10 Easy and Legit Ways | How To Earn One Lakh Per Month

Don’t you think that we do so much hard work for our employers and not get paid for that hard work? Yes, I feel like only we keep on doing work for our employer or their company’s and they earn huge profits because we are giving our 100 percent, but we are getting salary 25 to 50 percent of our hard work which is not fair.

Can you imagine that you can earn one lakh and more per month? It means that the hard work is yours and the money is also yours; no one will eat the fruits of your hard work.

This article will share ideas or ways to earn one lakh per month without investing money and a hectic job.

You might be in a dilemma about how this can be possible? If earning one lakh per month would be that easy, then everyone could be a millionaire; why do people need to gain experience in the companies for 5-6 years to reach upto the one lakh salary.

This rigid mindset of the people won’t allow them to explore other fields; that is why they keep on doing hard work in tiny salaries.

They keep dreaming that I will get this much money to live my life luxuriously. But dreaming won’t pay you money. Try something new to earn extra money.

How Many Jobs Pay One Lakh Salary Per Month In India?

There are many jobs which can pay you one lakh per month salary, but in employment, you need to start working from ground level which pays you approximately 20-25k per month, after spending 10-15 years in one particular field you will get one lakh per month salary.

Some jobs can pay you one lakh per month, and those jobs are management jobs, IT & Software Jobs, Chartered Accountant, Medical Professionals, law professionals, Aviation jobs, etc. These jobs will pay you one lakh per month.

To get employment in these fields, you need to have certified education to qualify for these jobs.

Those qualified in these fields will earn tremendous, but what about others who don’t have the proper education be eligible? How can they make one lakh per month? It is tricky for less qualified people.

So, if you are not so skilled and want to earn one lakh per month, then go through the article; it may help you make money and live your dream luxurious life.

10 Best Ways To Earn One Lakh Per Month

How does it matter whether you are well-qualified or not qualified to earn money? What matters is your skills and your hunger for learning or hustling new things and making from your skills.

1. Stock Trading

Stock Trading

In stock trading, you can buy the stocks when the prices are low and sell them when the prices of the stock are rising like that you can earn one lakh or more than that in a month.

There are two kinds of stock trading, i.e., fundamental and speculators. The difference between both is a way of seeing the price in stock trading. Fundamental investors won’t give much importance to the pricing as they help the company build its fundamental strength.

To earn lakhs in stock trading, one should practice fundamental investing. For that, you need to open a demat account and start investing in stocks through trading apps such as Zerodha, Upstox, 5Paisa, etc.

Zerodha is the best app to start stock trading; if you are a beginner, start trading with the surplus funds you have and start investing with the smallest amount.

But if you are a complete beginner, you can learn stock trading by doing paper trading, and you also can start reading the books on trading and investments.

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2. Online Selling

Online Selling

In online selling, you can buy the shop/space on Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Shopify, etc., and start selling your products on it. You also can create an e-commerce site for selling your products.

If you create your e-commerce site, you need to invest money; instead of creating your e-commerce website, you can buy a shop on Amazon, Meesho, Flipkart, Shopify, Myntra, etc.

For creating a seller account on Amazon or Flipkart, the sites will verify your documents, current account number, and tax number, list your products on the sites, set the price for your product, and start selling the product on e-commerce sites.

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3. Blogging


You can start blogging and can earn one lakh per month. Now, you must be wondering how bloggers make money? You can monetize your blogs by posting the other products ads on your blogging site.

You can place the ads on the sidebar or in between your content, and if the readers or viewers click on the ads, you will get money from per click, i.e., Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Click (CPC).

You also can affiliate the links in your blogging content. If someone is ready to pay you a commission on their sale, you will get a unique link to track your affiliate code and who is buying the product from your blog post.

There are many other ways to earn in blogging, and they are selling digital products such as ebooks, online courses/workshops, etc., Selling memberships, use the blog as your credibility.

Suppose you are writing educational blogs and your blog’s content provides accurate information. You might get famous in the education industry, and many school colleges will ask you to come there and share your views on a particular field of study.

4. Consultant


Do you know that nowadays people pay to get advice from experienced people? In an earlier generation, people don’t require any consultants before deciding. The people’s thinking was like, whatever decision we will be right we don’t want anybody’s advice.

But people who are doing business and getting success or failure share their experiences with other people. The people who faced lots of failures give proper guidance to others.

