Comedy Youtuber | Top 10 Best Comedy Youtube Channels in India in 2023

Comedy Youtuber: Do you know the rank of Youtube on Google? You might say who cares, but let me inform you that Youtube ranks second on Google. Why am I saying this? I am saying it because the entire world is crazy about youtube.

Why are people using youtube? Youtube has become the largest social media platform for entertaining people. You can watch movies, videos, anything related to your work, studies, etc., Youtube provides you with everything.

You can entertain yourself and earn through youtube; many people make videos in their expertise and upload them on youtube. After reaching 10,000 subscribers, you can start making money on it. 

Many people become celebrities on youtube through their entertaining content. Some of the best comedy youtube channels have been discussed; go through the article to know about them.

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Top 10 Indian Comedy Youtube Channels

Youtube provides a lot of entertaining content and provides the opportunities to upgrade their skills, start earning money, and get entertained in their leisure time.

1. Carry Minati

Ajey Nagar is popularly known as CarryMinati for his youtube channel, in which he makes comic and mimicry videos of any Bollywood star. He has launched another channel named carryislive, in which he uploads streaming videos.

In May 2020, he roasted tiktokers, and that video caused lots of controversy on Youtube India. YouTube has removed that video because it causes a violation of its terms of service. 

CarryMinati had made many mimicry videos and comedy videos, but after roasting the Tiktok, CarryMinati got more popular on youtube.

Name of the Youtuber- Ajey Nagar

Place of Birth- Faridabad

Date of Birth- June 12, 1999

Channel Launched- 2014

Subscribers- 35.1 million

2. JKk Entertainment

The Shafeeq Natya launched JKK entertainment. Initially, he uploaded funny videos on his youtube channel, and he is very well known for Chhote Ustad and Chhotu Dada.

Shafeeq Natya has completed his 12th and then started his career in comedy and started making funny videos.

He entertains the viewer through his comedy, and people like to listen to his comedy of Chhotu Dada and Chhotu Ustad. The Chhotu ustad has become a youtube celebrity through his unique funny content.

You must watch his youtube videos to entertain yourself. 

Name of the Youtuber- Shafeeq Natya

Place of Birth- Malegaon, Maharashtra

Date of Birth- November 25, 1991

Channel Launched- 2017

Subscribers- 34.2 million

3. Khandeshi Movies

The Khandeshi Movies is a youtube channel where they upload short comedy videos, films, and gigs, to make their viewers laugh like mad people.

The channel also provides a platform for the newcomers who want to showcase their talent in acting, singing, story writing, music, mimicry, and dance.

They also use the traditional Khandeshi language in their dialogs. Shafeeq Natya had launched this channel in 2014, and the primary purpose behind making this channel is to entertain the people and make them laugh.

Name of the Youtuber- Shafeeq Natya

Place of Birth- Malegaon, Maharashtra

Date of Birth- November 25, 1991

Channel Launched- 2014

Subscribers- 30.7 million

4. Aashish Chanchlani Vines

Aashish Chanchlani makes comedy videos on youtube. In his videos, he makes funny videos on various topics like saaste shark tanks, Exams ka Mausam, Tuition Classes or Bacchae, etc. Some of his videos also create awareness related to any social issue.

Aashish Chanchlani received a Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival Award for being the best digital influencer.

He also made comedy videos with the Bollywood actors like Shahid Kapoor and Akshay Kumar. He made his first television debut on ‘Pyar Tune Kya Kiya’ in 2016.

Name of the Youtuber- Aashish Chanchlani

Place of Birth- Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra

Date of Birth- December 08, 1993

Channel Launched- 2014

Subscribers- 27.9 million

5. Round2hell

Three friends, Washim Ahmad, Nazim Ahmad, and Zayn Saifi, launched this channel. They also made a video on ‘Tiktok vs. Youtube’ by referencing CarryMinati’s video, but youtube took it back because CarryMinati has a copyright on his every video.

But the footage broke the records of their other videos and received 100,000 likes in just ten minutes.

They received success after their 15th video; the video was based on the event of March 31, 2017; when they got to know about the reliance jio shut down on that, they made a video. The video went viral, and they started getting popular on youtube.

