How to Use CRED Coins | Ways to Redeem CRED coins

Has it ever happened to you that you take your loved one for a dinner date, and your debit card shows an insufficient balance at the time of billing? It is a common problem; we used to swipe our cards or make online payments everywhere.

Sometimes we don’t check our bank balance, and we keep on assuming that we have money in our accounts when making payments; we got to know that we used all the money of account.

The banks do provide credit card facilities to their customers so that if the customer runs out of balance, they can use credit cards and make payments. But, using a credit card doesn’t mean that bank is providing you money for free.

If you use credit cards, you need to pay the credit card bills. You can pay your credit card bill through the CRED app, and whatever amount you pay, that much of the coins you will get earned on the Cred app. You can redeem Cred coins during online shopping.

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What is CRED Coins?

Cred is an online payment platform that helps users transact their funds easily and quickly without any physical barriers. Cred is an excellent digital money app, and you can easily merge your credit card within the app and pay your credit card bills quickly.

Do you know that the cred app gives you exciting rewards? The Cred app gives you rewards like cred coins, discounts, cashbacks, etc. When you pay your credit card bills, you will get as many coins as you pay for your credit card.

Cred app is applied to the users who have a 750 and above credit score. The app asks for your mobile number, which should be registered to your bank number so that they can scrutinize your credit score.

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How To Use CRED Coins?

You can use the cash coin to make any payments during online shopping. If you are thinking about how we can use that coin? Suppose, if you pay your credit card bill of Rs.20,000, you will receive 20,000 Cred coins on the application, and you can use those coins to get cashback and do online shopping.

How to Use CRED Coins

1. Use CRED Coins For Online Shopping and Availing Offers

If you want to do online shopping, you can go on the CRED app.  The app provides many offers on various e-commerce websites and the brand companies on the reward store of the CRED.

These companies’ products avail 20-100 percent offers on their products if you buy them through the CRED app. This app provides you discounts and free products like movie tickets, vouchers, etc.

E.g., Suppose you buy swiggy’s one-year super subscription. In that case, the company gives you the cashback on the Moms Co. products, discounts on online grocery websites, lifestyle products like Jewellery, Straightener, and Airpods.

You can also use your Cred coins while shopping on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. You can avail of the vouchers cashback offers, redeem your coupon codes, and get the products at great discounts.          

2. Making Payments Through The CRED App

You can use the CRED coins while making any payment and reduce the amount of the product you are purchasing, and if you collected enough coins on your CRED wallet, you could also pay any bill through the CRED app.

Steps To Use The CRED Coins

You can use your CRED Coins while making payments or online shopping on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc. You can avail of vouchers. If you are confused about how to use your cred coin, follow these steps-

Step 1: Download the CRED App from the Play store.

Step 2: Go to the club option in the application.

Step 3: After clicking on the club option, scroll down, and you will get different online e-commerce website options such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, etc.; you can select any one of them.

Step 4:  Swipe down the pop-up option. Suppose you use 3000 Cred coins on any e-commerce website; you will get an extra 10-25 percent discount.

Step 5: You can see in ‘your winnings’ there you will get the voucher code and copy it.

Step 6: Click on the detail option and click on the know more option.

Step 7: After that, you will get a link, click on it, and buy your product through that link.

Step 8: While making payment, click on the ‘apply coupon’ option, paste your voucher code, proceed with your payment, and enter all the address details.

How to Redeem CRED Coins Into Cash?

We have talked about how we can use the CRED coins. But do you know that you can redeem your coins in cash?

You can redeem your coins into cash by using the option ‘Kill the Bill’ in the CRED app. If you convert the coins into money in the CRED app, it is called burn. Through cashbacks, you can convert your coins into actual cash.

When you make any payment through your credit card, click on the ‘burn’ option so whatever cashback you receive on paying the bills will get added automatically to your credit card, you can use that money for your further payments.


If you are using credit cards, then you can take advantage of the CRED app, this app not only helps you to pay your credit card bill online, but it also helps you to earn some coins and can make use of those coins in your shopping and get great discounts and also you can convert the coins into cash.

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