India Won by 7 Wickets in 3rd ODI match Against South Africa

India won the 3 ODI match against South Africa on 11th Oct with score of 105/3 and 7 wickets

Kuldeep Yadav got 4/18 wickets in the 3rd ODI match with South Africa.

Shubman Gill scored the highest in the game against SA with 49 runs in 57 balls.

With the tie in the last ODI match, India's team showed great performance in the 3rd game match.

South Africa scored 99 runs in 27.1 overs with all out wickets.

Only Hinrich Klaase was able to keep up in the game with 34 runs in 42 balls.

The 3 ODI series Match was played today in Arun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi.

Shreyas Iyer took the last run with 6 and end the game.