Top 10 Countries in the World by Most Population 2023

Countries in the World by Most Population 2023
Countries with the Most People
 China, India, the United States (US), the island nation of Indonesia, and also Pakistan will be the five most populous countries in 2023.

Countries’ fertility rates are sometimes stylized as reproductive health. African countries continue to dominate the top fifty countries list with the highest birth rates.

There are even more African countries in the top forty, with the exceptions of Afghanistan (22), the Solomon Islands (28), Timor-Leste (38), and the Marshall Islands (40). Niger, Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mali, Chad, and Angola have the highest birth rates.

Global Population 2023

According to the global population index, the world population reached 8 billion on November 15, 2022. The World Population Review says that by 2023, Russia, Canada, the USA, China, Brazil, and Australia countries which are larger than India. India could pass China as the country with the most people.

However, there are approximately 50,000 people between them. China has released the census of its citizens, and the population of China is estimated to be around 17 million.

So the world population is continuously increasing. On World Population Day, this world population prospects 2023 report was released.

So this is all about the most populous country on the planet.

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World by Most Population Country 2023 Overview 

Sr. NoCountryPopulation
Net ChangeDensity
Land Area
Pop %
1China1,439,323,7765,540,0901539,388,21161 %
2India1,380,004,38513,586,6314642,973,19035 %
3United States331,002,6511,937,734369,147,42083 %
4Indonesia273,523,6152,898,0471511,811,57056 %
5Pakistan220,892,3404,327,022287770,88035 %
6Brazil212,559,4171,509,890258,358,14088 %
7Nigeria206,139,5895,175,990226910,77052 %
8Bangladesh164,689,3831,643,2221,265130,17039 %
9Russia145,934,46262,206916,376,87074 %
10Mexico128,932,7531,357,224661,943,95084 %
11Japan126,476,461-383,840347364,55592 %
12Ethiopia114,963,5882,884,8581151,000,00021 %
13Philippines109,581,0781,464,463368298,17047 %
14Egypt102,334,4041,946,331103995,45043 %
15Vietnam97,338,579876,473314310,07038 %
16DR Congo89,561,4032,770,836402,267,05046 %
17Turkey84,339,067909,452110769,63076 %
18Iran83,992,9491,079,043521,628,55076 %
19Germany83,783,942266,897240348,56076 %
20Thailand69,799,978174,396137510,89051 %
21United Kingdom67,886,011355,839281241,93083 %
22France65,273,511143,783119547,55782 %
23Italy60,461,826-88,249206294,14069 %
24Tanzania59,734,2181,728,75567885,80037 %
25South Africa59,308,690750,420491,213,09067 %
26Myanmar54,409,800364,38083653,29031 %
27Kenya53,771,2961,197,32394569,14028 %
28South Korea51,269,18543,87752797,23082 %
29Colombia50,882,891543,448461,109,50080 %
30Spain46,754,77818,00294498,80080 %
31Uganda45,741,0071,471,413229199,81026 %
32Argentina45,195,774415,097172,736,69093 %
33Algeria43,851,044797,990182,381,74073 %
34Sudan43,849,2601,036,022251,765,04835 %
35Ukraine43,733,762-259,87675579,32069 %
36Iraq40,222,493912,71093434,32073 %
37Afghanistan38,928,346886,59260652,86025 %
38Poland37,846,611-41,157124306,23060 %
39Canada37,742,154331,10749,093,51081 %
40Morocco36,910,560438,79183446,30064 %
41Saudi Arabia34,813,871545,343162,149,69084 %
42Uzbekistan33,469,203487,48779425,40050 %
43Peru32,971,854461,401261,280,00079 %
44Angola32,866,2721,040,977261,246,70067 %
45Malaysia32,365,999416,22299328,55078 %
46Mozambique31,255,435889,39940786,38038 %
47Ghana31,072,940655,084137227,54057 %
48Yemen29,825,964664,04256527,97038 %
49Nepal29,136,808528,098203143,35021 %

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World’s Most Populated Country 2023 Overview 

The Countries with the Fewest People: The island nations of the Caribbean and the Southern Pacific Ocean (Oceania) are among the smallest countries in the world in terms of population.

  • Vatican City, an enclave in the Italian city of Rome
  • Tuvalu is one of the Island country in the Polynesian part of the Pacific Ocean
  • Nauru is a most tiny island country in Micronesia in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.
  • Palau is a Micronesian group of islands in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • San Marino, a small country that forms an enclave in Italy, is one of the world’s five smallest countries.

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