ICC rules: Full list of changes that will come into effect at T20 World Cup

Five-run Penalty for unnecessary field movement by the fielding team

If any batter leaves the pitch because of the ball will be called a no-ball and result in a free-hit.

Running out the non-striker i.e. using dismissal method will consider to be a foul

No saliva on the ball

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, ICC banned saliva permanently

If the batter advances down the wicket before entering their delivery stride it's now called Dead ball

Fielding must take the very first ball of the final over by the end of the game in time for the end of the innings.

A batter won't be allowed to play delivery and move beyond the confines of the pitch.

when the next batter enters the batter's box, he will be walking to the striker's end.

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