How to link Aadhaar Card with EPF Using EPFO/UMANG

How to Update Aadhaar in EPFO: In the Provident Fund (PF) scheme, the employer and the employee contribute equal parts to set up an account for the Employee for post-retirement. The EPF Account is linked by a Universal Account Number (UAN), which remains the same irrespective of how many times you change your job. 

The EPFO has an online website called the EPFO Member Portal where anyone who has registered with the website can log in with the help of their UAN and Password. It is mandatory to link your Aadhaar Card, PAN Card as well as account details to the EPFO account. 

In this article, we have shown how to link your Aadhaar card to your EPF to your EPF. The procedure for this is the same as completing our KYC, so if you see an article on how to complete your KYC on EPF, it is the same.

  1. Visit the EPFO Member Sewa Portal
  2. Fill in your UAN and Password to log in
  3. Click on the “Manage” tab
  4. Click on “KYC”
  5. Enter your name as given in your Aadhaar Card and your Aadhaar Number in the respective boxes
  6. In a situation that you do not wish to share your Aadhaar number, you can also input your VID (Virtual Identification) Number, given to you on the Aadhaar website
  7. Click on the checkbox to allow EPFO to link the Aadhaar with EPFO
  8. Save the changes
  9. After you have done this ask your employer to verify all the details to link your Aadhaar to the EPF
  1. Download the UMANG app on your phone or go to the website
  2. Go to “All Services”
  3. Click on “EPFO”
  4. Select “e-KYC Services”
  5. Click on “Aadhaar Seeding”
  6. Enter your UAN and click on “Get OTP”
  7. The OTP will be sent to your registered (with EPFO) mobile number
  8. Fill in the OTP and click on “Verify”
  9. After Verification, fill in your Aadhaar number
  10. Another OTP will be sent to your Aadhaar linked number and mail id
  11. Fill in this OTP and submit
  12. After the second OTP verification, you will have successfully linked your Aadhaar to your EPFO
  1. Visit the e-KYC portal
  2. Click on “Member”
  3. Go to “Link UAN to Aadhaar”
  4. Fill in all the details and click on “Submit”
  5. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number
  6. Verify the OTP
  7. After that fill in your Aadhaar details
  8. Select whether you want to verify your Aadhaar through a mobile number or mail id
  9. Another OTP will be sent to your mobile number or mail id
  10. Verify your OTP 
  11. You have now successfully linked your EPF to your Aadhaar
  1. Go to the e-KYC portal 
  2. Click on “Link UAN to Aadhaar” under the “Members” section
  3. Enter your UAN details
  4. Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number
  5. Enter your Aadhaar details after verification is done
  6. Click on the “Biometric” option
  7. After you verify your fingerprints, your Aadhaar will automatically be linked to your EPF
  1. Visit the closest EPFO Branch
  2. Fill out the “Aadhaar Seeding Application Form”
  3. Fill the form carefully with accurate details
  4. Attach self-attested copies of Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, and UAN
  5. Submit the form and wait for verification
  6. Once the verification is done, your Aadhaar will have been linked to your EPF
  7. Once both are linked, you will receive a notification about the same on your registered mobile number

How to Know Whether your Aadhaar has Been Linked or Not?

  1. Visit the EPFO Member Portal
  2. Sign in to your EPF Account after entering your UAN and Password
  3. Click on “KYC” under the “Manage” tab
  4. If the Aadhaar is visible under the “Substantiated Documents” tab, then your Aadhaar has been linked with your EPF

Benefits of Linking Aadhaar with EPF

  1. Fewer Discrepancies
  2. Fewer Errors
  3. Easy Withdrawal
  4. Everything is done online
  5. No hassle of going to an EPFO center
  6. Employers attestation not required
  7. Access to track multiple accounts
  8. Accelerated claim settlement
  9. Easy verification of details
  10. Lower chances of fake or duplicate accounts
  11. Access to multiple member IDs

What is the EPFO Member Sewa Portal website?

What is the e-KYC Portal of EPFO?

Do I have to pay a fee to link my Aadhaar to my EPF?

No. Linking your Aadhaar to your EPF is free of cost

Is it compulsory to link EPF to Aadhaar?

Yes. The government of India has made it mandatory to link your Aadhaar to your EPF.

Can I delink my Aadhaar once I have linked it?

No. Once you have linked your Aadhaar to your EPF, you cannot delink or unlink it.

Can I link my EPF to my Aadhaar offline?

Yes. You can link your Aadhaar with your EPF offline by going to your closest EPFO branch.

Will I get a notification after my Aadhaar is linked to my EPF?

Yes. As soon as you have linked your EPF to your Aadhaar, you will get an SMS on your registered mobile number as well as an e-mail on your mail id

Can I link my EPF with both my mobile numbers?

No. Your EPF can be linked to only one Mobile Number.

Can I link my Aadhaar to my EPF without registering my mobile number?

No. To link your Aadhaar or any other document to your EPF, you have to register your mobile number with your EPF first.

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