Grand Theft Auto 6 game videos clip in 90 leaked

YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and other game forums are hosting uploads of the leaked videos.

Bloomberg reported earlier those two female protagonists influenced by Bonnie and Clyde in GTA VI

GTA VI is thought to be released close to 2024, so players likely played an early build of the game ahead of its release.

In one video clip, an on-screen figure named Lucia is stealing a restaurant and snatching customers.

Rockstar Mania's self-driving car has released its next entry in its open-world franchise onto the Internet.

PC Gamer reports that someone on the GTA Forums has posted a file full of 90 videos of footage GTA VI which was 3 GB.

There's a plenty of placeholder data and you can discover where the game engine is detecting objects in footage.

GTA V was released almost nine years ago