10 Best Online Surveys to Earn Money in India | Paid Surveys India

What if we tell you that you can earn money by simply sitting at home and filling out surveys? And that you don’t have to pay a single penny to actually fill them out? You probably wouldn’t believe me.

Well, it is true. Filling and sharing surveys is a very easy way to get paid and earn some easy money. Just don’t go up to any website and fill it out.

If you make sure that the websites are authentic and not a scam, you could actually earn some money.

To make sure that you go to the correct websites, we have composed a list of the top 10 websites that provides Paid surveys in India to earn money.

10 Best Online Paid Surveys India to Earn Extra Money

1. Toluna


Toluna is actually very similar to the social networking sites that we use nowadays. The site allows you to follow people, lets them follow you, and you can post about anything you like. This site allows you to make connections with others around you and people sharing the same interests as you.

Ways to earn money:

  • Inviting your friends to Toluna
  • Creating quality content
  • Vote on other people’s content
  • Participating in Profile surveys and Paid Surveys
  • Survey length: 10-20 minutes

Toluna Paid through PayPal, Gift Vouchers including Amazon, Flipkart, Shopper Stop, etc.

2. Swagbucks


Swagbucks provides you with regular surveys that you can fill up after signing up and creating your account on the website.

Ways to earn money:

  • Taking surveys
  • Watching videos
  • Taking offers

Swagbucks paid through PayPal and Amazon gift cards

3. ViewFruit India

Viewfruit is a panel website where you can fill out surveys in order to get paid. Similar to Swagbucks, ViewFruit too sends you surveys to fill out regularly. If you fill out these surveys, you get points. These points are then converted to money and you receive your earnings.

Ways to earn money:

  • Creating polls
  • Voting for polls
  • Chatting with other members
  • Inviting other friends to join your survey team

Vivewfruit Survey length is 15-20 Minutes and they Paid through PayPal.

4. ySense


ySense is an affiliation of widely known survey panels v=because of which there are hundreds of surveys present on the website that you can fill out to earn some easy cash.

Ways to earn money:

  • Inviting friends
  • Taking surveys
  • Doing figure-eight tasks
  • Getting the daily activity bonus
  • Promoting the website’s referral program

ySense Paid through PayPal, Skrill, Reward link India, Payoneer and Amazon gift cards.

5. Opinion World

Opinion World

After you have registered on opinion world you get regular emails to fill out surveys through the website. Depending on your comfort, you can select the number of emails you get in a month.

Ways to earn money:

  • Filling out surveys

Opinion World Paid through PayPal, Gift wards of Westside, Pizza hut, Levis.

6. The Panel Station

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is widely accepted in not only India but also Mexico, Chile, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, etc. they have one of the most extensive networks due to this. They have recently launched an app for the same.

Ways to earn money:

  • surveys

The Panel Station Survey length is less than 15 minutes & they paid through PayPal, E-vouchers of Amazon, Paytm and Freecharge.

7. Online Panel NET

Online Pane NET has become a large panel in India for taking paid surveys that pays the users handsomely on taking surveys, offers, etc. it is a Europe based survey site that has now spread across the world.

Ways to earn money:

  • Taking paid surveys
  • Taking paid offers
  • Promoting discount coupons
  • Do micro-tasks
  • Playing games
  • Signing up for newsletters

Online Panel NET is paid through PayPal

8. Ebuno


Ebuno is a Swedish website that was launched as a survey website but has now emerged as one of the highest paying websites. The only con of this website is that the surveys aren’t very regular or consistent. You may get a handful of surveys one day and then over a hundred some other day.

Ways to earn money:

  • Taking Surveys
  • Referring to a friend

Ebuno Survey length around 20 minutes & Paid through PayPal, Payza, Swish

9. Survey Time

Unlike most websites, surveytime doesn’t just send you random surveys to fill out. When you register on the website, you are asked to enter a field in which you have profound interest and knowledge. The website then sends you surveys that are only related to your recommendation/interest/knowledge.

Ways to earn money

  • surveys

Survey Time is paid through PayPal.

10. Timebucks


Timebucks is a very unique website that pays you for taking selfies. Yes. You can earn by taking selfies. It is one of the most reliable websites in the world and pays you instantly once you have completed the survey.

Ways to earn money:

  • Taking selfies
  • Taking surveys
  • Watching slideshows
  • Playing games
  • Reading news

Timebucks paid through PayPal, Payza and bitcoin.


Q. Do you have to pay to register yourself on these survey websites?

Answer – No. Most survey websites do not ask for a downpayment for registering on their site.

Q. Are these websites reliable?

Answer – Yes. The above-given websites are legit and official websites that actually pay you for filling out surveys.

Q. Is there eligibility criteria through which you can register?

Answer – Most websites might ask you to fill out a form to make sure that you are eligible and suitable to fill out surveys before letting you register yourself as a member.

Q. When can I receive the payment that I have earned by filling surveys?

Answer – Most of these websites have a minimum value that you need to cross before you are eligible to withdraw the money or get it in your bank account.

Q. How much money can I earn by filling out one survey?

Answer – This depends on the website through which you have filled the survey and the length of the survey. One survey could earn you ₹25 up to ₹200.

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