Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme and Details Till the Year 2023

During its first phase, the ManaBadi Nadu-Nedu program in Andhra Pradesh has made groundbreaking improvements in over 15,000 government schools. As a result, almost 200,000 additional students have enrolled.

Phase 2 of the program is currently underway, with plans to renovate another 25,000 government schools at the cost of Rs 11,267 crore. This will transform the atmosphere of government schools to a level that can compete with the standards of well-managed private schools.

The modernization of schools under the Nadu-Nedu (Then and Now) initiative is a top priority for Chief Minister Jaganmohan Reddy. This effort is yielding positive results, with a majority of parents expressing satisfaction with the modernization of government schools and choosing to enroll their children in state schools instead of private institutions.

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Scheme Objective

On November 14th, 2019, the state government initiated the ‘Nadu-Nedu’ scheme, which involves addressing nine basic infrastructure components in government schools. These components include:

  1. Installing toilets with running water
  2. Providing electrification with fans and tube lights
  3. Ensuring a reliable drinking water supply
  4. Supplying furniture for students and staff
  5. Painting the school premises
  6. Conducting major and minor repairs
  7. Providing green chalkboards
  8. Establishing English language laboratories
  9. Erecting compound walls around all government schools.

The aim of this scheme is to transform government schools across the state and improve the learning environment for students and staff.

Manabadi Nadu Nedu Circular Link

Manabadi Nadu Nedu  Circular

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