10 Best Online Jobs in Kerala in 2022 (Without Investment)

Have you ever been to Kerala? Do you know Kerala’s Special thing? Kerala is very famous for its Malabar tropical coast, with a 600km Arabian sea shoreline. There are lot many things that mesmerize Kerala. 

Do you know there are lots of online job opportunities in Kerala? These jobs may help you earn a good amount of money while having fun with your family in Kerala. If you are a resident of Kerala, then this article will help you find the best online jobs for you.

Due to covid-19, every IT and MNC company started giving online jobs. It has increased the requirement of online jobs In India. Before covid, the companies were providing online jobs, but people didn’t prefer online jobs.

But you can have a good amount of money by doing these online jobs that may help you earn and manage your daily expenditure. 

Why does An Individual want To Do Online Jobs?

There are many reasons for doing online jobs; all who are working in offices couldn’t spend time with their families; these are some of the main reasons people nowadays are looking for online jobs.

In India, mostly the women prefer to do online jobs; Indian women prioritize their families. Online jobs are best for women who are homemakers. They can earn money and become independent without affecting their daily life routine or family time.

Many college-going students want to earn money while pursuing their studies without affecting their studies and college or school.

If you are already doing a job and want to earn extra income, these online jobs are beneficial for your side hustle.

10 Best Online Jobs In Kerala In 2022

Kerala is a breathtaking city, and the people in Kerala are very much educated and give more preferences to education and career. This article will put the best well-researched online jobs, which will pay you by sitting and working from your homes.

1. Data Entry Job

Data Entry Job

Data Entry jobs are classified into different categories such as sorting/billing, back-office jobs, Shopify data entry jobs, etc. 

In these jobs, companies provide you data;  & according to that, you need to work and submit it to the company before the deadline. 

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Roles and responsibilities of the Data entry job 

  • You need to enter the customer and account details from the given resources; it should complete within time limits.
  • Collecting and verifying the accuracy of the data for entering the computer device.
  • You need to review the data insufficiency or errors, correct the incompatibilities, and check the outputs.

These are the data entry job requirements, and you need to be eligible for the following jobs in Kerala.

2. Content Writing

Content Writing

Nowadays, there is a massive demand for content writers. Every company presents their companies online through social media or makes their websites; they need content/ creative writers to write for them. The content writers get a good salary in Kerala.

The content writer’s work is simply researching the product or services of the company and writing detailed information about it. So that when users or clients open their websites or social media presence, they can understand the company.

Roles and Responsibilities of Content Writer jobs

  • Research about the industry-related topics (by doing primary and secondary research as per industry’s requirement)
  • Need to write articles, blogs, marketing copy that promotes the company’s product/ services
  • The content should be presented in a well-structured draft using Content Management Systems.
  • You need to do proofreading and edit the blogs and articles.
  • Plan the simple keyword research and use the SEO guidelines to increase website traffic.
  • You need to update the website content as needed.

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3. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a part of digital marketing; in this job, you need to handle the company’s social media handles. You need to promote their products and services through social media.

A social Media Marketing job is an online job, and you can do it from your home or anywhere in the globe.

The number of jobs increases daily as the number of social media users increases, so it is quite a highly demanding job.

Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Jobs

  • You need to develop a social media strategy.
  • You need to identify the target audience and select the relevant social media network for product and services promotions.
  • You need to create different content for different social media channels.
  • You need to access the followers for the social media network and gaze the more engagement.
  • You need to boost the website traffic.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Do you know about affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means when the marketer promotes others’ products or services and takes a commission for marketing the other’s products and services.

Affiliate marketing is also one of the excellent earning online jobs you can do from your home, office, or anyone else; it is an online job.

Roles & responsibilities of the Affiliate marketers

  • It would be best if you gave customer support.
  • Affiliate Marketers need to manage the consumer market agreements.
  • Affiliate Marketer needs to address the business deals, scheduling, supervision, and closure.
  • Affiliates need to work in collaborative teams to fulfill the customers’ needs.
  • It would be best if you searched for new trends and opportunities.
  • The marketer needs to schedule and organize the trade shows.

5. Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

It is also the most demanding online job in Kerala. The graphic designers need to create the visual concepts using computer software or hand design. The designer communicates very inspiring, informative, and captivates the consumers. 

As technologies become more advanced, the tools and techniques are also getting advanced, so the companies need graphic designers to design their companies’ website graphics logos, visuals, etc., which should be compatible with trending technologies.

The publishing houses, advertising agencies, public relations agencies, and related service industries hire graphic designers.

