India's pride Indian Air Force

IAF Day is celebrated on the 8th of Oct as a remembrance to honor the Indian Air Force's achievements and its fallen heroes.

Established on 8 Oct 1932 as a subsidiary air force of the British empire

The Indian Air Force loses six aircraft to bombings by the Japanese in 1942

In 1947 to serve in the name of Dominion of India name Royal Indian Air Force was kept

In Indo-Pakistani War of 1965, india claimed to have destroyed 73 enemy aircraft and lost 35 of its own

Maj. Marshal Arjan Singh, who served as chief of the Indian Air Force during the 1965 India-Pakistan war died on 16 Sep 2017.

The Indian Air Force is the fourth largest in the world with a motto is “Touching the Sky with Glory.”

IAF has over 813 combat aircraft with the largest defense firm being Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.