Top 5 Cheap Automatic Cars in India

Cheap Automatic Cars in India: Many people are now opting to purchase automatic cars for their convenience. They are much easier to drive than manual transmissions, which not only takes more time, but also requires more skill.

Automatic cars require less effort and the driver never has to worry about forgetting how to use the clutch or having trouble stopping or accelerating. Plus, they are often cheaper than their manual counterparts.

This is the reason why most new cars now have automatic transmissions.

In India, demand for cars has been steadily rising in the past few years, especially the automatic gearbox cars compared to the manual ones.

In the market, automatic gearbox cars sales have significantly increased from 2-3% to 20% in the past few years.

The reasons behind this change are manufacturers’ decreased automatic cars values from lakhs. Additionally, automatic cars include hassle-free gear control in heavy traffic and above all new technology features such as music system, touchscreen, safety sensors, boot space, power-packed engine and much more.

If you want to be with this current trend without compromising your economic budget then this article will discuss the cheapest Automatic cars in India, their price, engine power, seating capacity, entertainment and safety features.

List of Top 5 Cheap Automatic Cars in India

1. Renault Kwid

Cheap Automatic Cars in India

When it comes to customer satisfaction in terms of quality design, good technology features and affordability then Renault Kwind comes first in the Indian market.

Renault Kwid comes with Smart Control Efficiency ( SCe) engine technology. It monitors accurate air-to-fuel and optimises performance and fuel efficiency.

The Renault KWID has 2 Petrol Engines to offer, the one is 799 cc and 999 cc.  It is available with Manual & Automatic transmission and has a mileage of 22.3 to 20.71 kmpl respectively.

While its Ground clearance of KWID is 184. The KWID is a 5-seater, 3-cylinder car and has a length of 3731mm, a width of 1579mm and a wheelbase of 2422mm.

In regards to safety, Renault Kwid has reverse parking sensors, seat belt reminders and ABS and EBD. Additionally, it has boot space up to 279 litres which can be expanded up to 629 litres.

Renault Kwid Car Prices in Main Cities

City Ex-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 4.24 LakhRs. 4.75-Rs.6.42 Lakh
Rs. 4.24 Lakh 
Rs. 5.14 -7.06 Lakh
Chennai Rs. 4.24 Lakh.Rs. 4.90 – Rs. 6.56 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 4.24 LakhRs.4.97– Rs.6.66 Lakh
PuneRs. 4.24 LakhRs. 4.98 – Rs. 6.66Lakh
KolkataRs. 4.24 LakhRs. 4.75 – Rs. 6.32 Lakh
KochiRs. 4.24 LakhRs. 4.71 – Rs. 6.43 Lakh

2. Maruti S-Presso

Maruti S Presso

Maruti S-Presso is one of the most selling cars in India for many years that offers petrol, CNG and automatic versions.

The Maruti offers 998 cc. the petrol engine, BS6 ,31.2 km/kg mileage and has Manual and Automatic transmission. It is available in 14 variants and 5 colours. include a kerb weight of 726-767 and boot space of 270 Litres.

Maruti S -Presso is a 4-5-seater car which is equipped with a 7-inch touchscreen, a digital instrument cluster, front power windows, and keyless entry.

It has safety features like a driver-side airbag, rear parking sensors, ABS with EBD, speed alert, and front seatbelt reminder

Maruti Suzuki S-Presso Prices in Main Cities

CityEx-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 3.70 – 5.18 LakhRs. 4.08 – 5.69 Lakh
BengaluruRs. 3.70 – 5.18 LakhRs. 4.44 – 6.41 Lakh 
ChennaiRs. 3.70 – 5.18 LakhRs. 4.52 – 5.97 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 3.69 – 5.18 LakhRs. 4.33 – 6.05 Lakh
PuneRs. 3.70 – 5.18 Lakh Rs. 4.42 – 5.93 Lakh
KolkataRs. 3.70 – 5.18 LakhRs. 4.17 – 5.75 Lakh
KochiRs. 3.73 – 5.22 LakhRs. 4.43 – 6.21 Lakh

