ICC Team Rankings 2023: A Comprehensive Guide to Test, T20 & ODI Rankings

ICC Team Rankings 2023: Cricket is a sport loved by millions worldwide, and the International Cricket Council (ICC) plays a crucial role in determining the best teams in the world.

The ICC releases a list of rankings that rank all cricket teams based on their performance, aiming to determine which teams have performed the best in different matches.

This article will dive into the latest ICC Team Rankings 2023, T20 Rankings, ODI Rankings, and other essential details that every cricket fan should know.

Evaluation Criteria for ICC Team Rankings

  • The ICC Team Rankings are calculated based on an average percentage basis.
  • The basis of these rankings is the teams’ performance, and the teams that rank higher are considered the year’s top performers.
  • These rankings have a significant impact as they determine the teams that enter the world cup.

Introduction of ICC Rankings:

ICC Team Rankings is a system used to rank men’s cricket teams across different formats – Test, One-Day International, and Twenty20 International.

Developed by David Kendix, this ranking system calculates a team’s rating by dividing their points by the total match/series points, giving the result to the nearest whole number.

The ranking system can be seen as a cricket equivalent of a batting average but with points instead of runs scored and match/series total instead of dismissals.

ICC Men’s ODI Rankings 2023

3New Zealand1113229
6South Africa1032775
8Sri Lanka882976
10West Indies712902

ICC Men’s Test Rankings 2023

4South Africa1022952
5New Zealand992965
7Sri Lanka882282
8West Indies792198

ICC Men’s T20 Rankings 2023

4South Africa25610510
5New Zealand25213371
7West Indies23612039
8Sri Lanka23612485

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ICC Team Rankings 2023 FAQs

What do the Rankings Measure?

ICC Rankings measure the performance of international cricket teams and players based on their performance in both T20 and ODI matches. These rankings take into account a team or player’s entire career but place more emphasis on their recent performance to determine the current form of the teams and players. The aim of the rankings is to identify the top-performing teams and players that would be eligible for selection in an ICC World XI.

When are the rankings updated?

ICC Rankings are updated on a weekly basis. The women’s player rankings for ODI and T20I matches are updated every Tuesday, while the men’s rankings across all formats (Tests, ODIs and T20Is) are updated every Wednesday. The rankings are updated to include all completed matches up to the previous day and do not include any matches played on the day of the update. On the other hand, the team rankings are updated after each Test series and after each ODI and T20I match.

What happens to a player’s rating if he plays but does not bat/bowl?

Their rating will remain unchanged if players don’t bat or bowl during a match. In the case of a batsman who doesn’t bat, this is to avoid penalizing the player for circumstances beyond their control. However, bowlers who do not bowl in an inning will lose points if the opposition scores a high total. This is because the conditions of the match would have favoured the other bowlers, and the services of the non-bowling bowler were not needed.

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