10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2022 (Highest Paying Affiliate Programs)

Are you looking for the best affiliate program to double your income? If yes, then you are at the right place; in this article, we will provide information about the best affiliate programs which will give you better opportunities to earn money.

Grab the opportunity, and become rich. How can affiliate marketing make you a rich person if you think like that?

The answer is that many e-commerce websites or companies are providing affiliate marketing programs and giving a good amount of commission to their affiliate marketers.

I know some of you might know about the affiliate programs, and you must be doing one or two affiliate programs, but are you getting that huge amount from that program?

If No, then you can get the best profitable, valuable, and recognizable affiliate program after reading this article.

So, before proceeding further, you must know about affiliate marketing. Please scroll down and learn about the Best affiliate marketing programs to know about it.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

An affiliate marketer is a mediator between the seller and the customers. Affiliate marketing sells the other company’s products on their blogs, websites, and any social media platform by providing the referral link.

Now, you must be wondering how it can work? It is a straightforward process; you can select any products of your choice, and when you like that product, you can sell that to your connections through the tracking link of the product.

When you sign up for any affiliate program, the company or e-commerce website will give you the tracking link, and you can put that link on your website. If someone is reading your article or blog, they will click on the link and redirect to the company’s website.

If they make a successful purchase of any product through the given link, the company will track the link of successful sales, and then they pay you the commission of every successful sale of their products.

It can vary the commission standards according to the company’s terms and conditions.

10 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

It is a strong marketing strategy, and many people started earning a good amount of money through affiliate marketing. Suppose you wake up in the morning, check your mobile phone, and see that you receive $100 or more in your account in a night.

It seems like a good dream, right! This dream can be true through affiliate marketing. Let’s dive into the ten best affiliate marketing programs.

1. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program


The Amazon Affiliate program is also known as the Amazon Associate program. It is one of the most extensive affiliate programs and helps content creators, publishers, and bloggers to monetize their websites.

It composes upto 900,000 affiliates worldwide. In an online marketplace, Amazon is roaring, and amazon is a comprehensive online marketplace for sellers and buyers.

Many people are joining amazon and earning a good commission by promoting the brands available on amazon.

Amazon provides 1 to 20 percent commissions, depending on the products.

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Steps to get registered for the amazon affiliate marketing program;

  • Start writing the blogs and create a website.
  • Create an Amazon Affiliate Marketing account.
  • Then Amazon will give you a unique associate ID.
  • Once amazon approves your application, you can start creating your referral links on the portal.
  • Then share the links on your blogging site, websites, or other platforms.
  • When someone clicks on the referral link and makes the purchase through your link, you will get a commission on every successful sale.

2. Shopify Affiliate program


Shopify is an ecommerce website where you can start and grow your businesses. Shopify initially started an online snowboard store. Later on, the site provided the platform for businesses to open a retail store and grow their businesses on Shopify.

Shopify affiliate program provides you an exclusive opportunity to earn many commissions through their referral program.

Many affiliates worldwide are joined with Shopify and content creators, course educators, influencers, and site reviewers to help the audiences launch their businesses successfully.

Shopify pays 200 percent commissions to their affiliates and 100 percent commission on the first two payments by a new customer.

Steps to get register for the Shopify affiliate marketing program;

  • You should have an active website.
  • You should have an established audience.
  • Then start creating the original content such as online courses, webinars, blog posts, videos.
  • You should have an experience with an e-commerce website and Shopify.
  • You need to agree on the terms and conditions of the Shopify partner program.

3. Hostinger Affiliate Marketing

Hosting Affiliate Marketing

Hostinger is providing hosting services to web developers and their customers. You can earn upto 60 percent from every sale of the hosting; on the hostinger, you will get the personal manager to guide you towards success.

On hostinger you can get a high conversion rate through their brand and effective promo material. You can start by signing up on the hostinger affiliate program, selling and promoting the products or services, tracking your performance, keeping your website up-to-date by adding banners and getting paid for every sale.

Steps to get registered for the Hostinger Affiliate Program;

  • Sign up on the hostinger website.
  • Start promoting and selling the products and services through your referral links.
  • Then track your performance.
  • Then add affiliate banners.
  • Finally, get paid.

4. BlueHost Affiliate Program

Bluehost Affiliate Program

Bluehost is also a hosting website, where you can create hosting for your blogs and websites, and you can earn through the affiliate program of Bluehost.

Bluehost pays you Rs.5000 per qualifying signup. You can link the Bluehost referral links on your website and blogs and start earning. Bluehost is entirely free to start affiliate marketing.

Steps to get registered for Bluehost affiliate program;

  • Go to the official website of bluehost.com.
  • Select the hosting web package and click on ‘select.’
  • Then, register for a new domain.
  • Add your bank account details.
  • After that, add your preferred domain name and select “add-ons” If required, click on the continue option.
  • Then you can review your hosting package and enter the payment information.
  • Click on the terms and conditions checkbox and click on the submit button.

5. CloudWays Affiliate Program

CloudWays Affiliate Program

Cloudways is a web hosting affiliate program that pays commissions in three flexible ways and has the highest commission criteria among the other affiliate programs.