3. Renault Triber

Affordable Automatic Cars in India

The Renault Tiber, as the name suggests, is an automatic version of Triber with 7 seater capacity. It comes with four variants powered by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder petrol engine.  It comes paired with a five-speed manual transmission as well as a five-speed automatic unit.It has 18.29 to 19 kmpl mileage 999 cc engine, and 71.0 BHP

Moreover, it has an 8-inch touchscreen with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, a height-adjustable driver’s seat, steering-mounted audio and calling controls, AC vents for second and third-row seats, a digital instrument cluster, and a push-button start/stop.

Renault provides safety features such as dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors as standard across all variants.

Renault Triber Car Prices in Main Cities

CityEx-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.08 – 8.80 Lakh
BengaluruRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.56 – 9.33 Lakh
ChennaiRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.33 – 8.96 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.42 – 9.08 Lakh
PuneRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.76 – 9.43 Lakh
KolkataRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.15 – 8.68 Lakh
KochiRs. 5.20 – 7.50 LakhRs. 6.18 – 8.88 Lakh 

4. Datsun redi-GO

Datsun redi GO

Datsun redi-GO is up for comfortable and convenient travel.

It has 5 seater occupancy and comes in 6 variants. It offers two petrol engines: a 0.8-litre and a 1.0-litre both are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission, but only the 1.0-litre petrol engine gets the option of a 5-speed Automatic. It has mileage upto 22.0 kmpl , 999 cc engine and  67.05 BHP.

The key features of the Datsun redi-GO include 222 boot space, daytime running LED lamps, LED front fog lamps, a digital tachometer, new dual-tone 14-inch wheel covers, an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and keyless entry. While its safety features include a driver airbag, ABS with EBD, and rear parking sensors are offered as standard.

Datsun redi-GO  Car Prices in Main Cities

City Ex-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 2.86 – 4.82 LakhRs. 3.15 – 5.25 Lakh
BengaluruRs. 2.92 – 4.92 LakhRs. 3.51 – 5.87 Lakh 
ChennaiRs. 2.92 – 4.92 LakhRs. 3.40 – 5.67 Lakh 
HyderabadRs. 2.92 – 4.92 LakhRs. 3.48 – 5.79 Lakh
PuneRs. 2.92 – 4.92 LakhRs. 3.41 – 5.70 Lakh 
KolkataRs. 2.95 – 4.95 LakhRs. 3.41 – 5.60 Lakh
KochiRs. 2.94 – 4.96 LakhRs. 3.49 – 5.84 Lakh

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5. Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen Polo is proven to be very dominant in the Indian market due to its specifications.

It is available in 8 variants, a 999 cc engine,BS6, BHP 108.62 and Automatic and Manual transmission options. It has a  mileage up to 18.25 kmpl.Volkswagen comes with boot space of 280 litre , 165 mm ground clearance and 1093 kerb weight.

In terms of technology features, the Polo includes a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system that is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Along with this the Polo also has rain-sensing windshield wipers, dual airbags in front, parking sensors in the rear, and cruise control.


Volkswagen Polo Car Prices in Main Cities

City Ex-Showroom PriceOn-Road Price
New DelhiRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 6.72 – 11.04 Lakh
BengaluruRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 7.23 – 11.89 Lakh 
ChennaiRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 7.17 – 11.63 Lakh
HyderabadRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 7.20 – 11.72 Lakh 
PuneRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 6.96 – 11.44 Lakh
KolkataRs. 5.87 – 9.67 Lakh Rs. 6.58 – 10.72 Lakh               
KochiRs. 6.01 – 9.92 LakhRs. 7.13 – 11.73 Lakh


Automatic cars come with a package of affordability, standard, great safety features as well as entertainment features. If you have found a suitable car for you then go book it but remember before that check out all facilities information the car has given in this article.


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