Top 10 Best Online Jobs In Delhi In 2022

Work from home has been a new working lifestyle since the pandemic began.

In India, online jobs are booming in metropolitan cities due to innovative technology.

The capital of India, Delhi, is the leading city of people looking for online, work-from-home opportunities.

If you are from Delhi and looking for an online job, you are at the right place.

This article discusses Top 10 Best Online Jobs in Delhi. These jobs are doable need minimum experience and basic education qualification.

Moreover, these are great ways to earn money from home.

10 Best Online Jobs in Delhi

1. Tutor


Tutoring is the best job one can do, even if they have passed 10 th


Online tutoring is done by using an online tutoring application. Nowadays, Bijuus, Udemy are great platforms where you can offer tutoring courses in your own expertise area.

Other than teaching traditional subjects such as Science, Maths, History, you can be an art teacher, code teacher, cooking teacher, personal makeup tutor, etc.

Digital space has opened numerous platforms where you can coach privately or publicly, as per your availability.

All you need is to gain proper knowledge and have an internet connection.

Skills Required To Become an Online Tutor

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Intrapersonal, organizational skills
  • Ability to structure and understand the syllabus
  • Establish communication skills with students.

Responsibilities of Online Tutor

  • Curating syllabus to be covered in the certain time frame
  • Encouraging interactions in a class.
  • Solve difficulties of students
  • Grading homework, conducting projects and activities.
  • Keep an eye on students’ progress.

2. Data Entry

Data Entry

Big organisations and large companies need data entry employees. Thus, they are in constant demand.

Data entry employees ensure smooth and efficient processing of information and data in a large amount.

Their role is to enter data into a computer system or a secure file system.

This is done by typing on a keyword or scanning a document.

Many industries recruit data entry employees for various sectors. It is an entry-level job, so anyone with good typing speed and accuracy can apply for this post.

Although, it’s a low-paying job that needs no investment and can be done online in your free time.

Skills Required

  • Speed typing
  • Eye for accuracy
  • Basic software knowledge
  • Ability to meet the deadline

Responsibilities of Data Entry employee

  • Managing and sorting data information
  • Entering data of accounts, customers, and documents.
  • Correcting data whenever is necessary
  • Reviewing incorrect data
  • Scanning documents and other files
  • Cooperating with building a data management system.

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3. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

In the 21 th Century, Social Media managers have become an essential part of any digital marketing company.

Social media managers ensure a brand strategy for a particular company.

With Delhi being the city of Social Media Influencers like Bhuvan Bam, Kusha Kapila, Asish Chanchalani, etc., the demand for Social Media managers is high.

It is just like handling your personal Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.

You have to actively perform tasks like interacting with the audience, replying to their messages, responding to collaborations and email, etc. 

Any indivudual of any age, you can be a social media manager with keen interest, have relevant skills, and earn a decent amount of money.

An excellent social manager is a blessing to the company or any other individual in the growing digital marketing industry.

 Skills Required To Become Social Media Manager

  • Creative mindset
  • Good knowledge of social platforms
  • Strategy planning and execution
  • Excellent communication skills and management.

Responsibilities of Social Media Manager

  • Develop a strong social presence of organization or company or an individual
  • Plan strategy to improve engagement
  • Give creative ideas for content
  • Manage and run campings
  • Stay connected with the audience

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4. Proofreader


Proofreading is a doable job from anywhere with an average internet connection.

Any writing piece or even small content or a copy must go through a proofreading process before publication.

Proofreading is the last but most crucial stage of the writing process.

Proofreading a paper means finding and correcting mechanical mistakes, such as grammar, misspelled-omitted and repeated words, scanning and formatting typographical errors.

You can be a proofreader if you have relevant skills. You can choose your niches like books, magazines, newspapers, or simple writing pieces at the initial level.

A proofreading job is the best way to earn money while gaining knowledge about various writing styles and facts around the world.

Skills Required To Become Proofreader

  • Strong command of language
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Editing
  • Understanding of grammar rules

Responsibilities Of Proofreader

  • Verifying data accuracy
  • Checking grammar, spelling mistakes, and style of writing
  • Ensure plagiarism free content
  • Check the goal of writing, such as time, style, continuity, etc.
  • Suggest corrections and make them when it is necessary.

5. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

As the name suggests, virtual assistants are the ones who assist people, companies independently, etc.

It is similar to an office assistant.

Various companies and businesses hire virtual assistants to provide administrative services to clients when you are outside of the office.

As a virtual assistant, you need to stay punctual-oriented and perform tasks such as scheduling meetings, helping customers meet their goals, and planning things.

Nowadays, most people are inclined to hire virtual assistants because they help strengthen relationships with clients and have flexible time to do more things.

Thus, a virtual assistant job proves to be an excellent online job.

It is a fun job if you love to manage things while earning money.

Skills Required To Become Virtual Assistant

  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Ability to manage time and be disciplined
  • Ability to understand clients’ requirements and provide solutions.
  • Quick decision-maker

Responsibilities of Virtual Assistant

  • Scheduling calls and meetings
  • Taking client review and making a spreadsheet
  • Perform market research
  • Providing solutions to the clients

6. Transcription Job

Transcription Job

Are you a good listener and good at documentation?

