How to Find Vehicle Owner Details By Registration Number in India

What if someone parks their vehicle in front of your door? Many people have the habit of parking their vehicles in non-parking areas or at anybody’s doorstep without asking permission.

So, if you also face the same problem and someone parks the vehicle without consent at your doorstep, you can find the vehicle owner details from the registration number.

Nowadays, owning a vehicle has become necessary because if you want to go on any long trip, or to the market, or else in case of emergency having your own vehicle helps a lot.

When you purchase a vehicle, whether it is a bike, car, auto-rikshaw, truck, bus, etc., every vehicle is allotted a specific number; you can identify your vehicle through that number.

Likewise, if any accident happens with your vehicle and you want the details of the other person’s vehicle, you can find it by yourself online; instead of going to the registration office and telling them to see the owner’s details.

There is a site name Vahan where you can search the vehicle owner’s details simply by entering the vehicle’s registration number. Vahan was launched in 2011 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in collaboration with the National Informatics Centre.

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What is Vahan?

In Sanskrit vehicle is called Vahan. But, Vahan is an online website where you can access the details of the vehicles such as registration number, chassis/ engine number, body/fuel type, color, manufacturer, and model. It also provides many online services to Indian citizens.

There are 285,768,212 digitized vehicles on the Vahan website in March 2020, which means all country vehicles are registered under Vahan, such as bikes, cars, auto-rickshaws, cabs, buses, etc.

The main objective of the Vahan was to get all the information regarding vehicles registration certificates and driving licenses from the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) and District Transport Officers (DTOs) across India.

Till 2019, the Vahan app gets nearly 90 percent of the vehicle’s details on the website from pan-India.

Steps To Find Vehicle Owner Details Through Registration Number

You can easily find the vehicle owner’s detail on the Vahan website. You need to follow the steps given below;

Step 1- Go to the official website of Vahan

Step 2: On top of the page, there will be ‘Know Your Vehicle Details.’ Click on that option.

Step 3: You can log in with your registered mobile number, or else you can register yourself as a new user.

Step 4: Enter the vehicle’s registration number once you log in.

Step 5: Enter the verification code to prove that you are not a robot.

Step 6: When you enter your registration and verification code, you can see the vehicle owner’s name and registration number.

After following these six steps, you can get the vehicle owner’s details quickly, and you don’t need to visit any Regional Transport Office to get the details.

Check Vehicle Owners Details Via SMS

You must be wondering, how we can check the vehicle owner’s detail on SMS? It is possible because you will get the SMS facility on the Vahan website as well. For getting the details through SMS, you can follow the given sequence;

Step 1: You need to Enter Vahan (Space) and Vehicle’s Registration number.

Step 2: After entering the details, you can send the SMS on 7738299899.

Step 3: After sending the SMS, you will receive the vehicle owner’s details on your mobile phone.

When You Need To Find Vehicle Details?

You can find the vehicle details for any of the reasons like if you want to know about your vehicle registration date, chassis number, owner name, vehicle’s class or type, fuel type, expiry of the registration, the status of the registration certificate, Insurance expiry date, Model and Manufacturer name, road tax details, Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUCC) expiry date, and emission norms details.

Apart from the general knowledge, you can also check the vehicle details for the following situation;

1. Hit and Run Case

In hit and run case, it is difficult to get the details about the vehicle owner, but if you or someone else could note down the number of the vehicle and find the information of the vehicle owner and file the complaint against him in the nearby police station.

2. When You Buy a Second-Hand Vehicle

You need to check the vehicle details on the Vahan website when you buy a second-hand vehicle. In this, you can check when the vehicle got its registered number, the date of purchase, and all the details regarding the vehicle and its owner.

3. Accident Case

Suppose you see an accident and want to know about the person. In that case, you can check the person’s detail on the website.

If you get involved in an accident where another person’s vehicle caused damage to your vehicle.

In that case, you can also check his details on Vahan through the registration number of their vehicle and file a complaint to gain compensation for the damage caused.

4. No Need To Show NOC (No-Objection Certificate)

You don’t need to show NOC while moving or transferring the vehicle from one reason to another. RTO and DTO can check your ownership details and your vehicle details on the Vahan website.


In this article, I have given the steps to find the vehicle details or the owner’s details online. You can read the full article and follow the steps to see the details.

Most people still go to the RTO and DTO offices to get the details of their vehicle or other’s vehicle in case of any emergency, but now the trend has changed everything has become digitalized.

So, checking vehicles’ details and their owner’s details has also become easy for the people.

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