Driving Licence | Check Eligibility, Documents, Apply, Age limit, DL Type

You must have completed 18 or have brought a new vehicle and want to ride, thereby thinking of applying for a driving licence, right?

Yes, a driving licence is an essential document if you want to drive in any country legally.

In India, a driving licence is given by The Road and Transport Authority. It gives you a legal allowance to drive two or four-wheelers in the country. It also showcases your ability to operate a vehicle and drive it safely.

A driving licence is also considered an important Identity verification card used widely.

This article will discuss the licence application procedure, eligibility criteria, required documents, validity, etc.

Types of Driving licence in India

In India, a driving licence is categorized into three types

  1. Learner’s licence
  2. Permanent licence
  3. Commercial Driving Licence

1. Learner’s Licence

Any applicant is given a learner’s licence before receiving a permanent licence.

It is valid upto six months from the date of issuing.

Applicants must fill out the form and submit all the mandatory documents. Further, they need to give a small test.

The applicant will receive a learner’s licence after passing the examination; this licence is valid for upto six months.

In these six months, an applicant is expected to polish their driving skills.

After six months, if the applicant feels confident about driving, they can apply for a permanent licence; otherwise, they can extend the validity of the learning licence.

2. Permanent Licence

After finishing the learner’s driving licence for 6 months period, RTA issues the permanent driving licence. To reverie the permanent licence, an applicant must fit into the eligibility criteria set by RTA.

An applicant should be 16 years of age and pass the driving licence test to fit these criteria.

If an applicant fails their test, they can appear for the test again after seven days.

3. Commercial Driving Licence

Heavy vehicle drivers such as trucks and delivery vans must have a commercial driving licence.

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Eligible Criteria For Driver Licence:

  • A candidate should be 18 years of age or above ( 20 years in some states).
  • Should have passed 8th Grade
  • They must have completed driving licence training in a government t training center or government-affiliated center.
  • They should have valid documents and possess a learner’s licence already.
  • RTA provides Commercial Licence to a person according to the vehicle they drive. On the type of vehicle, the eligibility requirements vary.
  • Following, we have given the vehicle types and the driving licence category.
Type of VehicleCategory of Licence
A vehicle with commercial purpose- They have permission to carry passengers all over India HPMV
Heavy vehicles used to carry goodsHGMV
With or without gear motorcyclesMCWG
A vehicle with gear motorcycles and have more than 50 cc engine capacityMC EX50cc
Without gear vehiclesFGV    
Vehicles with 50cc engine capacity or moreMC 50c
Non-transport vehicle ( Personal Vehicles)LMV-NT

Eligibility Criteria for Driving Licence in India

There are different requirements to receive a driving licence in India. This depends on the vehicle class and the required licence of an applicant.

Vehicle TypeEligibility Criteria
Vehicles without gear and have 50cc engine capacity16 years old and have parent’s approval
Vehicles with gearsMust be 18 years of age and have knowledge of traffic rules and regulations
Commercial vehicles18 years of age ( 20 years of age in some states. Must have completed 8 th grade education. Should be trained under government or government affiliated training center)

Important Documents Required to Apply for A Driving Licence

An Applicant must submit correct and valid documents on time to get a licence without delays.

We have given a list of required documents as follows:

1. Age Proof

Any one of the documents is accepted

  • Birth Certificate
  • PAN Card
  • Passport
  • 10th Class mark sheet
  1. Address Proof ( Permanent )
  2. Passport
  3. Aadhaar Card
  4. Self-owned house agreement
  5. Electricity bill (issued in applicants name)
  6. LIC bond
  7. Voters ID Card
  8. Ration Card

2. Address proof (Current)

  • Rental agreement and electricity bill
  • Rental agreement and LPG bill

Some More Requirements for Driving Licence:

  • Duly filled application form (You can get it from the nearest RTO or on the online portal of your state)
  • Six passport size photographs (for Learners Licence)
  • One passport-sized photograph ( for Driving Licence)
  • Application Fees.
  • If you don’t have a permanent address, you can submit an electricity bill, gas bill, or rental agreement as address proof.
  • Medical Certificate: From A1 and one, which is to be issued by a certified Government doctor.
  • If an applicant is above 40 years old, they must submit a medical certificate.

The Application Procedure of Driving Licence

You can apply for a driving licence online or offline.

