Online Jobs Bangalore | 10 Best Online Jobs in Bangalore in 2022

The internet has become a very important part of all of our lives. It has created a digital society where all of us have a virtual presence that we have to maintain. Not just the virtual presence, but we are not shifting to the digital media more than we connect to the real world.

Due to this, several new job opportunities have come up that we wouldn’t even have imagined a few years ago. Not just that, but several old-school jobs have now got their digital equivalent that is better preferred by the audiences.

This article presents a list of old and new jobs that have now turned to the digital platform in the city of Bangalore, India.

Top 10 Best online Jobs in Banglore

Data Entry Operator

1. Data Entry Operator

Data is one of the most powerful tools present in the world. The whole world runs on the flow of data between various companies situated in different cities or countries even. This data when presented in its raw form, is not all that beneficial to either of the companies that the exchange is happening between.

So, companies belonging to all fields from engineering to medical, from design to construction hire Data Entry Operators to sort and make sense of this raw data.

Data entry operating is one of the positions that almost all fields irrespective of science, commerce or arts, require. It has been especially booming with the introduction of new media. It is also a field that will remain even 50 years from today.

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  • Basic Software Knowledge
  • Good Typing Speed
  • Typing Accuracy
  • Good Communication skills
  • Verbal accuracy in English


  • Verification of Data
  • Researching and Cross-checking Data
  • Correcting any incorrect data
  • Managing flow of data
  • Making clear and concise charts, graphs, tables etc.
  • Maintaining company confidentiality
  • Analysing Data to be simpler and more understandable to layman

2. Tutor


Due to online education, more and more people, nowadays prefer taking up online courses that are short and cheaper than university or college education. This has led to a boom in online courses hence creating more job opportunities for online tutors.

The online tutors could range from subject teachers for high school students or specialization courses for different fields or even languages.

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  • Knowledge of the subject
  • Skills to operate online classes
  • Managing the student body
  • Creating a course structure
  • Timeliness in completing the lessons
  • Ability to answer questions


  • Creating a course structure for the students
  • Providing them with regular tests, quizzes to test their knowledge
  • Providing the students with reference materials
  • Clearing any and all doubts the students may have
  • Making the class interactive and interesting

3. Blogger


The new generation prefers to read information online than to search for information in a library or encyclopedias. As a result, people need more writers to curate content for this new generation.

You could start your blog very easily from home itself. The blog could be about anything. It could be about your experiences, product reviews, recipes, etc. what content you want to put forward, depends on you while you are writing a blog.


  • Curiosity to explore different topics
  • Writing Skills in the language of preference
  • Correct grammar
  • Basic understanding of SEO Tools
  • Discipline in writing
  • Flexibility


  • Writing Information Rich and accurate content
  • Researching on the topic before writing any article
  • Curating the content to the need of the consumer
  • Networking with other bloggers and readers
  • Analysing data before writing about it
  • WordPress Management

4. Web Designer

Web Designer

Today, if you look for a company online, most of them would have a website which you can visit and know more about the company workings and the products/services they provide. But how are these websites created? How is it that every website is different from the last one?

Well, web designers are responsible for this. They create websites and design infographics according to the requirement of the client. The website is often an extension of the company in itself and has to look as such.

This job is the web designer. They make sure that the website has its own identity at the same time show off the company.

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  • Knowledge on designing
  • Typography
  • Knowing the correct colour combinations
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Basics of Graphic Designing
  • Basics in photo editing


  • Creating appealing websites for companies
  • Making sure the website matches the company aesthetics
  • Creating interactive websites
  • Making sure that all the needs of the customer are fulfilled
  • Resolving any glitches that might occur
  • Resolving any design issues

5. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelancing basically means working for several clients at the same time and providing them with quality content at your pace. It doesn’t mean that the writer can submit the article five days past the deadline. No. It means that the writer is not pressurized to complete a certain amount of words in a day and are given the freeway to create the content they deem right for the client while following the deadline.


  • Copywriting
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Pitching Ideas
  • Grammatical skills
  • Language accuracy
  • Communication Skills
  • Editing Skills
  • Consistency


  • Following the stylebook of whichever company/paper/organization you are writing for
  • Editing and proofreading your articles
  • Pitching new ideas
  • Meeting deadline
  • Creating factually correct articles

6. Content Writer

Content Writer

Unlike a freelancer, a content writer isn’t given the freeway to work at his own speed. They are all given certain word limits that needed to be completed every day.

Content writers are given topics that the company wants to explore and write about and the content writer’s responsibility is to provide correct information on the said topic.


  • Grammatical Accuracy
  • Language Accuracy
  • Originality
  • Precision
  • Strong research skills
  • Consistency in creating content


  • Creating grammatically and factually correct articles
  • Following the stylebook of the website
  • Completing the per-day word-limit
  • Curating content according to the reader
  • Identifying trends and writing on them

7. SEO Operator

SEO Operator

SEO is used to optimize a website in such a way that whenever any word is entered in a search engine, it shows the best results related to the word or phrase.

Optimizing an article would mean that every time the word is searched, the website’s article is the first to be visible on the top.

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  • Increasing data traffic
  • Understand the market and optimize the website
  • Basic knowledge of the most famous and regularly used Search engines
  • Knowing search algorithms
  • Basics of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


  • Increasing Data Traffic
  • Choosing the correct SEO tools
  • Curating the website on the websites in tune with the content
  • Get organic results with the published content

8. Transcriptionist


Due to the boom in online business, a lot of meetings often happen through audio or audio-visual format as compared to the earlier mail format. Because of this, a lot of things that are important or are mentioned in a meeting are skipped out on. To make sure that the entire meeting is documented, companies hire a transcriptionist.

A transcriptionist basically listens to the meeting and writes it in a word format to document it and save it for later use.


  • Excellent hearing’
  • Formulation of grammatically correct content
  • Multitasking
  • Formatting text
  • Filtering the unnecessary information
  • Language Accuracy
  • Basic software knowledge


  • Converting audio to text
  • Creating sensible and articulated content
  • Enhancing the points while transcribing from one form to another
  • Emphasizing the important points
  • Explaining the difficult and important words that come in the audio

9. Small Online Business Owner

Small Online Business Owner

This isn’t a job but it is highly profitable. Starting a business online could be very easy. You could first start with your friends and family only and then go to a larger scale.

The business could be about anything. It could be some jewellery, cards, DIY Items, wall hangings, beauty products, clothing items, accessories, computer services, etc.

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  • Management of time
  • Financial Management
  • Entrepreneur Skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Leadership
  • Marketing skills
  • Public Speaking


  • Creating defect-free products and services
  • Catering to the consumer’s needs
  • Correcting any defects
  • Creating a consumer base and managing it
  • Making sure that the business isn’t falling under

10. Focus Group

Focus Group

A focus group is when a company hires a moderator to collect people belonging to different strata of the society and discuss the company’s product or service. The company pays these people to give their honest opinion on how the product/service could be enhanced.

Companies do this to get a market view of the product/service and understand wheat the customer wants and expects from the company.


  • Relatability
  • Moderation
  • Flexibility
  • Communication
  • Fluency in more than one language
  • Time management
  • Focus
  • Conversation/Questionnaire Skills


  • Explaining the product to the people in very simple and understandable language
  • Keep the consumer happy
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the clients
  • Managing all the focus groups
  • Giving the consumer’s true opinions to the client
  • Creating strategy on how to help the consumer’s experience get better

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