If yes, a transcription job might suit you if you have good typing speed.

You have to listen to voice recordings and write them in the document in this job.

These voice recordings involve legal, medical, business conversations, and other topics.

You must listen with high concentration and awareness and keep up with document quality.

To become a transcriptor, you do not need special training. Many platforms provide free training and hiring opportunities.

This is a rewarding job for people who wish to work in the language industry.

Skills Required To Become Transcriptor

  • High listening skills
  • Familiar with Microsoft World
  • Editing, Proofreading.
  • Grammar Nazi

Responsibilities of Transcriptors

Listening to various voice recordings and typing them out in either handwritten format or using a stenotype machine.

7. Digital Live Chat Agent

Digital Live Chat Agent

Digital Live Chat Agent refers to employees that answer customer request and queries through live chat.

These digital online agents respond to customers’ queries quickly and provide solutions.

Live chat agents are essential because live chats improve the support experience for customers.

Moreover, it strengthens the engagement and trust of the customers towards the company.

Live chat agents’ jobs have significantly increased in the past few years as

It consumes less time for the customer and companies and provides satisfying service.

Skills Required To Become Digital Live Chat Agent

  • Advanced communication skills
  • Speed and accurate typing
  • Understanding of customer mindset
  • Clear thinking
  • Team player

Responsibilities of Live Chat Agent

  • Understand and resolve a customer inquiry
  • Be interactive with the customer
  • Make meaningful conversation
  • Encourage customers to buy products.
  • Meet customer goals.

8. Freelance Content Writer

Content Writer

You might not know, but the writing industry is a great way to earn money online.

You can opt for a freelancing writing career as a content, ghostwriter copywriter, or technical writer.

You must keep polishing your writing skills to get high-paying clients. Also, you can choose your niche, i.e., your subject area, to write in-depth and in a better way.

A freelance writer needs to stay updated with current affairs, understand clients’ requirements and brand, and curate a copy that leads the audience to action.

You need to build your portfolio and contact clients who require your service. Otherwise, Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, or Freelancer websites provide freelancing jobs.

A freelancing writer career takes time to bloom, but it will surely give you the freedom to choose your own topics to write, work in flexible hours and earn money. 

Skills Required To Become Freelance Writer

  • Advanced writing skills
  • Networking and marketing skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Understanding of your audience
  • Understanding the client’s requirement
  • Time Management

Responsibilities of A Freelance Writer

  • Do complete research on the given topic
  • Write according to the client’s requirement
  • Write according to targets audience
  • Curate plagiarism-free content
  • Proofread and edit blogs

9. Become An App, Web Tester

Web Tester

Every company or developer wants their app or website bugs-free, right?

Companies and developers need a tester for their app or website testing before it goes into the public’s hand. This process is called ‘Beta Testing.’

Companies provide app or website testing tools to a tester, i.e., the user. With a good internet connection and laptop, users can run tests while sitting at home.

App, website, and software testing add value for the customers. It is an essential step to verify outcomes with the customer’s goals.

The testing of apps and websites keeps the company’s profile as a quality service provider when it comes to the customers’ choice. Thus, app or website testers are in hot demand, earning good money.

Any undergraduate or undergraduate student can apply for a tester role. You can take a small course of testing or seek training before going for it.

Check out the following are some of the websites that offer these online testing jobs in India:

  1. UserZoom
  2. TryMyUI
  3. Test Birds
  4. User Testing
  5. Online Transcription

Skills Required To Become App or Website Tester

  • Logical thinking
  • Ability to understand basic programs
  • Ability to work according to instructions.
  • Adaptation of new technology

Responsibilities of a tester

  • Contribute, review and plan tests.
  • Execute and log the tests.
  • Evaluate the test results and document and submit the reports of errors found.
  • Using testing tools, monitor the test environment, and gather information about how the website or app performs.
  • It includes speed, accessibility, virtual representation, and many other things.

10. Search Engine Evaluators

Search Engine Evaluators

Search Engine Evaluators is the best online job to apply for without prior experience and technical background.

This job is curated to rate the quality of web pages and the relevance of the search results. The feedback given by various customers to the websites helps with the search engine’s algorithms.

Customer ratings are not used as an input to Google’s algorithm.

A Search engine Evaluators analyze internet searches and review them in terms of accuracy, relevancy, and spam-free.

Evaluators must be aware of the current internet pattern, work in the internet’s short culture, and be good communicators.

It will take some time to be an experienced person in this job, but it will surely pay you a lot of money.

 Skills Required To Become Search Engine Evaluator

  • Acquired knowledge of local culture
  • Good communication skills
  • Good research and analytical skills
  • Have an understanding of technology

Responsibilities of Search Engine Evaluators

  • Give ratings to auto systems, related searches, and other Google suggestions.
  • Analyze the natural and automatic sound
  • Review the relevancy of results
  • Evaluate search category.


In this digital world, people are more inclined towards a new work lifestyle, i.e., online jobs.

Online jobs allow you to work in your flexible hours, have quality time with your family and friends, and most importantly, do productive work while saving time and money.

This article has discussed online jobs in Delhi; you can read them and give them a shot if you wish to make money while sitting at home. 

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