Title 1

Episode 5 released  "We Light the Way"

Curtains unveil with Daemon's return to kill his wife, Lady Rhea Royce

With no witnesses around, her death was believed to be an accident by all but not her cousin.

Marriage of Princess Rhaenyra and Lord Corlys Velaryon's son, Laenor was agreed upon.

Hand Lord of Harrenhal replaced Otto as king of Helenhal, Lyonel Strong, who is far better than one might expect him to be.

Otto was far from planning with his attempts to topple the king 

A major reception held in King' Landing to celebrate the impending union ended with bloodshed and deaths.

Grand Maester Mellos brought Rhaenyra over a private "Tea"

Viserys collapsed suddenly after the nuptial between him and Rhaenyra was held a short distance away in the hall.