Many business entities hire consultants before making any business decision; they consult with them and then only take the firm decision. There are different types of consultants like career consultants, business consultants, finance consultants, etc.

Consultants earn through workshops/seminars, commissions on the business deals, tie-ups with firms/institutions, brand ambassadors, etc. The best consultant companies in India are BMC consultancy, Mckinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group, etc.

5. Freelancer


Freelancing is also one of the great ways to earn money in lakhs in a month if you have skills like writing, designing, digital marketing, video editing, etc. Then you can start selling your services and make money out of your skillsets.

If you want to start freelancing in any of your services, you simply need to register yourself on Fiverr, freelancer.com, Upwork, etc. These are the websites on which you can start providing your services to clients.

For that, you need to find your niche, mention your services, define who can be your clients, create a portfolio, polish your skills, do blog posts frequently and do a guest post for correct industries.

After scaling your skills on the freelancing sites, you can start building your network, which automatically brings more opportunities for you and set the standard price for your services.

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6. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Do you know that affiliate marketing is a booming career and gives excellent opportunities and money to affiliate marketers?

Now you must be thinking about what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing means you need to sell or promote the other’s product on their websites or social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Affiliate marketing is commission-based marketing. The more valuable brand marketing you do, the more commissions you earn. The sites like Amazon, Flipkart, BigRock, DCM India provide the platform to affiliate marketers and pay high commissions for selling their products.

7. Stand up comedians

Stand up comedians

If you have the skills of making others laugh by cracking jokes, in short, if you can entertain others with your jokes, then you can start as a stand-up comedian, which will bring lots of money in your pockets.

The five-star hotels or clubs arrange the shows in their hotels or clubs over there they ask the comedians to come and entertain their guests.

To get this opportunity, you need to upscale your portfolios by doing small shows or making youtube videos, or sharing your videos through social media once you get viral or people like your video content.

People pay you happily, and the hotels and clubs restaurants will ask you to come to their places.

Youtube can help you earn more and more fame and money; now, everyone is trying to become a stand-up comedian. Still, I will name a few famous Indian stand-up comedians earning well through youtube.

Anubhav Singh Bassi, Kunal Kamra, Sorabh Pant, Zakir Khan, etc., are renowned comedians who get rich through stand-up comedy.

8. Entrepreneurship


Since the covid has hit the world, many people lost their jobs, and some started getting half salaries. It wasn’t easy to survive in this situation, but many people have started working on their unique ideas and becoming entrepreneurs.

It is predicted that 2020 to 2030 is the period for entrepreneurs. Many young minds and even retired people are coming up with new innovative products and services that pay more than one lakh per month.

9. Proofreading


If you are good at English grammar, proofreading can also be the best way to earn one lakh per month. The content writers, copywriters, and writers don’t have the time to proofread their written material.

If you are an excellent proofreader, there are various websites on which you can sell your services, such as Scribendi, Prompt, Scribbr, Proofreadingservices.com, cactus global, etc.

Some companies are looking for proofreaders ready to pay $50 per hour for your valuable services.

You only need to check the grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.

10. Domain Selling

Domain Selling

It is also a great source of earning money. Many people struggle to make domains for their websites or don’t know about the domain, so they pay the domain sellers to get a readymade domain.

The renowned domain seller in India is GoDaddy.com. On this site, you can buy the domains for your websites.

You also can do such things if your software skills are excellent. You can auction the domains like if someone wants the .com domain, the price starts from Rs.500, and it varies in .org, .in, etc.


Nowadays, everyone wants to earn money, and no one has the patience to wait for 10-15 years to make their dream amount of money, so they seek opportunities online to earn extra and fulfill their dreams.

Everybody in the world wants to become rich. Do you guys know about the Shark Tank show?

One entrepreneur came to ask for the funds; the product was something related to jackfruit, so the person was a lawyer by profession.

in that show, he said that I know I will earn money, which I have dreamed of. Still, I won’t be young, and at that time, my children and their children will have fun on my earnings.

So he said, I want to become wealthy at a young age. I want to eat the fruit of my hard work. That is why I came to shark tank to ask for funds and proper guidance to become rich; like that, only every youth wants to earn money and enjoy life.

In this article, I have shared ten ways to earn one lakh or more than one lakh per month, read it, start working on your skills, and learn and earn.

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