How to Check Jio Balance | 4 Easy Ways (SMS, IVR, Website & App)

Reliance Jio has occupied most of the telecom industry for the past few years due to its fast internet speed and affordable packages.

According to the reports, in October 2021, Reliance Jio had around 400 million users In India. While Bharti Airtel had 204 million, Vodafone Idea had 122 million, and BSNL had 19 million users.

Currently, Reliance Jio has a 52 % users base, and with the upcoming 5 G network, the number will increase.

Jio offers many beneficial packages with a variety of subscriptions. Therefore sometimes we wish to check data balance, the validity of balance, offers, and benefits while taking a package or after taking it.

This article discusses the process of checking the Jio balance in many ways. It includes postpaid, prepared, and Tariff plans.

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1. How to Check Jio Balance Through SMS

You can check your Jio balance, validity, and data usage via SMS. This service is free.

You will get an SMS on your number with your Jio balance details. It is a free service, and you won’t be charged for it.

Following are easy to check your Jio Balance through SMS

  • Dial 199 to know your current plan (My Plan)
  • To check Jio Postpaid balance, send an SMS–BILL to 199
  • To check prepaid balance, send an SMS-BAL to 199
  • To activate the 4 G data plan, send an SMS- START to 1925

2. Check Your Jio Balance Validity and Usage via My Jio App

You can check your current plan expiration date and usage through the My Jio app. Follow the step by step guide given below:

Step 1: Go to Play Store and download the My Jio app on your smartphone if the app is not installed already.

Step 2: Log in with your name and phone number.

You will receive an OTP. Enter the OTP and set your profile.

Step 3: Now, go to the My Account section in the app.

Step 4: Under the My Account section, there is an option to check your high-speed data balance along with the validity. Click on that, and information will be displayed.

Step 5:  If you want to view your active plan and upcoming plan details and validity, click on ‘View Details.’

You can check your Jio Tariff plan and validity in 2 ways: MyJio App or Jio website.

You can check your Jio Tariff Plan and Validity in two ways:

Step to Check Tariff Plan and Validity

Step 1: Download and install the My Jio app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Sign in with your login credentials.

Step 3: On the homepage, click on the View Details option. The Tariff plan and validity information will be displayed.

Note: If you are a Jio Prepaid customer, you can view your active plans also with your balance details and validity and your Queued plan details.

Postpaid customers can view details of ongoing plans.

3. Check your Jio Balance Using Jio website

Step1: Go on google and visit the Jio website.

Step2: Enter your login credentials and OTP.

Step3: On the homepage, click on the My Plans. Now, you can view the details of the active plan.

Note: Prepaid customers of Jio can view their ongoing plans along with their balance details, validity, and Queued Plan details. 

If you are a Postpaid customer, then you can view the current plan.

4. Check your Jio balance via IVR.

If you wish to check your Jio balance active plan, dial *333#.

Your Jio balance details will be displayed on the screen.

Otherwise, you can send “MBAL” to number 5333 to get information on the balance through SMS.

Any user can check their balance by using USSD codes; the following are some helpful USSD codes:

  • To check your Jio number: Dial *1# or use this method
  • To check your bill: Send and SMS-BILL to 199
  • To check the ongoing tariff plan: Send an SMS “MYPLAn” to 199
  • To activate 4 G data: Dial and give a call to 1925 or send an SMS START to 1925
  • To activate caller tune: Type a code *333*3*1*1#
  • To deactivate caller tune: *333*3*1*2#
  • To check call rate: Send an SMS TARIFF to 191
  • To check the Jio number of JioFi devices: Send an SMS JIO to 199


The majority of Indian people use Jio- the internet.

There are three main ways to check Jio balance validity and usage as follows:

  • My Jio app
  • website
  • SMS and USSD codes
  • IVR

This article has given detailed guidance to check your Jio-balance through these ways.


Q. Can I activate another plan when I have one active plan?

Ans – Yes, users can activate a new prepaid plan to their ongoing Jio balance. This will be considered as an add-on pack.
To do this, go on the My Jio app or website and select the suitable plan for you according to the validity and per day provided data.
Further, select the use your account balance option while making the payment. Your new Jio prepaid plan will be activated.

Q. How to check Jio data balance on mobile?

Ans – Visit the website and log in with your registered mobile number. Your Jio data balance will be displayed on the homepage itself.
The second way to check your Jio data balance is to dial *333# code, or you can send “MBAL” to number 55333. You will receive data balance details through SMS.

Q. For what purpose does a Jio account balance is used?

Ans – A Jio account balance is used to make international SMS and calls, international roaming calls, premium shortcodes, and calls and buy voucher plans.

Q. Where should I complain if I am having an issue regarding Jio’s balance?

Ans – You can contact Jio support for any issue.
Follow the following steps to find Jio support.
Step 1: Open the MyJio app.
Step 2: Log in with your registered mobile number and OTP
Step 3: You will see your ongoing plan validity and usage details on the homepage.
Step 4: Select the My Account section.
Step 5: You can see the Jio Support option.

Q. How should I check how much JIo balance data is left on my mobile?

Ans – Dial *111*1*3# to check 3G/4G internet balance details.
You can send an SMS to 55333 by typing in MBAL. You will get details about the remaining data through SMS.
If you want to check how much Jio data is consumed, you dial *333#

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