Indian Army Day 2022: Know Why Celebrated 15 January as Army Day in India

India celebrates Indian Army Day on January 15, every year. This year The Indian Army is going to unveil a new ‘digital’ pattern combat uniform, which would be lighter and more climate-friendly.

History of India Army Day

Originally, the Indian army was formed under British rule on April 1, 1985, and was known as British Indian Army. 

After two years of independence Field, Marshal Kodandera M. Cariappa took over as the first Commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army from the last British Commander-in-Chief of India, General Fransis Bucher.  It was January 15, 1949.

This signifies the power shift of the Indian Army. Thus every year Indians celebrate the Indian Army Day in honour of Field Marshal Kodandera Madappa Cariappa.

On this day we also honour the soldiers who have sacrificed their precious life for India.

How does the Army Day celebration happen?

All Army Command headquarters celebrate Army Day to give recognition and respect to soldiers of the country, who live for the protection of its independence and dignity and sacrificed their life.

The most important Army Day parade is conducted in Cariappa Parade ground in Delhi cantonment where salute is given to the fighters of the country.

Military hardware, different contingents and a combat display are part of the parade. Along with these Gallantry awards and Sena, medals are awarded.

About the newly designed Camouflage uniform:

The new camouflage uniform will be showcased on January 15, 2022, at the Army Day parade. The uniform of the soldiers has been designed in partnership with the Indian Army and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

Purpose of newly designed uniform:

  • Protection against harsh climatic change, including extreme heat and cold.
  • To provide outfits with field camouflage,to increase survivability of outfit 
  • The outfit should be carriable and comfortable.

Colour: The newly designed camouflage outfits will be having a mixture of earthen and olive colours.

Fabric: Previously Terrycot fabric was being used to make uniforms. This fabric is not comfortable for the soldier in different environmental conditions. Thus, newly designed uniforms are made keeping in mind the different weather conditions and the terrains- extremely hot and sub-zero temperature.

Expected new changes in service straps:

  • The newly designed shirts need not be tucked in by the troops
  • Currently, service straps are situated on the shoulders which donate ranks. In a newly designed uniform, there could be changes in the location of straps
  • They could move front buttons similar to major armies across the world. 
  • Along with this, there could be changes in how belts are worn to ensure the comfort of soldiers.

This new uniform will not be available in the open market.

Why are new camouflage uniforms of soldiers not available on the open market?

Senior Officers of the Indian Army declared’ “Due to security reasons, the newly designed disruptive pattern for the uniform will not be available in the open market”.

The Officers are planning to execute open tender to both the private and public sector companies -who will supply and make newly designed Battle Dress Uniforms (BDU).

When companies respond to the open tender, orders will be placed in bulk for uniforms of different sizes, which will be transported to various units and formations of the Indian Army.  Uniforms will be issued to officers and soldiers in batches in their units

How many times has the Indian Army changed its uniform?

The Indian Army has changed its uniform three times.

  • After India and Pakistan separation, the Indian Army retained olive green as the basic colour of its uniform, while the Pakistan Army uniforms underwent a massive change of uniforms. The Pakistan Army switched to khaki uniforms. 
  • Rank Badges and unit insignia also changed with the replacement of the British crown. The Pakistan army placed Crescent while the Indian Army took the Ashoka emblem.  
  • The second change in uniforms took place in 1980. During this change Indian army replaced the old cotton olive green combat dress with a” disruptive pattern” (DP) battle dress that provided an inbuilt component of camouflage to the soldier.
  • In 2005, for the third time, the government decided to change the uniform  to help in differentiating the ArmyDisruptive Pattern (DP) Battle Dress for the uniforms of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Border Security Force. Central Reserve Police Force (BSF)

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Wonderful & Least known facts about Indian Army 

  • The Indian Army has 3 million military personnel which places India in 4 th position of largest standing Army in the world after the US, Russia and China. 
  • The Indian army operates the highest battlefield in the works, the Siachen Glacier. It is 5000 metres above sea level. 
  • The highest altitude bridge in the world is built by the Indian Army.
  • The Gorkha regiment Indian Army has the oldest regiments. It has impressed leaders worldwide with their combat ability. On this Adolf Hitler commented that “If I had Gurkhas , no armies in the world would defeat me”. 
  • The Indian Army has a horsed cavalry regiment, one of the last three remaining in the world 
  • The Indian Army has the most accurate Agni and Prithvi nuclear-capable basaltic missiles in the world in their respective categories. 
  • Under operation Rahat, the Indian army rescued many people in Uttarakhand massive flood. It was one of the biggest civilian rescue operations ever performed in the world. 
  • The Indian Army has the highest altitude Warfare School ( HAWS) training centre which comes under most elite training centres. 
  • Indian Army has an outstation base in Tajakistan
  • The Kargil War fought in 1999 is the most recent war.

Where to watch the Indian Army Day Ceremony?

The ceremony is streamed live on the public broadcasting service, DD free dish platform.  It is also streamed on YouTube and Twitter.

FAQs Related to Indian Army Day

Q. When is Army day in India?

Ans – India celebrates Indian Army Day on January 15

Q. what day is today celebrated as 15 January?

Ans – 15 January is celebrated as Indian Army Day

Q. Where can I download photos, Pics, wallpaper, Images of the Indian Army?

Ans – you can download HD photos from pexels, gettyimages and many other websites.

Q. When Was the Indian Army Established?

Ans – Indian Army day Established on 1 April 1895, India

Q. What is the position of India in terms of the largest Army?

Ans- Indian Army is the 2nd Largest Army in the world.

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