Chatgpt Bing: What is the New Bing, How to Use Bing Chatgpt?

Chatgpt Bing: Microsoft has launched its Edge browser and the Bing search engine now uses AI (critically mattered) to provide better search results, richer answers, a new chat experience and the ability to generate content.

The Bing search AI critically mattered technique uses a better version which annotates the conversation, ChatGPT developed by OpenAI, a technology company, has been updated in response to the challenge posed by Google’s language model, Lambda, which uses the GPT-3 module.

What is the New Bing?

Bing chatgpt

The new Bing is a cutting-edge, AI-powered search engine that acts as your personal research assistant, planner, and creative partner. With its advanced capabilities, you can:

  • Ask your real question – When you ask complex questions, Bing gives you a comprehensive answer.
  • Get a real answer – Bing looks at web search results to give you a concise answer.
  • Be creative – When you need inspiration, Bing can help you write poems, stories, or even brainstorm for a project.
  • Chat experience – You can also chat and ask follow-up questions, such as “Can you explain it in simple terms?” or “Give me more options” to get a more detailed answer in your search.

How to Download the New AI-powered Edge Browser?

Microsoft is not fully opening up access to its Edge browser like it is with Bing, but you can still take an early look at the browser through the Microsoft developer channel.

On the Microsoft Edge Insider page, you can download the browser’s beta, dev, or canary versions.

The beta versions receive a major update every four weeks with the latest new features, the dev versions receive an update every week, and the canary versions receive a daily update with the newest updates as Microsoft is testing.

However, if you want to stay updated with the latest changes made to the Edge browser, make sure to keep an eye on the Microsoft Edge Insider page.

How to Access the new AI-powered Chatgpt Bing?

To experience the new Bing, you’ll need to sign up for the preview list. Simply go to the Bing website and you’ll see a banner for “Get to know the new Bing”.

Click on it and you’ll be taken to a new page where you’ll be introduced to the new search experience. Then, select the option to join the preview list and sign up.

Note that the sign-up experience is available on both desktop and mobile versions of Bing Search, so it doesn’t matter where you access it from. However, you’ll need a Microsoft Outlook account to be eligible to participate.

Once you’ve joined the preview list, you’ll need to wait for approval. Microsoft will send an email to approved users giving them access to the new Bing experience.

Is Bing chatbot similar to GPT-3?

Microsoft claims that Bing is running on a new large language model by OpenAI which is “more powerful and specifically optimized for search compared to chatbot and has the ability to learn from chatbot and GPT-3.5 for better performance.

Google has also announced updates to its search using fill directives and will incorporate the LaMDA technique to provide more conversational results to users.

This means that users will only need to browse a few websites to find the right answer and AI will then base its web results on this. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that AI will fundamentally change every software category.

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