6 Best Online Data Entry Jobs in Chennai Without Investment from Home

If you are a hard worker who has good typing skills, have a thing for accuracy and can thrive under a deadline, then being a data entry operator will not be a difficult task for you.

And you wouldn’t even need a degree to be able to get a job. You can start right after you have finished your high school.

Data entry is a task done by most industries and the field has several jobs always vacant for new people.

You can choose an industry of your liking and can apply for a data entry operator in it. Industries like medical, engineering, designing, etc.

all require data entry operators with some work or another, depending on what data is recorded in the industry.

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Different types of Data Entry Jobs

1. Simple Data Entry Operator

A simple data entry operator simply has to write the given data in text, generally on Microsoft word, and then convert those documents to pdf files.

2. Typist

This is again one of the entry level data entry jobs that include typing data in a spreadsheet, generally from already present information.

You don’t need to know the formulas that are used in excel to be able to qualify for this job. It simply requires speed in typing and accuracy while recording the data.

3. Word Processing

This job is a slightly higher level than the simple data entry operator and a typist. At this position, you are asked to send out emails or write formal letters or creating reports about certain events.

For being eligible for this level of data entry operator, you need to have excellent English and a skill to draw tables, charts, graphs, etc.

4. Data Cleaning

Data cleaning refers to sorting, editing and deleting incorrect data from a document or excel sheet. Depending on how incorrect the data is, you would either need to edit the data after searching for the correct data or delete it altogether.

5. Micro Data Entry Operator

This is a fairly new field in the data entry sector and is used for entering data that is very minute. Ex. Creating Captcha for the website or captioning social media posts, etc.

6. Transcription Data Management

This job is basically listening to audio or video recordings of meetings or functions and transcribing them to print.

It is a high level data entry job compared to the other jobs as several terminologies might come in the audio that will have to be transcribed. In several sectors, you cannot get a transcription job without having a degree.

Top 10 websites that provide Data Entry Jobs in Chennai

1. Shine

Shine is a web portal for people who want to apply for job or even attend a course in a certain field.

The website allows user to search for the type of job they are searching and will show the results of companies that have posted a requirement that matches the user’s profile.

The website also has its own blogs where they cover several job-related topics like HR analytics to interview help guides.

2. Indeed

Indeed allows its users to search for jobs depending what job/post the want to apply for and where they want the job.

The website also provides company reviews from past employees and customers and also provides a salary guide depending on your experience, your education and the post you are applying for.

3. Jooble

Similar to Indeed, Jooble too allows the user to search for their job position in whichever city they desire. This website provides the user to not only apply for jobs in India but also in some foreign cities of UAE, China, Singapore, etc.

4. TeamLease

Teamlease is one of the websites that has an app that can be downloaded on your phone. The functioning of the website is similar to most job sites where you can search for your post in whichever city you want and then apply though the website to the company that you like.

5. VivaStreet

Vivastreet is not just a job website. This website provides buying and selling features of company products and services, vehicle dealerships as well as renting, rental property and hotel bookings, LGBT friendly dating and even matrimonial help.

6. Internshala

Internshala is another website that has an app. This website is similar to the usual job websites where you can search jobs for whichever position you want to apply and add filters like which type (part-time, full-time, internship, etc.), where you want to work, expected salary and it will show a list of jobs that fit your criteria. Along with jobs, the website also provides different courses and specializations that you can pay for.

7. MonsterIndia

MonsterIndia is different from other job websites in the sense that it has several blogs on how to ace your interviews, how to write your resumes, providing tips and tricks to get your optimum job, etc. Other than this, it is pretty much the same as other job websites.

8. Jobsora

Jobsora is an international website with job opportunities in over 35 countries in 5 continents. You can click on the country you want and then proceed to search for job openings in your city.

by putting in the search bar or selecting it form the lists that are given. The website also has job related blogs with tips & tricks, analytics, etc.

9. Trovit

Trovit is another international website have opportunities in around 60 countries. This website however isn’t just for job applications, you can search for properties in all the partner countries and can even buys cars from the website itself.

10. CareHealthJobs

Carehealthjobs is specifically for medical related jobs and allows users to not only apply for the jobs but also book appointments with doctors and medical helps from different fields like dental, gynaecological, radiological, surgical, etc.


Q. What study do I need to become a data entry operator?

Ans – You need a high school diploma or standard 12th passing certificate along with a certificate from a typist course.

Q. Do I need to pay for applying for a job?

Ans – No. You don’t have to pay anything for applying for a job as a data entry operator.

Q. Do I need experience for applying as a data entry operator?

Ans – No. you can start an apprenticeship or an internship while starting as a data entry operator and then move up the ladder.

Q. How long does it take to become a Data Entry Operator?

Ans – After you have completed your 12th or diploma you can become a Data Entry Operator in 3 to 12 months by applying for a course.

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