Interesting Facts about Major Dhayn Chand

In honour of the legendary hockey player Dhyan Chand, National Sports Day is Celebrated on August 29.

Dhyan Singh joined the Indian Army when he was 16 years old and began playing hockey there. Dhyan Singh's teammates started calling him with the moniker "Chand" since he practiced at night.

After India's first match in 1936- Berlin Olympics, spectators gathered at hockey ground to see Dhyan Chand's entrancing game.

Hitler offered Dhyan Chand to settle in Germany and a position as colonel in his army after seeing his amazing game versus Germany, but Dhyan Chand declined the offer.

Don Bradman, one of cricket's finest players, and Dhyan Chand, one of hockey's greatest players, met in Adelaide in 1935 while the Indian hockey team was visiting Australia.

Authorities in the Netherlands broke Dhyan Chand's hockey stick, due to possibility of having magnet inside it.

India beat the United States and Japan in the 1932 Olympics, winning 24-1 and 11-1, respectively. Dhyan Chand scored 12 of the 35 goals

After failing multiple times, Dhyan Chand complained to the match referee about the goal post-measurement, and it was discovered that the official width of the goal post was not in conformity with international regulations.

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