine Certificate

One of the best ways of carrying your fully vaccinated Covid-19 certificate for travel is to get it’s size reduced, printed in color and laminated to fit your purse or wallet. I personally use such a certificate since it’s easier to carry than the regular A-4 size one.

Any good printing shop will do the needful for you at a very nominal cost.

In Conclusion

Follow the steps that I have mentioned above to download your Covid-19 vaccination certificate using your mobile number. In fact, you can download certificates for all members that you’ve registered using the same mobile number. You can also download it on your mobile and have it printed, if necessary.

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