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Top 10 Best Short Video Apps in India in 2022

Have you ever used TikTok? TikTok app was popularly known for the short video clips, and most of the Tik Tok users are from India. But, a few years back Government of India banned Chinese Products and apps, including TikTok, Likee, Vigo Video, etc.

Tiktok brought the craze of making short videos, so after banning these quick video apps, India focused on entertaining people and launched many short video apps.

So, if you want to make short videos and looking for the best short videos app, then go through this article; it will help to know about the apps in which you can create engaging, quick video content.

In these apps, you can showcase your acting skills, dancing skills, singing skills, or any other skills on these apps, and if the audience likes your videos, they will viral your videos. Some of the apps will give an opportunity to become a social media star and an influencer.

Many people have used these short videos apps and become popular and earning good money through these apps like Jannat Zubbair, Faizu, Avneet Kaur, etc.

10 Best Short Videos Apps

1. Instagram


Instagram provides the short video feature in its app, and it is known as Instagram reels. On Instagram, you can make 30 seconds reel in which you can edit your video content and share it with your friends.

If your videos are getting viral and you are getting fame, you can open a separate public account to share your short video clips with your followers and audiences and increase your followers.

If your account has at least 5,000 followers and a high engagement rate, you will start getting money from Instagram.

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2. Youtube Shorts

Youtube Shorts

Youtube is the big entertainment platform where you can watch various entertaining and informative videos. So, youtube has launched its short video version on 14 September 2020. After that, youtube rolled out a short video in the United States on 18 March 2021.

Currently, Youtube has two billion active users. After introducing a short video feature on youtube, people are showcasing their talent by making funny videos, informative videos, educational videos, motivational videos, etc. The quick video feature on youtube did very well in the first year of introduction.

So if you also have some creative or entertaining ideas, open your youtube channel and start creating your precise, and unique video content and keep posting daily to get better reach and engagement.

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3. Josh


Dailyhunt launched Josh short video-making app in September 2020. Josh crossed 50 million downloads, and one billion video plays in 45 days. This app is one of India’s most prominent short video maker apps.

You can shoot your videos very quickly, and you will get a long playlist of the songs and lip sync with famous dialogues. In this app, you can make duet videos with your friends, siblings, from your relatives, etc.

You can follow your favorite stars; many stars are available on josh. If you provide funny or entertaining video content, you can also become a star and become a significant influencer.

4. Triller


Triller is an American-based short video-making app launched in 2015 for the IOS and android systems. But, before adding the social networking feature, it was a video editing app.

This app uses artificial intelligence, which synchronizes the music for your videos. On this app, you can share the trending challenges with the stars like Charli and Dixie D’amelio.

Many global stars such as Eminem, Justin Bieber, Josh Richards, Noah Beck, Kevin Hart, Tyga, Saweetie, etc., are available on triller app.

You can create your community by shooting and editing your videos in a unique style. The app has the special spotlight feature, which works as an auto-editing tool.

5. MX Taka Tak

MX Taka Tak

MX player had launched the MX Taka Tak when the Tik Tok got banned in India. In this app, you can make short videos like dance videos, dub movie dialogues and share them on your other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.

On Mx Taka Tak, many celebrities are available, such as Badshah, Jannat Zubair, Garima Chaurasia, Angel Rai, Aashika Bhatia, etc. They have come up on MX Taka Tak with millions of followers.

The app has a unique feature: quick sharing, which helps the MX Taka Tak to get immense popularity. In February 2021, it became the most installed app in India.

6. Moj


The Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd company launches moj in Bangalore. The people from all over the world are gathering on Moj. The app is a preferred choice by Indian celebrities and more than seven million influencers.

If you keep posting your videos on the app, you may get a chance to meet millions of artists from around the globe on the Moj app.

This app will get several effects, thousands of stickers, and magical emoticons for your photo clicks.

7. Roposo


Roposo is a video-sharing app launched in 2014 by the Glance Company, a subsidiary of InMobi. Roposo provides the space for its users to share videos on different topics such as food, comedy, music, dancing, poetry, travel, fashion, etc.

You can watch live streaming videos of celebrities, and even you can do live shopping on Roposo. Now you must be thinking about what does live Shopping Means?

Live shopping means if you are scrolling down and you like any of the dress wore by your favorite celebrities or influencers, you can find that dress on the app and buy it from there.

The app has the feature of TV-like browsing, different channels, chat features, tools like voice-over, music, and GIF stickers for your photos and videos.

8. Mitron


Mitron app is Indian based on the social media platform. The app is a flagship of Atma Nirbhar Entertainment of Atma Nirbhar Bharat, in which you can create, share and edit videos meanwhile you can browse the library of top videos across the world.

The app is specifically designed for the Indian people to showcase their talent through innovative and creative videos; this app also has interactive and fun-loving online games in which you can win cash prizes.

9. Kindda


In the Kindda app, you can find like-minded people, showcase your talent, express yourself how you are different from others, and become famous. You can make innovative and creative videos that can be viral and get rewarded for your creative content.

The app provides quality videos. The app is user-friendly and easy to use and gives you an engaging video feed and exciting rewards for showcasing your outstanding talent.

The app has interesting filters and effects. You have the freedom to express your thoughts and many video editing tools. If you participate in the Kindda quest, which helps you in achieving attractive rewards, awards, and more popularity.

10. Chingari


In 2018 Chingari app was launched; this app was made for sharing videos. When you make videos on the chingari app, you will get visual effects, lip-sync dialogues, dancing videos, voice-over movie scenes, and comic dialogues.

This app has a hyper-realistic AR filter massive song library and gets in touch with artists worldwide. You can also take part in the challenges and win chingari coins. You will get a TV-like experience in more than 20 languages.

The app offers more exposure to the influencers. The app has over 57 million users currently.


In this article, I have compiled the list of the ten best short video-making apps, these all apps are free, and you can start creating innovative and creative short videos. The videos should be engaging and entertaining.

These apps not only provide entertaining video content to their users, but they also give opportunities to become an influencer and give you exciting rewards, awards, coins, and, more importantly, popularity.

If you also want to become famous and have a life like a celebrity, then download any of the short video apps and start making your video.



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