A festival to embrace the goodness

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Observed at the conclusion of Navratri

Marks the defeat of Ravan by Lord Ram

Also celebrated for the destruction of Mahishasur by Maa Durga

Famous Dussehra Celebrations in India


Kolkata (West Bengal)

Idols of Durga Maa are immersed in the rivers

Vijayadashmi- final day of Durga Puja

Married women apply  vermilion to one another

Kullu (Himachal Pradesh)

372 year old tradition with a global reach

A seven-day fair, with more than 4 lakh people joining

Grand procession of hundreds of dieties, including Lord Raghunath

Mysore (Karnataka)

Honours the warriors

State sword, weaponry, elephants, and horses on display

Special durbar in Mysore Palace

Bastar (Chhattisgarh)

Embraces the superiority of Devi Danteshwari instead of Lord Ram

Longest festival in the world  (75-day-long)

Centre of attraction- a chariot pulled by almost 400 people

Kulasekarapattinam (Tamil Nadu)

A 41-days fast is observed by the devotees

People dress up as Devi Kali, or other local dieties

Celebrated in Kulasai Mutharamman Temple

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