Navratri and its Colours

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Day 1- September 26, 2022

White: After Kalash Sthapnay Devi Shail Putri is worshiped and White color symbols eternal peace

Day 2- September 27, 2022

Red: 2nd day of Navaratri belongs to Devi Brahmacharini with the color of red symbolising love

Day 3- September 28, 2022

Royal Blue: By carrying the Half-moon on the head Devi Chandaghanta gets the colour  blue of richness and serenity

Day 4- September 29, 2022

Yellow: With eight hands Devi Kushmanda wears the yellow color of joy and enthusiasm

Day 5- September 30, 2022

Green: On the 5th day Devi Skandmata wears the green color of growth, fertility, and peace.

Day 6- October 1, 2022

Grey: Slayer of tyrannical demon Mahisa Sura Devi Katyayani wears gray as balanced emotions

Day 7- October 2, 2022

Orange: Destroyer of negative energies, evil spirits and ghosts, Devi Kalaratri with orange colour gives warmth and exuberance

Day 8- October 3, 2022

Peacock Green: One who worships Devi Mahagauri gets relief from all the sufferings in life with green of uniqueness and individuality

Day 9- October 4, 2022

Pink: On the last day, Devi Siddhidatri wears pink for universal kindness, affection and harmony

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