Roles & Responsibilities for graphic designers

  • You need to study the design briefs and determine the requirements.
  • You can advise the clients on strategies that can engage the target audience.
  • You have to create the designs using illustrations, photo editing, and layout software.
  • The designers also have to select the colors, images, typography, and layout for communication testimony, including websites, logos, signs, books, magazine covers, etc.
  • You also need to prepare the product draft for the client’s review and revise the feedback received.

These are the few responsibilities of graphic designers.

6. Blogging 


Blogging is an online job where one writes blogs on different topics such as personal blogging, business blogging, fashion blogging, lifestyle blogging, travel blogging, food blogging.

A famous blogger in Kerala is Sadhique Aboobacker. You can start blogging from anywhere and anytime. Blogging is an excellent job for people who like to write about their experiences and expertise.

Roles and Responsibility for bloggers job

  •  Write blogs or articles on various topics.
  • Corporate blogs cover different industrial topics.
  • Bloggers provide feedback and edit others’ content. 
  • You need to optimize the content for SEO and lead generation.

These are the few primary responsibilities that a blogger should possess.

7. Email Marketing 

Email Marketing

Email marketing jobs are for those who design a business’s email advertising campaigns and know to manage the subscribers’ list for building the client’s list. 

The people who have a background in Public Relations and Marketing are great communicators. The email marketer should know about graphic design. 

The email marketer needs to make the templates using various tools such as SendGrid, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Benchmark Email, etc. 

So here, we will discuss a few of the responsibilities of the email marketing jobs. In Kerala, there are a lot of vacancies for email marketing jobs.

Roles & Responsibilities for Email Marketing

  • You need to create and monitor a variety of email marketing campaigns.
  • Proofreading of the key messages given in and out of the template.
  • You need to collect the list of emails.
  • Matching the email lists.
  • Taking follow-ups of the emails.
  • Need to create digital ads.
  • You need to track and analyze the results-driven through the campaign.

8. Translator


In India, we have different states and various forms, and in those states, we use different languages. So to understand the other states’ language and translate it into simple and understandable language.

The Kerela State uses the Malayalam language, which is very difficult to understand. In Kerala, there are many vacancies for the translator’s job who can translate other languages in Malayalam and translate the Malayalam language into other languages.

This online is most demanded in Kerala and other states too. Here are the few responsibilities of the translator which he has to fulfill during his job.

Roles & Responsibilities of Translators

  • You need to read the given material and research the specific terminology.
  • You need to convert the text and audio recordings from one language to another.
  • You need to ensure whether the translated content portrays the original meaning and tone.
  • Proofread the translated article to check the grammatical mistakes, spelling, and punctuation.

9. Online Tutor

Online Tutor

Online tutoring has been the most demanding job since the pandemic. Its been two years since 2020 we are facing immense problems due to covid-19. Due to the increasing number of covid cases businesses started working online school got closed and started conducting lectures and exams online, likewise the number of online tutors also increasing. 

Every parent fears sending their children for tuition classes, so many people started giving tuition online, and as we know, Kerala is the most educated state in the country. They give more value to education.

In Kerala, there are vast job vacancies for online tutors. Let’s discuss the key responsibilities of online tutors.

Roles and Responsibilities of Online tutor

  • The tutor should know about the various tools and apps to conduct the online classes.
  • They need to have proper grammar and possess deep knowledge about the subject they are teaching.
  • The tutor should use simple language which should be understandable to the students.
  • It needs to consider whether the students are doing their school homework and studying properly and bring good marks in their academics.

10. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative services to companies. The Virtual Assistant can work from anywhere. 

A virtual assistant works for many clients at a time. In Kerala, many industries are providing Virtual assistant jobs, and many companies who are not providing are unaware of the Virtual assistant post.

Now, I will tell you the few roles and responsibilities of the Virtual assistant so that if you are applying for this position must know about it.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Virtual assistant.

  • You should respond to emails and phone calls.
  • You need to schedule the meetings.
  •  I need to book the travel and accommodations.
  • It would be best if you organized the manager’s calendars.
  • Make the Presentations as assigned to you.


Nowadays, everybody wants to earn money in a comfortable environment without pressure. The most relaxing place and calm place to work is our home; you can work comfortably without anyone watching you. 

You are the boss of your job, and you can work freely. So, I have listed the best online jobs available in Kerala state with lots of backbreaking research. These jobs are not so hardworking and time-consuming; some take dedicated three-four hours to work, find these jobs in Kerala and make preparations according to the designations.

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