It has a customized affiliate commission structure that keeps you on the highest-earning tier. You also can leverage the cloudways lifetime recurring commission model to earn passive income.

On cloudways, you will get dedicated account managers and resources to make sure that you will gain the highest commission regularly.

Steps to get registered for the cloudways affiliate program;

  • Go to the website cloudways.com
  • Login to the website.
  • Then create your affiliate profile.
  •  Access to the affiliate panel and save the changes.
  • Then you can see the affiliate link on the affiliate panel and use that link on your websites, blogs, etc.
  • Start earning through this.

6. Pure VPN Affiliate Program

Pure VPN Affiliate Program

Pure VPN is the best affiliate program for beginners because they provide fun programs, contest reward programs, two-tier earnings, etc. Pure VPN offers the 90-day cookie period, which gives you an opportunity for more conversions.

You can get real-time tracking systems that include the last click contribution on Pure VPN. Pure VPN has a 24/7 live chat support system to answer your question at any time. It gives you 100 percent commission on every successful conversion or signup.

Steps to get registered for the Pure VPN affiliate program;

  • Go to the website and sign up for it.
  • Then you will get the affiliate link and share that link on your website, blogs, social media platforms, etc.
  • Get 100 percent commission on each conversion or signup.

7. LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

LinkedIn Learning Affiliate Program

LinkedIn Learning provides online courses like creative, Technology, and any business skill-related courses taught by industry experts. LinkedIn Learning is a subsidiary platform of Linkedin.

LinkedIn Learning also offers an affiliate program for an individual and groups. You can earn upto $40 per month subscription and 35 percent on the sale of the single course.

LinkedIn Learning provides access to their latest banners, text links, free trial offers, and a 30-day tracking cookie.

Steps to get registered for the LinkedIn Learning program;

  • Go to the website and fill out the application form, which asks for information about your company or website.
  • Then select the promotional method.
  • Then choose the media properties, including the URL of any website or content you have targeted on LinkedIn learning.
  • Click on the agreement check box.
  • After that, you will receive an email with instructions on accessing your account.
  • You can set up your payment settings.
  • Get an affiliate link and share it on your blogs, website, social media platforms, etc. and start earning commissions.

8. GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy Affiliate Program

GoDaddy is one of the renowned websites for various domains and web hosting to its customer. Apart from domain and web hosting offerings, GoDaddy also provides the best affiliate programs.

It will give you immense opportunities to earn money by referring the GoDaddy’s product and services referral links and getting 15 to 100 percent commissions.

To start earning through the GoDaddy affiliate program, you need to register for it. You can also register through another affiliate network like Commission Junction or Zanox; the registration is free.

Once you get registered, they will provide you with a web admin who can help grow your sales online.

Steps to get registered for GoDaddy Affiliate Marketing Program;

  • Search for the GoDaddy Affiliate Program and then choose the option; you also can join through the CJ Affiliate account.
  • Then Place your ads by using your referral links.
  • Start earning commissions.

9. eBay Affiliate Program

eBay Affiliate Program 1

eBay is an e-commerce website and one of India’s highest-paying affiliate marketing programs.

eBay is paying 50- 70 percent of the compensation in affiliate marketing. The affiliate marketers earn upto 12 percent of commission on every successful sale of the products on their website.

You only need to find the best products for selling through your referral links, and once you choose the right product or services of eBay, you can sell or promote them on your blogs, articles, social media platforms, etc.

You will get the commissions if someone buys the product or services through your referral links.

Steps to register for the eBay Affiliate Marketing Program;

  • Search for the partnernetwork.ebay.com and then tap on the signup option.
  • After this, you will be redirected to the signup page and choose the language.
  • Then after that, you can see the page where there will be two options available:’ sign in to eBay’ and ‘create an account.
  • If you have registered with eBay, you can directly sign in with your ePN number, and if not, you can create an account.
  • While creating an account, choose a personal account even for your affiliate business.
  • After that, you need to fill out the information regarding your company or promotional event and then click on the signup.
  • Then the website will send a confirmation note on the website page, and even you will receive an email.
  • After that, you can start promoting and selling the product through affiliate links.

10. Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart Affiliate Program

Flipkart is also a well-renowned e-commerce website where you can buy the products like clothes, electronics, accessories, etc. But, do you know that Flipkart also provides an affiliate marketing program?

Flipkart does provide 15 percent of commission on every successful purchase of the products available on the website. You need to register yourself for the Flipkart affiliate program, get the referrals link, and promote it on your web portals and social platforms.

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Steps to register for affiliate program;

  • Search for the Flipkart Affiliate program on google.
  • After searching, click on the website affiliate.flipkart.com
  • Then click on the Join now for free.
  • Then, you can fill out the given registration form.
  • After that, enter your details like Name, Email Id, Mobile Number, and Website or Youtube Channel Link.


The above-mentioned e-commerce websites will help you earn passive income for your lifetime. The list is given randomly, and if you are willing to make money lying on the bed, you must go through these affiliate marketing programs, and most importantly, they are free. So, Don’t waste time starting affiliate marketing programs now!

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