Name of the Youtuber-  Washim Ahmad, Nazim Ahmad, Zayn Saifi

Place of Birth-  Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad, and Pakwara

Date of Birth- July 12, 1996

Channel Launched- 2016

Subscribers- 25.4 million

6. BB ki Vines

BB ki vines are one of the most popular comedy shows, where the Bhuvan Bam plays the different characters and bring the unique topic to make their viewers laugh. Bhuvan Bam is a multi-talented person who makes comedy videos and writes songs, and does singing.

Bhuvan Bam mainly depicts the life of the teenagers in 12 to 15 minutes and the different ways teenagers behave with their parents and family members and what are the other things they do and how they hide the stuff with the family members.

Bhuvan got famous through the following characters, which he played only: Bhuvan, Banchoddas, Sameer Fudi, Titu Mama, Bablu, Janki, Mr. Hola, etc.

Bhuvan Bam was also featured in Hindustan Times’s brunch cover story in April 2019, and in January 2020, he got featured in Grazia India’s cover collaboration with Puma.

He also got featured in World Economic Forum and Forbes 30 Under the list of 30 “Digital Content Creator.”

Name of the Youtuber-  Bhuvan Bam.

Place of Birth-  Vadodara, Gujarat.

Date of Birth- January 22, 1994

Channel Launched- 2015

Subscribers- 25.3 million

7. Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan is an Indian Youtube Channel that Nishchay Malhan launched. Nishchay is renowned with the name of Triggered Insaan and Live Insaan on the online or social media world.

Triggered Channel falls under the top 50 YouTubers list of India. He uploaded the videos like roasting, reaction, and funny videos on his main channel, Triggered Insaan, and live stream and gaming videos on his second channel.

Name of the Youtuber- Nishchay Malhan.

Place of Birth-  Delhi.

Date of Birth- November 14, 1995.

Channel Launched- 2014

Subscribers- 15.4 million.

8. Harsh Baniwal

Harsh Baniwal is making short funny videos related to our daily life routine and the troubles one has to struggle for. He is an Indian actor and a famous Youtube star of India, and he has millions of followers on his channel and social media platforms.

Harsh Baniwal has liked acting since childhood. He started posting videos on Instagram and dubsmash; his videos became popular on social media.

He decided to start his youtube channel and started making short comedy videos with storylines and short messages. He also worked in the Student of year2 movie and Who’s Your Daddy web series.   

Name of the Youtuber- Harsh Baniwal.

Place of Birth-  Delhi.

Date of Birth- February 13, 1996.

Channel Launched- 2015

Subscribers- 14.3 million

9. Shemaroo Comedy

Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd. provided exciting and comedy content to the industry for five decades. The shemaroo has become a great brand that provides quality and entertaining content in the country.

Shemaroo Comedy is the youtube channel. They upload entertaining comedy scenes from the movies like dhamaal, Golmaal Fun Unlimited, Golmaal Returns, Amar Akbar Anthony, Hadh Kardi Apne, etc.; you can find the best comedy movie scene on this channel.

Name of the Youtuber– Shemaroo Entertainment Ltd.

Headquater-  Mumbai.

Founder- Budhichand Maroo.

Channel Launched- 2007

Subscribers- 14.2 million

10. The MriDul

The Mridul is one of the best comedy youtube channels in India. Mridul Tiwari launched this channel, and he makes videos on teenagers living with their friends and family. The Mridual channel has made his presence in the top 10 of the best comedy YouTubers.

One of the famous videos on The Mridul youtube channel is on ‘School Life.’  

Name of the Youtuber- Mridul Tiwari.

Place of Birth-  Etawah, Uttar Pradesh.

Date of Birth– July 08, 2000.

Channel Launched– 2015

Subscribers- 11.4 million


The given list of the Youtube Channels is the best ones if you are getting bored on your holiday or while traveling you can watch these channels which provides best video content which is very much entertaining. 

The best part of these youtube channels is making other people laugh. We get busy making our life successful and forget to live our life. So, watch these videos whenever you get little time because laughing is the therapy of living a healthy life; keep watching them.

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