10 Best Online Teaching Jobs in Bangalore In 2022

Bangalore is called the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ i.e., the IT capital of India & leading Information Technology exporter.

Thus, it is obvious that the people of Bangalore put education foremost.

As we all know, online education has become the first option for students and tutors in the current scenario. Therefore online tutoring job opportunities are booming.

This article discusses the Top 10 Online Tutoring Job platforms. Any Bangalore citizen can opt for an online tutoring job through these platforms.

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Top 10 Platforms for Online Teaching Jobs in Bangalore

1. Vedantu is a K-12 live tutoring platform

With over 3 million monthly visiting students and 65 million views on youtube, Vedantu has become India’s largest K -12 segment company.

In the previous year, Vedantu’s revenue had increased 4.5 times.

Vedantu is headquartered in Bangalore and was founded by five engineering graduates.

The company has strong funding support and challenging projects.

It offers online tutoring classes from 3 years to 18 years old. It also provides courses for competitive and state exams.

Additionally, Vedantu has added courses like spoken English, Reading, and coding.

If you want to be a tutor on Vedantu, you need to fill out the application first. Once an application gets approved, it is given a demo teaching session. After selection, you can start teaching at Vedantu.

As a Vedantu teacher, you can earn upto Rs 15,000-20000 per month otherwise, set your teaching fees and time.

2. Preply


Preply is an easy and flexible tutoring website. It offers classes for more than 100 subjects, including art, school, university, hobbies topics, and home tuitions.

You do not need specific qualifications or teaching certificates to become a tutor on a Prepay.

Your earning as a tutor will depend on how many students rate your profile in an hour, how many hours you can teach, and how many students enroll for your course after the trial class.

After submitting the application form, the Preply team will update the status of the application through an email. You can register to become a tutor without any fees but Preply takes a commission on every lesson you provide through it.

3. LearnPick


LearnPick is the best suitable platform for private teachers. On LeranPick, students send their requirements, and according to their needs, tutors are appointed.

You can teach subjects like science, physics, economics, accountancy, spoken English, and computers through this platform.

LearnPick has around 50000 + tutors in Delhi, 20000 + tutors in Mumbai, 40000+ tutors in Kolkata, and many other cities.

On learnpick, you can choose your flexible teaching time and package for online classes. Also, those who wish to have one-on-one offline courses can go for home tutoring in their neighborhood.

This is the best job opportunity for new tutors as it provides free access to study notes, presentations, and video lessons to teach.

4. Teacheron


Teacheron is a tutor job-finding platform. Students can find online teachers, home teachers, assignment help teachers through Teacheron, While teachers and choose online teaching, home tutoring, assignment helping on Teacheron.

If you wish to become a tutor on Teacheron, you must complete your teaching profile. Further, you can contact students for potential teaching opportunities.

Some students have access to contact you without any fees. In some cases, you need coins to contact. The range of coins varies between 0 to 100 coins. Tutors can charge fees for the classes based on their skills, course demand, the country they live in, etc.

5. Skooli


Are you looking for a specific online teaching platform to teach a particular subject?

School brings you an excellent opportunity to work with top tutoring companies for teaching more than one subject.

If you wish to become a tutor on Skooli, you must fit into one of the following criteria.

  • You should have Bachelor’s degree or teaching certification
  • You must have completed a Master’s or PhD
  • You should have a state or provincial teaching license
  • You should have ESL or other language qualification

Through Sakooli, you can teach subjects like Science, Maths, History, English, and many others to students worldwide.

You can earn $ 25 (USD) per hour according to your available time slot. You are eligible to withdraw your payment via PayPal when you reach $ 100. 

6. Wonk


Wonk is India’s best online tutoring job service provider platform. It is one of the largest online tutoring and home-tutoring booking apps founded by Vinay Goyal.

Tutors of wonk get tips and contemporary courses to improve their teaching skills.

Eligibility criteria to become a tutor on Wonk:

  • You must have completed graduation ( 12 th passed can register)
  • You must know about the internet and technology
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Must be expert in the subject you have selected

On Wonk, you can have the liberty to choose your working days, number of teaching hours, job type, etc. You have to teach at least 4-8 hours daily in your available time.

Being a Wonk Tutor, you can earn upto Rs.300 to Rs.1000 per hour. The money you earn depends upon the subject and the number of hours you teach. The tutor’s qualifications and experience should also be considered when deciding the payment.

At Wonk, anyone can become a tutor from 12 to pass student upto 75 years old if they have excellent relevant skills.

7. Smart Thinking

If you are an experienced tutor and have a lot of time to teach, then the SmartThinking platform brings you a lot of online job opportunities.

SmartThinking offers 24/7 online classes and writing help to students. It offers writing services to students to get good grades to build resumes, career options, and essays.

Smarthinking provides online teaching opportunities to retirees, graduate students, professionals, faculty in over 150 subject areas.

You must have a Master’s degree and Ph.D. degree or advanced teaching certification to become SmartThinking’s tutor.

Smarthinking has 20,000 tutors in 200 countries and believes in achieving students’ potential through learning, thus providing training, mentoring, and development opportunities.

8. TechMint


TechMint is the fastest-growing online e-learning platform. It was started by four friends when students and tutors struggled to make online education successful.

TechMint has a hybrid model of teaching. They have built educational institutions and have also launched an app with 1 million downloads within eight months.

Today, TechMint has become a widely spread platform that includes more than 15 Indian and International Languages, with 10 + million teachers and students from 25 countries.

It provides end-to-end online and offline tutoring jobs from K-12 schools to universities, creators, etc.

9. UrbanPro


UrbanPro is the most popular platform for online tutoring jobs. It provides tutoring services from k-12 to 12 th grade students. Along with it offers a variety of courses for engineering, diploma students.

You can also find NCRT CBSE solutions on UrbanPro. Any experienced teacher can apply for a tutoring job on UrbanPro.

It gives you the liberty to schedule teaching courses, outline your syllabus, decide your tutoring fees, etc. UrbanPro is an excellent platform if you want to pursue freelancing tutoring.

10. UpGrad


UpGrade is known for its large number of students. It has 200000+ platform users, 85 + countries student base, and 1 million teaching hours.

It provides courses such as MBA and DBA, management, marketing, business analyst, software and technology, machine learning, and data science.

If you wish to become a tutor at UpGrade, you must have deep knowledge about these subjects and advanced communication skills.

Along with tutoring, you can create content, conduct mentorship programs, check assignments, and have doubt sessions with students.

On UpGrade, your pay depends on the role you are performing and the subject you are teaching.


Online tutoring has become the most convenient way of education for students and teachers.

In this article, we have discussed the Top 10 Online Tutoring Jobs in Bangalore. If you wish to start your career as a tutor, you can apply as a tutor through these given platforms.

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