The highest bridge over the Chenab river in Jammu and Kashmir has been completed.

Chenab Bridge Viral Photos: The bridge over the Chenab river is almost ready. It took about 18 years to build it.

To lay a new railway line of 111 km, the railways first prepared a 205 km approach road.

A 26-km line has been laid to reach this area. Many bridges and tunnels have to be built.

It is being said that this project will be completed by December 2022. More than 1100 crores have been spent to build this bridge.

This bridge has connected Kodi and Vakkal. Its height is 359 meters above the river bed.

Building a bridge over the Chenab river was quite a challenging task.Its cost was estimated at Rs 500 crore..

This bridge has been made so strong that it will not be affected by even the wind of 260 kilometers per hour.

Railways has built the world's highest rail bridge over chenab river to expand rail network in Jammu and Kashmir.


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