13 Amazing Business Ideas for Women in India

Business Ideas for Women in India: India has seen a significant rise in the number of entrepreneurs in recent years, especially amongst women business owners.

This is due to the recognition that women are hard-working, and many of them have substantial professional experience before they start their own businesses. 

The percentage of work participation among women is higher than that of men. Several women are engaged in their own businesses and contribute to India’s economy.

10 Business Ideas for Women in India.

1. Start a home-based business.

Many women are engaged in their own businesses to earn additional income. 

They also have the flexibility of working from home, which is advantageous for them. Starting a home-based business is easy and can be done at a comparatively low cost. 

Certain businesses can be set up without much investment, thus helping women get started quickly. Some good business ideas for home-based businesses include making and marketing of handicrafts, teaching kids, baking customised cakes, etc.

2. Own a cake shop

The business idea of starting a cake shop is very popular among women. A cake shop can be successfully run by an individual as well as a group of women entrepreneurs. 

Several women across India have set up such shops and run them successfully. 

Some of the factors to consider while setting up a cake shop include the type of cakes to be made, availability of ingredients and labour for cake making, etc.

3. Market homemade products

These days several women across India are marketing homemade products prepared at their homes to earn extra income, which is a good home business idea for women. 

Many products can be made at home, such as pickles, jams, chutneys, dry fruits, etc. Homemade products are organic and healthy for consumption. 

Many women in India are involved in this business idea by selling homemade products at local markets or online portals.

4. Start a boutique or an apparel shop

Women entrepreneurs who have a passion for clothes can start an apparel business or a boutique.

 Women entrepreneurs can own and operate an apparel store as it is relatively cheaper. Starting up such a business does not involve huge investments, and does not need to possess a large amount of money.

 Operating such a business requires some initial investment, and women can set up their shop at rented premises.

5. Catering – Start a home-based catering business

The catering business is another excellent business idea for women entrepreneurs in India. 

This is a good business opportunity for women with food-management skills. 

Women entrepreneurs can start this business at their home or set up a mobile canteen or catering services. It is not necessary that women have to do the cooking themselves, and they can hire someone else to do it on their behalf.

6. Be a tour guide or a travel agent

Tourism is an ever-growing industry, and women entrepreneurs can consider starting their own tour and travel business. 

Women entrepreneurs can become travel agents and cater to domestic as well as international needs of travellers such as hotel bookings, local transport, etc.

 They also have the option of starting a tour guide business independently or in association with some travel agency.

7. Make jewellery

Jewellery making is an excellent business idea for women entrepreneurs as it can be started without much investment, and there are no age restrictions to enter this profession.

A lot of jewellery is being imported from other countries in India. But many women entrepreneurs are making jewellery at their homes and selling them either in local markets or through online portals.

8. Start an online business e.g. make money blogging, affiliate marketing

The Internet has made several business opportunities available for women entrepreneurs.

 Women can make money blogging about their personal experiences or through affiliate marketing to promote other companies products/services on their own websites. 

With the increased Internet use, this is a perfect business idea to earn online income without much investment and time consumption.

9. Sewing School

Women are generally good at home-oriented activities, including sewing, knitting, etc. 

This business idea can be successful with women entrepreneurs who can teach others. Women entrepreneurs can start a part-time sewing school at their homes or in suitable premises, where students will be taught every day for a specified period of time. 

Some large companies are operating sewing schools and providing training to interested students.

10. Open up your own spa or beauty parlor business at home

Spa and beauty parlour business is a lucrative entrepreneurial opportunity for women in India. 

Women entrepreneurs can start this business idea at home with some initial investment. 

This business requires experienced personnel to perform different treatments such as facials, waxing, pedicure, etc.

Women entrepreneurs do not need to develop their own products and services but can supply products/services of other companies.

11. Take up freelancing work

Freelancing has now become an option for those women who have been unable to find a suitable job or chose to establish their own business. 

Women can take up freelancing work as professors, writers, bloggers, etc. They can also join large organizations as content writers and develop content for websites, social media accounts, etc.

12. Become a wedding planner

A wedding is one of the most important events in a girl’s life, and women entrepreneurs can make money by becoming wedding planners.

 The success of this business idea will depend on women entrepreneurs’ contacts with different suppliers and vendors involved in making wedding arrangements. 

Women entrepreneurs can also start this business online by connecting with customers through email or phone.

13. Work as a Fashion Designer

Women entrepreneurs can realize their passion for fashion designing and become full-time or part-time designers. 

Freelancing is an excellent business idea for women entrepreneurs, where they can start this profession without much investment and manage it according to their convenience and willingness.


Women can make use of the above business ideas in one or more ways. They can start these businesses independently, join existing organizations, or take up freelancing opportunities to realize their passion for entrepreneurship. 

These are not only lucrative but also require less investment and time consumption. Women entrepreneurs should keep looking for new business opportunities that suit their time, skills, and budget to contribute towards their family’s income.

This article offers many great business ideas for women in India. Women have been using them to create their own independence and empowerment.

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