NPHH Ration Card | Benefits of the Smart Card

The Tamil Nadu state government allots two types of ration cards to residents of the state. Broadly, these ration cards can be divided in two categories: Below Poverty Line (BPL) and Above Poverty Line (APL). 

One of the types of ration cards available in Tamil Nadu under the APL category is called the NPHH ration card. NPHH meaning is Non-Priority Household which is a category under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) system ration card

If you’re interested in applying for an NPHH ration card in Tamil Nadu, continue reading. Because I will guide you on how to apply and procure an NPHH ration card both online and offline.

How to Apply For NPHH Ration Card Online

Here’re the steps to apply for an NPHH ration card online. These steps are very simple. You can complete them online yourself or visit the nearest Common Services Centre and get the work done

  • Visit the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System:
  • Click on the Apply New Smart Card link on the home page
  • You will be redirected to another page in Tamil, where you have to key in all details
  • The Head of the Household should be the eldest female member of the family
  • If the eldest female member of the family is less than 18 years of age, a male member can become the Head of the Household, till she attains adulthood.
  • Add the names of the members of the family whom you wish to include in the NPHH ration card
  • Indicate your address, district, and taluka on the online form
  • Upload a picture of the head of the family
  • Upload a copy of the Aadhar card or any other address proof of the head of the family
  • Key in the mobile number of the head of the family
  • Select the type of NPHH card you wish to apply
  • Provide details of the gas connection you hold
  • Tick mark the declaration stating that all the information you’ve provided is true
  • Press ‘Submit’

You will get a OneTime Password on your mobile phone to verify the application. Key in this OTP and submit. You can get the NPHH ration card from Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System in about one month. 

You can download the card from the same website, using the application number, which will be sent to you by SMS on your mobile and email.

Types of NPHH Ration Cards

According to the Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System official website, you can apply for any of the four NPHH ration cards online. These include:

  • No Commodity Card
  • Rice Card
  • Sugar Card
  • Other categories such as limited commodities

How to Apply For NPHH Ration Card Offline

You can also apply for an NPHH ration card offline in Tamil Nadu. The process here is a bit complex and involves visiting the Public Distribution System office near your place.

  • Go to the PDS Office near your location.
  • Complete and submit the application form for the new NPHH ration card
  • Attach copies of Aadhar card or other photo ID proof issued by the government of all family members.
  • Submit any other Address proof if the address mentioned in the Aadhaar card has a different address from where you reside
  • If the household has no permanent address, there is no need to submit the Address proofs. 
  • Take an undertaking form and fill it out to ensure that you do not fall into any exceptional category mentioned per the guidelines.
  • Submit the application form along with the required documents to the officials.   
  • The Head of the Household should do all the above procedures.

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Benefits of NPHH Ration Cards

Ration cards are of two types APL and BPL. These are again classified into two types Priority and Non-Priority type. This classification is based on the financial status of the household. 

1. NPHH Ration cardholders can get all the daily essentials such as Rice, Sugar, Wheat, Kerosene, Oil, Toor Dal. These cardholders come under NPSH or NPHHL category.

 2. NPHHS ration cardholders are eligible for availing only Sugar as the essential. NPS stands for Non – Priority House Hold. 

3. NPHHNC ration cardholders are not eligible to get any essential commodities with this ration card. NPHHNC stands for Non – Priority House Hold No Commodities.

In Conclusion

You can also apply for an NPHH ration card in Tamil Nadu through the Common Services Centers in the state. They will charge a fee of Rs.200 per card. Usually, the NPHH ration card takes about 30 days to be issued by the Tamil Nadu PDS officials.

For physical NPHH cards also, the waiting time is between 30 days and 45 days. If you apply online, there’s an option of getting the smart card delivered to your house through the mail.  The fee for this service is Rs.70 per card.

FAQs Related to NDA Exam

Q. What is full form of NPHH in ration card?

Ans – NPHH stands for Non Priority House Holds

Q. Who is eligible for NPHH?

Ans – If any household has no Female of eighteen years or above age, we should consider the eldest male in the household as the Head of the family. When the female member gets the age of Eighteen and above, she will be considered the Head of the family.

Q. Can we convert NPHH to PHH?

Ans – NO, As a first point, you should have to cancel your NPHH as there is no such thing as changing your NPHH to PHH. Visit the nearest Ration office or PDS office and ask for the cancellation of your Existing. Fill the form with all your Ration card details and submit it to the officials

Q. What are the different types of ration card in Tamilnadu?

Ans – Types Of Ration Card – AAY, BPL, APL, PHH, NPHH

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