10 Best Online Part Time Jobs For Students In India In 2022

Do you think students should seek job opportunities after completing their studies in this highly competitive world?

For so many decades, we Indians have been following the same life cycle pattern viz taking education after that finding the job once get the job sticking on one particular job without exploring different things in life, and this sounds very boring, isn’t it?

But now the world is looking for changes from traditional lifestyle.

The world is seeking developments, and this comes from the newer generations, and from their new ideas, these ideas come from the young students.

If you look, since 2020, many students from India have started working online, and some are seeking new opportunities to explore their careers and become financially independent by paying their college fees and other expenses incurred during college days.

Why Do Students Want To Do Part-Time Online Jobs?

If we talk about why students want to do the part-time job? The answer would be that, nowadays, students are very enthusiastic; they want to explore their skills and experiences in different fields and want to know about their expertise to pursue their dream careers.

I was also a student two years back, and I always keep hunting for part-time jobs or internships that pay me to bear my expenses and give me experience and learnings to decide which career I want to grow.

Likely, every student who wants to do their studies and explore their knowledge apart from the book do a part-time job to gain practical learning.

Some students do have an aim or goal of their life that what they want to achieve in their life. Accordingly, they start preparing themselves from their college days.

In this article, I will tell you which are the best online part-time jobs that will pay the good value of money and give you an excellent experience for your career.

Top 10 Online Part Time Jobs For Students

The students who all are googling for best online part-time jobs without investing a single amount of money, now the search has been ended. Because I am sharing the ten best online part-time jobs that help you earn money and give you a great opportunity.

1. Content Writing


Content writing is one of the enormous online part-time jobs for students. Nowadays, there is a vast number of vacancies for content writers jobs.

In an earlier life, content writing wasn’t a career option; the people see it as a passion or free time work, they don’t consider it a profession.

But as technology evolves, everything has changed, now we find everything on google, and that content gives us lots of information. Content writing has become an excellent profession, and companies pay a significant amount to content writers.

You can find the content writing jobs on Fiverr, LinkedIn, Google, etc. Fiverr is a platform for freelancers; you can sell your services on Fiverr if you want to start freelancing.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Do you like to always be online on social media platforms? This online part-time job is perfect for those who like to scroll down their social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Nowadays, parents are so worried about their children because they used to be online on social media every time. Now you can tell your parents that social media gives you many earning and learning opportunities for your career.

You only need to open a professional Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat account and associate with brands, and put creative content on social media platforms.

The content can be in the video, written, etc., but it must be entertaining, engaging, and informative.

3. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator

It is the most accessible job for the students; you only need to give your valuable feedback to google by filling out their online feedback form.

You might know that Google keeps on changing its algorithms every time; you can’t rely on any algorithm of Google. So for changing their algorithms, google keeps asking the users feedback for that google pays you a good amount.

You can find this job easily on Leapforce and Lionbridge and start working and earning.

4. Copywriting


Do you have a creative mind? If yes, then copywriting is the best choice of career. Many students are earning quite well through copywriting.

Now you might be thinking, what is the meaning of copywriting and how to do it? Copywriters create textual and concise content on the products and services of their clients.

They provide writing services on emails, product catalogs, advertisements, blogs, websites, and print media.

The copies of the copywriters should be clear and concise and must deliver the client’s requirements to their targeted audiences. You can start working as a freelancer also.

5. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Since the pandemic hit the Indian education system, the demand for online tutors has also increased.

Due to the pandemic, schools, and colleges, everything was closed, so parents were worried about their children’s studies, so till the time school won’t get reopened, parents look for the online tuitions that can take care of their children study.

So, if you are a college student and good in your academics, and have excellent teaching skills, you are worthy.

You can look for online tutor jobs on google and teach the school students their regular subjects, and also you can start teaching your college friends and charge fees from them.

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6. Resume Writing

Resume Writing

Can writing a resume be the job? Yes, off course, it is a job, sometimes what we find, that person can be talented and very much creative but lacks in some of the fields. Likely, some people also find it challenging to make or build their professional resumes.

As a student, faculties assign the tasks to build your resumes, and if your resumes stand out from the other resumes, if you use a professional way of representing your background on a paper. Then you can take this job because many find difficulty in doing the same.

7. Transcriptionist


In a transcriptionist job, the company provides you with the audio files, and from that audio recordings, you have to write down the data. You must possess good listening skills and good typing speed for this job.

The more speedily you write, the more data you will get and the more you will earn. If you are a college student with good listening skills and typing speed, you can find transcriptionist jobs on Google, TranscribeMe, and Rev.

8. Data Entry 

Data Entry

For a Data Entry job, you don’t need to have any technical skills; you just need to update the company’s data regularly on their websites or any other sources on which its information is available. The data should be easily accessible to their clients.

You only have to put the correct words and message the company wants to deliver to their clients, for that primary Microsoft Office and English skills required.

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9. Starting a Podcast

Starting a Podcast

Many students use their passion as their career, and nowadays, people are paying for your interpersonal skills or talent. So if you like to speak in public on any topics, or likes to narrate the stories, then a podcast can pay you a good amount of money.

We all have hidden talent in ourselves; some know it, and some don’t know, and if you know that you are a good public speaker, narrator, or a voice modular, you can showcase your talent by podcasting and starts earning.

10. Online Web designer

Online Web designer

Are you a Web designing student? If yes, then you have ample opportunities in the market. Many big companies are looking for web designers who can think creatively and have knowledge about the trending technological tools and techniques.

As a student, you might be aware of the trending tools and techniques used in web designing, so this can become an excellent opportunity for you, and you will also get to learn the technical skills which will boost your career.


The article is all about the best part-time jobs for the students. If you are a student and want to start earning money to bear your expenses or want to help your parents financially can look out for these jobs.

But always remember that whenever you find jobs on google, take care of spam websites because some websites tell you that they will give you a part-time job, but for that, you need to pay registration fees or any other fees then don’t entertain such websites and such calls. They are truly spam.

The companies never ask for money from the students because they also look for enthusiastic, fresh, and innovative minds and willingly pay to students.

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