How to Apply for Driving Licence (DL) Online?

Step 1: Visit the official website https://parivahan.gov.in/

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the online services tab and select the driving licence related services option.

Step 3: Select the state you are applying to or wish to apply to.

Step 4: Further, click on apply for driving licence option.

Step 5: Fill in the details.

Step 6: Upload and submit all the required documents.

Step 7: complete the payment of the fee

Step 8: Book a time and date for a driving test according to your availability.

Step 9: Be present on the day of the test.

Step 10: The driver’s licence will be delivered to an applicant’s house if they pass the test.

How to Apply For a Driving Licence (DL) Offline?

Step 1: To apply offline for a driving licence, you must collect Form 4. You can download this form through the official website of state transport. Otherwise, go to the nearest RTO office t get Form 4

Step 2: Fill in the correct information and attach all required documents. Submit them at the nearest RTO.

Step 3: complete the application fee.

Step 4: Choose a slot for the driving test

Step 5: Appear for the test at the RTO office

Step 6:  our driving licence will be delivered to your given address if you are qualified.

How to Check the Driving Licence Status?

Step 1: Visit the https://parivahan.gov.in/ website

Step 2: On the homepage, click on the online services tab

Step 3: Click on the driving licence-related service tab.

Step 4: You will see the application status tab; click on that.

Step 5: Enter the application number, date of birth, and captcha.

Step 6: Click on the submit button. Application status will be displayed.

About Driving licence Test:

For Learner’s Driving Licence

Every driving licence applicant must give a driving licence test in order to get a licence. This tests an applicant’s knowledge about traffic rules and regulations and basic driving skills.

RTO authorities take a written exam for learners’ driving licence.

For Permanent Driving Licence


Two-wheeler driving licence applicants have to drive a bike or scooty in the shape of number 8. While driving, they cannot touch their feet to the ground and use proper signals while turning.

Four Wheelers:

Like the two-wheeler’s test, an applicant asked to drive in shape eight and S forward and backward. Observer authority will observe and check the driver’s capability to operate forward and backward Gradient, parallel parking, use of mirrors, gears, and brakes, and judgment of track.

What is the International Driving Permit (IDP) for an Indian?

Any Indian can drive in a foreign country with an international Driving Permit. It is just like a passport which gives the legal right to travel in countries.

IDP is an official document issued by the Road and Transport of India. It acts as an allowance for any Indian to drive in a foreign country.

An IDP stays valid for one year; you need to get reissued after expiration.

What should I do if I have lost my original driving licence?

A driving licence works as an identity proof as well as an alliance to drive legally. If you lose your driving licence, you can get a duplicate driving licence from Regional Transport Office( RTO).


A driving licence gives a legal allowance to drive in the country. It depends on the type of vehicle of the driver. In India, RTP provides driving licence to individuals who clear written and physical driving tests. You can apply online for a driving licence through the https://parivahan.gov.in/  website.

This article discussed India’s application process, eligibility, and driving licence validity.

FAQs Related to Driving Licence

Q. In India, who issues a driving licence?

Ans – There are Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in every state of India. The issue is driving licences to applicants according to the state they have applied in.

Q. Why is a learner’s licence mandatory?

Ans – Every applicant receives a learner’s licence before a permanent licence. Learner’s licence ensures applicant’s driver ability and eligibility.

Q. What if I fail the driving test? Will I be able to retake the test?

Ans – If you fail your driving licence test, you can reapply for a licence test after 7 days.  

Q. What are the required documents to apply for a driving licence?

Ans – Following are the important documents to apply for a driving license;
Forms 1,1A,2, and 3
Age Proof
Address proof
Identity card

Q. What is the validity of a driving licence?

Ans – If you have a private vehicle driving licence, then it is valid for 20 years.
Commercial Driving licence is valid for 3 years.

Q. When should I renew my driving licence?

Ans – Any driving licence holder needs to renew their licence within 5 years. If you are driving with an expired licence, then it will be considered illegal. 

Q. Who needs to provide a medical certificate while applying for a driving licence?

Ans – Every driving licence applicant above 40 years of age needs to provide a medical certificate while applying for a driving licence.

Q. Can I renew my International Driving Licence (IDP) in a foreign country?

Ans – Yes, you can renew your International Driving Licence (IDP) upon expiration in a foreign country.

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