The Merge of Ethereum is  Finally Completed

Ethereum is the second biggest blockchain, behind only bitcoin, and currenctly emits carbon dioxide roughly equivalent to that of Singapore.

If it's successful, the Merge will lower Ethereum's massive electricity requirements by over 99%.

The essential merger in the realm of blockchain is on track, and could have the greatest influence of all for the most important cryptos.

That is of huge consequence. Skeptics of cryptocurrency typically argue that coins like bitcoin and ether are useless, and that they consume enormous amounts of electricity.

In the Merge, ethereum will adopt a system known as proof of stake, which has been planned since 2014, before the blockchain's creation.

Because of its technical complexity, and the increasingly large amount of money at risk, it has been delayed multiple times.

In December 2020, ethereum developers created a new network called the "beacon chain". The beacon chain is essentially the new ethereum.