10 Best Ways to Earn Money By Playing Games in 2022

Can you imagine by playing games, you can make money? If you love to play games, this article will help you learn how you can earn money by playing games. It is entertaining and exciting to play and make money through games.

It sounds unbelievable and a big scam, right? How can playing games make money? But trust me, there are ways to earn money through games.

sometimes, the process of earning money from games may end the interest in playing games because it’s hard to retain the earnings.

But don’t worry, there are gamers who all are doing very well and enjoying the process also; if you have the aim to be the gamer in your life, that aim will push you to do hard work, and when you are on the path of your goal achievement, you will also love the process.

So, if gaming is your passion and you want to play games the whole day long and want to make some money from it, read out the full article; this may help you to earn money at home.

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Why Are Gaming Companies Paying To The Players?

Most of the gaming companies are paying real cash to the players. The strategy behind it is companies want to increase the number of players for their games.

The number of players increases the revenue of the gaming industry; some games also ask for money to buy their tools, equipment, or weapons.

The players who are addicted to the games buy the gaming tools, equipment, or weapons to play the next game level. Some games do harm the players.

A few years back, the gaming industry launched one game; its name was blue whale; they started giving unbelievable tasks. At that time, many people started playing blue whale game and getting the task of killing themselves, and many started committing suicide.

The game gets banned, but the gaming industry now doesn’t want anything harmful for its players and releases such games which may entertain them.

The players enjoy the games; recently, the PUBG game was booming; everybody had the craze of PUBG. In a lockdown, many people spend their time playing PUBG at their homes.

The primary purpose of the gaming industry is to entertain the players and retain them for the long run on the game by giving cash rewards after winning the games.

9 Easy Ways To Earn Money By Playing Games

The era we live in is full of people who are very enthusiastic and want to earn money through various sources. So here, we will discuss the great earning ways by playing funny games.

1. By Creating YouTube Channel

By Creating YouTube Channel

Many gamers are earning money by creating their YouTube Channels and posting the recordings of the game plays and through live streaming while playing the games.

For that, you need to have a gaming computer because some games don’t work on a regular laptop; when you go on live stream, make sure your internet should have enough speed. 

2. By starting a gaming journalist

By starting a gaming journalist

Do you want to become a writer? If yes, you can also start writing the news, reviews, and interviews related to games or the gaming industry. If you are continuously writing on a specific game, you will get paid for your per article. 

If you have your website and you write about the games and your articles are giving relevant content to the gamers, you can monetize your articles through ads, Patreon subscriptions, etc. 

You can start writing on intermediate-level games. Don’t write for the start-ups as they don’t have much viewership or write about the major gaming websites.

3. By creating a proper game guide videos

game guide videos

You can start guiding the gamers through making videos on various funnels such as youtube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. But the best source to earn money is youtube. 

You have to see the videos of the gamers where they are having difficulty while playing games. You need to find the solution through different sources like official gaming websites or by contacting the gaming company.

Then make the videos where you are providing proper guidance with solutions and be active in the comment section of every gamer’s channel or even your too.

Particular gaming guides the different gaming platforms, such as Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs), focusing on gold guides, leveling guides, and raid guides.

There are PvP games like Overwatch or Valorant you can provide guidance like build guides and mechanics guides. But, you will get more success in single-player games in which you can focus on guiding how to earn an achievement/ trophy in the games.

4. Hosting Podcast on Gaming Channels

Hosting Podcast on Gaming Channels

You can monetize podcasts and youtube by putting ads, sponsorships, etc. The gamers also put ads in their podcasts and also get sponsorships from esports organizations. 

If you have good communication skills, then you can start your podcast, which will make money for you.

Initially, you can start with a youtube channel and podcasting your services and earn money by simply giving your views and comments on the games.

Many are doing gaming podcasts such as the secret cabal gaming podcast, neebs cast, the one-shot podcast, etc.

5. By winning gaming Tournaments and Sponsorships

By winning gaming Tournaments and Sponsorships

Some big games arrange the tournaments; the prizes are in terms of money. It depends on the game’s popularity means the more extensive the game, the more prominent the prizes will be.

If you have the skills to join the esports organization, you can earn a salary by winning the tournaments and sponsorships. 

For that, you need to find the PvP game, i.e., fighting games, which should be very popular, arrange lots of tournaments, and should have esports organizations colossal interest. Do lots of practice when you start making networks with other professional gamers. 

It would be best to start from small, i.e., with local tournaments of popular games such as Super Smash Bros. and CS: GO.

6. By Playing Test Games

Playing Test Games

When a game developer makes a new game while launching the game on board, the games have to go through various phases before launching.

once the game goes through all phases, the developer looks for fresh minds who can test play the game and give feedback about the game and for that the developer pays to the tester.

For playing test plays, you can visit PlaytestCloud, BetaFamily, and beta testing and get paid for your test plays. If you want a permanent job in test plays, you should keep browsing about the opening positions in the gaming companies.

7. By Selling You Digital Credits Or Weapons

Selling You Digital Credits

If you have been playing games for a long time, then you must have earned some credits and weapons, and when you have enough gaming credits and weapons, you can sell them to the other gamers who are looking for the recognition and weapons to play the next level of their games.

For example- if you have earned Steam Trading Cards by playing the games, you can resell who wants to collect them. In this, you may not get more money, but it would be enough to buy for the next game weapons. 

You can research, about the game which you like to play and check what items you can sell at a feasible price. There is a website known as PlayerAuctions for the players to buy and sell gaming items.

8. Game Development

Game Development

If you want to make a career in the gaming field and have played games for a long time, and you have a few new gaming ideas, you can also make a game by yourself. 

But the field is different and requires different skill sets. Still, you want to go into this field, you can learn about animations and game development by doing specific courses and finding jobs in the gaming industry.

The game developer’s monthly salary is around $60,000 to $70,000 per year. 

9. By Playing And Winning

Playing And Winning

There are some games on which you can earn money by simply playing and winning the games at different levels. Some gaming apps, such as Rummyplay, Ludo supreme, Dream11, etc., helps you to win money. You need to play the games online, and when you win the level, you will earn money.

You can download these apps; they are not scams. Many people are playing the games on it, winning cash prizes.


There are so many online games available on the google play store. You can download the games and start playing them on your phone, but there are some games that you can’t play on mobile; for playing those games, you may require a specific gaming computer or laptop specifically designed for the gamers.

Since the pandemic hit the world, when everybody was free and had nothing to do at home, they started playing games, and youngsters, adults everyone started playing the games. Many have made gaming a career and started making money by playing games.

I have done lots of research on this article and found the best nine ways to earn money by playing games.

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