How to Check Electricity Bill Amount Online

How to Check Electricity Bill Amount: Digital culture has been spreading throughout the world at a very high speed and India, just like several other countries has taken it in stride and adapted to it. One of the processes that were digitized after the innovation of the internet is bill payment. 

You don’t need to go to the electricity board office and stand in long queues for ages to be able to pay your electricity bills. It is now available at a click on your smartphone or PC. It is very easy and is a convenient way to pay bills. 

In this article, we discuss how you can pay your electricity bill sitting right where you are, without much hassle. All you need is your customer identification number and the amount that you need to pay in your bank account.

What is Customer Identification Number?

A Customer Identification Number or the CIN is a number that is allotted to a customer by the electricity board. The different electricity boards have different formats in which this number is. Some have only numeric digits while some others are alpha-numeric.

The number is given under different names. Consumer Number, Customer ID, CA Number, Account Number, etc. are the obvious names that can be used to indicate the number. The said names could also be in different languages according to the state that you live in. 

This number is present in every bill that you get. Along with the CIN, the address, and the name of the recipient is also present on the bill.

How to Check Electricity Bills via UPI Apps

Open the UPI app

Go to the “Bills” Section

Click on “Electricity Bill”

Enter your Customer ID from the physical copy of your bill

Click on “Proceed”

The page will show several methods with which you can make payment

Choose the method you are comfortable with

Make payment. As soon as the payment is successful, you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number about the same

Different Boards of Electricity

  • SBPDCL (South Bihar Power Distribution Company)
  • TSSPDCL (Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company)
  • UPPCL (Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited)
  • TNEB (Tamil Nadu Electricity Board)
  • APSPDCL (Andhra Pradesh Southern Power Distribution Company Limited)
  • MSEB (Maharashtra State Electricity Board)

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How to Check Electricity Bills via State Official Electricity Board’s Website

  1. Visit the Official Electricity Board’s Website
  2. Register/Login with your credentials
  3. Click on “View Bill”
  4. Enter you Customer Identification Number and other details (they are all present on the physical bill)
  5. Enter the Captcha
  6. Click on “Submit”
  7. The bill of the month will be visible on your screen
  8. Click on “Make payment”
  9. Choose a method that is convenient to you and make the payment
  10. As soon as the payment is done you will receive a notification on your registered mobile number about the same

How to get the receipt after the payment is done

  1. Go to the website/app that you paid your bill through
  2. Go to payment history
  3. You can view the payment details and get the receipt from here


Do different states have different boards to distribute electricity?

Yes. All states have different boards which supply electricity through the state.

What is Maharashtra’s Electricity Board Website?

The MahaVitran website is the official website for payment of electricity bills in Maharashtra.

Does the one board distribute electricity throughout the state?

In a lot of states, there is only one board that provides electricity through the state. The board simply has subsidiaries throughout the state to help ease the flow of electricity. But a few other states have more than one board to provide electricity through the state.

Is there a way to check/pay my electricity bill without the CIN?

No. To be able to check and pay your electricity bill, it is important to have your CIN. You cannot pay a bill without the Consumer ID Number.

Is it compulsory to pay the bill online?

No. There is no compulsion as such to pay the bill online.

Can I still pay my electricity bill by going to the Electricity Board Office?

Ye. You can visit your nearest Electricity Board Office with the physical copy of your bill and pay it.

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