Cowin Covid Vaccine Registration Near Me for 18 Years Old

Cowin Covid vaccine Registration for 18 years old is Mentioned in this article. Here you will find out how to do your cowin vaccination slot booking registration, check whether you are eligible to get the vaccine and the complete process to register for cowin vaccine.

If you wish to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the process is very simple. The Government of India is offering free online registration of people that wish to take the Covid-19 jabs.

All you need to do is visit the website and register yourself and your family members or friends or anyone in your household to take the vaccine.

However, the process isn’t all that simple as one would wish. That’s because the Indian government is providing vaccines according to age group. Top on the list are teenagers that’re born after the year 2003. This means, you cannot register for a Covid-19 shot unless you’re born before 2003.

Therefore, to make things simple, I am providing you with a complete guide on how an 18-years old can register on and successfully get the Covid-19 vaccine.

Cowin Covid Vaccine Registration Near Me for 18 Years Old

Cowin Covid Vaccine Registration Process

Step- 1: covid vaccine registration online on

The first step for getting the Covid-19 jabs is to register yourself on the portal. Follow these simple steps:

  • Access the portal from the browser on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Alternatively, you can also register for the Covid-19 vaccine if you have the Arogya Setu app released by the government of India.
  • You will require a valid phone number to register for vaccines on either Arogya Setu app or 
  • Once you submit your mobile number, you will receive a six-digit One Time Password (OTP) on that number.
  • Key in the OTP in the section.

Step-2: Registering Yourself

  • The next step is registering yourself on or Arogya Setu app.
  • Here’s something important: even if you’re registering for the Covid-19 vaccine through Arogya Setu, you will still be redirected to portal.
  • In the second step, you have to mention which photo identity proof you’re going to use. The portal accepts five different documents as identity proof.
  • You can either use the number of your Aadhar card, PAN card, Passport, Driving License or Pensioner’s Card as photo ID proof.
  • If you’re planning on traveling abroad shortly or have a passport, I would suggest that you mention your passport number. That would make it easier to get the certificate accepted by the country where you’re traveling.
  • Fill in your name exactly as it appears in the photo ID proof.
  • Select your gender.
  • Select your year of birth.

Here it’s important to fill out all details such as your photo ID card number, year of birth and especially the proper spelling of your name. That’s because details you submit once cannot be changed, corrected or altered easily and you’ll have to undergo a long process to get these rectifications done.

Step-3: Fixing Your Appointment for Covid-19 Vaccine

This is the next and perhaps the most important step to register for the Covid-19 vaccination from the Indian government. And that’s fixing your appointment.

  • Once you register as I mention in Step-1 and Step-2, the next and final step is to register yourself and members of your family, friends or neighbors, domestic helpers or relatives.
  • You can register up to four persons using a single mobile number.
  • To fix an appointment, select the date on the Cowin portal.
  • And key in your Postal Index Number (PIN) code to find the nearest vaccination center.
  • There’re two age groups under which you can avail the Covid-19 vaccines. One is the 18 years to 44 years group and second is the 45 years and above.
  • If you’re a millennial, select the 18 to 44 years age group.
  • You will also see the option of availing free Covid-19 vaccines from the Indian government as well as paid vaccines from private hospitals.
  • There’re three daily time slots for taking the Covid-19 jab.
  • The timings are 9am to 1pm, 2pm to 6pm and 7pm to 11pm.
  • Depending on whether you’re going for the free shot or the paid one, the Cowin portal will display the location where time slots are available and the location where you have to go for the vaccine.

Step-4: Name of Vaccine

This can be a very confusing step for most people. The Cowin portal display three distinct vaccines that’re available. They’re Covishield, Covaxin and Sputnik-5.

  • Indicate whether you’re taking the first dose of the vaccine as would be the case or the second one.
  • Currently in India, only Covishield made by the Pune-based Serum Institute of India is available. Covaxin and Sputnik-5 are yet to be available at the time of writing this article.
  • While the Covidshield vaccine is free at government run vaccination centers, the same jab costs Rs.780 at private hospitals. 
  • It is solely your choice whether to go for a free jab or a paid one.
  • Once you select the name of the vaccine, free or paid and the center, you have to book the appointment.
  • When your appointment is successfully booked, you will receive an SMS message on your smartphone, where each person taking the vaccine is given a specific secret OTP.
  • This OTP has to be submitted along with the photo ID proof that was used for registering for the vaccines, at the vaccination center.

Step-5: Getting Vaccinated Against Covid-19

At the time and date of the appointment, you have to report to the venue. 

Officials there will verify your appointment with your name and photo ID proof. You will also have to submit your secret OTP to this official and proceed for the jab.

  • Once you take the Covid-19 shot, you will get a congratulatory message by SMS from the Indian government.
  • In about 10 minutes from receiving this SMS message, you can visit the Cowin portal and login using your phone number and OTP and download the certificate of vaccination.
  • The certificate will show you the date and time of taking the vaccine and indicate it was the first dose.
  • You can also check on this portal when you can take the second dose. Usually, it is after a span of 84 days and 96 days.
  • You can fix the appointment for the second dose one or two days before the due date by following the above procedures.
  • Upon taking the second dose, you will receive a fully vaccinated certificate from the government of India. This certificate is useful for air, road and rail travel where some states still have quarantine and other requirements in place.

Step-6: Missing an Appointment

Just in case you miss the appointment for your first or second vaccine, there’s nothing to worry about.

  • Simply login on with your phone number and OTP.
  • Follow the procedures as you would for the dose, as I explain above.
  • Take the secret OTP with you for the appointment and get the vaccine.

As a matter of fact, the Indian government has made it very easy for everyone to use the portal It is also available in multiple Indian languages for ease of use.

Walk In Vaccination Centers

With India having made a world record of administering over one billion doses of the vaccine to a population of about 1.35 billion, several municipal corporations, state government and Union Territory administrations as well as the Central government are opening walk-in vaccination centers across the country.

You don’t need to fix a prior appointment for the Covid-19 vaccine from or Arogya Setu app to get a Covid-19 jab at these walk-in centers. All you require is your mobile phone and your photo ID proof.

Officials at walk-in centers will register you on the Cowin portal according to your age and administer the vaccine on the spot.

India Is Running The World’s Largest Vaccination Drive:

Vaccines Delivered1,12,92,77,562 + 
Citizens Fully Vaccinated37.3 Crore +
% of Fully Vaccinated49.48%
Minimum Age required 18+


In November 2021, the Indian government has also extended the facility of registering on the portal through the Unified Mobile Application for National Governance (UMANG). You can also book an appointment through this app. UMANG has a link from where you can access the portal and fix the appointment.

According to various news articles, the Indian government also plans to make certificates for fully vaccinated persons in India available through the Digilocker app. This would enable Indians to show the certificate to any authority while traveling or for other purposes.

Since Digilocker comes from the Indian government and is linked with your Aadhar number, your documents seen on the app are considered as legit proof.

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Vaccinations at Different Locations

It doesn’t matter whether you book the appointment for the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine at one location in India and second at another place. Both will be considered as valid and you can get the fully vaccinated certificate from the Indian government.

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), sailors and airline crew that require to travel immediately and frequently needn’t wait for 84 days to pass between the first dose and the second dose of the vaccines.

In Conclusion

As you can see, the Indian government has made it very simple for Indian citizens to get free or paid Covid-19 jabs at the location of their choice. No private parties are authorized to sell Covishield or other Covid-19 vaccines and hence, never pay any unauthorized party to give you the jab. You can get free and paid vaccines only from portal, UMANG or Arogya Setu app.

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